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  1. Hi Bru How much $ for the Grille and the dog dish hubcaps? and shipping to 98844 Thanks
  2. thanks, I'm being a little dumb here, where is the tab ? do you have a pic ? the hooks do turn so thought they just screwed off independently. The coat hook has a sleeve that slides up to reveal a inner skeleton with a phillips screw.
  3. WHATS THE DIAMETER OF THE BAR? 3k73, my info indicates only one rear stabilizer bar production installed on the 71 Cougar. Identified by a white paint mark and is 1/2". Good price! Thanks
  4. Welcome to the site from the Sunny Okanagan British Columbia.
  5. How much dollars r looking to get 4 these pieces ?Only need a couple of pieces but would considerbuying all if price is right.. Thanks 3K73
  6. Welcome from the Sunny Okanagan.
  7. can u post a pic and cost 2 ship 2 98844 thanks Got the tips Larry looks good!! Thanks
  8. can u post a pic and cost 2 ship 2 98844 thanks
  9. There is a small piece of card that is glued to the panel it has a slot in it that u put a door panel clip in it thats what holds the centre in place. posted image
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-73-Mercury-Cougar-Mustang-Convertible-Windshield-Stainless-Chrome-Trim-Set-/162374764179?hash=item25ce4a4693:g:TdgAAOSwa~BYZ~pS&vxp=mtr
  11. Paul did u get my PM? Sorry for the delay - do not check in here as often as I should. Got your PM and they will go out this weekend. - Paul thanks,Brad
  12. Paul i'll take them. Brad DONE! PM me you address and I will send them out. Paul Paul did u get my PM?
  13. Hi Paul 2 pieces or 4 pieces? Are they the front 1/4(in front of rear wheel) or are they for the back(in back of the rear wheel) or are they both? thanks Brad 4 parts - both rear quarters on each side of the wheel opening. Paul Paul i'll take them. Brad
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