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  1. Posted initial post in the wrong section. Here is the link to my post: F/S : '73 Mustang Standard Black Seat Set
  2. 1973 Standard Black Seat Set out of a low mileage '73 Mach 1. Have been cleaned and the back covers re-dyed. Very clean, no rips and no seam tears. A few light scratches but overall very high quality. PRICE: $350.00 plus shipping
  3. I'm a casual/hobbyist parts restorer, and I pretty much only deal with 71-73 Mustangs and 71-72 LTD/Galaxie parts. I haven't been actively selling for a few years, but have to clear out some over abundant inventory in my shop. I also do car restoration, and am currently redoing my 73 Mach-I. I own a consulting firm that has me dealing with the government everyday, so I refer to the car parts hobby as my "insanity deterrent" hobby. Look forward to dealing with all you Mustang owners. Feel free to contact me for part requests, no telling what I have laying around.
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