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    This is a 1 of 51, on the Marti Report 71 Sportsroof (Fastback) Mustang show car Grabber Green Mettallic Z code paint, 3W deluxe white interior, Matching #s 351 Cleveland and FMX auto transmission. This is a show quality car, that needs very little to be perfect. Updates are as follows: Edelebrock intake & Carb. Flowmaster Exhaust, Petronix electronic ignition, white face gauges with green LED'S, pioneer MP3/USB and much more.


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  1. Those look great, & we love ours! Very worth the small amount of money & time & yes my wife installed the overlays because I dislike putting on stickers :)
  2. Love it! I don't know how many times my wife has come out to find me sitting in a lawnch chair listening to Led Zeppelin & playing with the different settings & color combos on the lights. It's really funny when small kids at shows just stare into them like they are hypnotized :)
  3. I think they are great! Way better light at night & everybody loves em at the shows
  4. Here is the short clip I recorded off our TV
  5. We were really hoping to make it down to Cool Desert Nights this year, but unfortunately are hot water heater decided to spring a leak, so now I will be spending the weekend replacing the tank and 200+ sq feet of flooring that got destroyed. Lucky me!:s I have watched the movie twice now, 1st time not really paying attention to the storyline but looking for another shot of my car & it's really not the worst movie I have seen but definitely not something I would be talking about if my car wasn't in it
  6. Believe me I was just as confused when I heard & saw this. But I'm definitely gonna brag even if the movie sucks atleast my car scene is in the first 10 minutes .
  7. Found out at a local carshow today my car was in the 2010 made & released in 2014 movie "Knights of Badassdom" before I got it. I did some research & sure enough there is my car in a really terrible movie with a short clip of an angry actor walking by and hitting it in the first 10 mins of the movie. I still can't believe it, but it's definitely it.
  8. Awesome Z code grabber green & 3w deluxe white interior (just like mine) :)
  9. I just got the front window trim from Cj's, it fits & looks great no complaints here
  10. ;) Well said! No one likes to be hassled or treated like a child. I have learned to stay out of cliques and club's because most have a huge chip on their shoulder!
  11. I haven't seen any pink ones. I have only seen maybe a half dozen around the Spokane area and they have all been the usual red & black like the one at this show.
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