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  1. I started mine and ran it for 20 min. It's in hibernation!
  2. Both my reports one from Marti one from Ford have mine, 3FO4Q263036 7/3/73 Built on 7/3/73 Sorry posting from my phone
  3. I've read that in 1973 Mustang shared the same production line as Pinto's and Maverick's. It is believed thats why there is a discrepancy in the VIN's and there not always sequential.
  4. Yes... I own this car! Purchased it 4 1/2 years ago. Yes... I own this car! Purchased it 4 1/2 years ago.
  5. I had the same problem. Picked up a starter blanket from Pep Boys. No more problems!
  6. The Volo All mustang Show will be held Sept 5th 2015 At Volo Auto Museum in http://volocars.com/#sthash.zTBBL1Ly.dpbs Volo Illinois. If anyone has attended in the past you are well aware that the class we are put into is 64-73 Mustang. What I have found is that even though 71-73 Mustangs are considered 1st generation cars, their very different than earlier years an it makes it hard to compete against a "70 Boss 429" or a "69 Boss 302" since the earlier years are much more sleek. We own a breed that either you love it or hate it. There isn't a whole lot of middle ground! I have spoke Christopher Ingrassia the owner of Mustang Restorations http://mustangrestoration.net/ who puts the show on and he has agreed to open a new class for 71-73 Mustangs to even the competition up a little. This is an outstanding show so mark your calenders!
  7. It does sound like a valve issue. It's not so much that the valve itself leaks bit the valve stem seals themselves will, letting oil into the cylinder. Sitting for a prolonged period without starting it and running it can allow the seals to dry out.
  8. Got mine on. Went with the Burgundy. It matches the paint color well. Pretty simple to install, and I went ahead and freshened everything up with some new paint. Since the lettering for the radio and heater are on the clear face I was able to paint the backing and the clock just the outer frame.
  9. Milwaukee is only 45 mi from me. I'm going to see if I can get some time to check it out. Would have to sell the wife on another project car though. :-/
  10. Midlife - You have to be careful with the data. I have learned the hard way... The numbers you are quoting are listed for hardtops = coupes (01 body type) and Grandes (04 body type) combined. Ray Correct. In which I am searching specifically Grande Coupes. http://www.mustangmonthly.com/featuredvehicles/mump_0809_1973_mustang_grande_hardtop/ I was in hopes of finding out how many are left.
  11. A few years back I spoke with a judge at an all mustang show. He said he worked with Kevin Marti. He told me that there were only a handful of 73 Q code coupes left registered in the US. Being that the production numbers were low (only 548 produced in 73) I guess its possible. I have tried to research this and continue to run into a brick wall. I would like to know just how many are in a "handful". Is there any way to research this on my own without going thru Marti?
  12. The "stress" your describing sounds like the timing is to far advanced. I agree with checking to make sure the distributor is installed the right way. Pull the distributor and check the gear for unusual wear marks to make sure its meshing correctly.
  13. Stumbled across this ad this afternoon. 1972 coupe
  14. Looks good!::goodjob:: I think I'm going to order the Burgundy to match the color of the car!
  15. That would be great, thanks! I was thinking of upgrading to some after market gauges until I stumbled across these!
  16. I have one in my 73 Grande. West coast Classic Cougar 71-73 Cougar use the same setup
  17. I had a set of the Headman headers on a 73 Cougar I use to have. Not at all impressed. Even after using top shelve gaskets, I had to tighten the bolts on them every month or so. I wouldn't recommend them! I am also running the Hooker Super Comp's and like them. As stated they do hang low. I have banged mine a couple of times but i have a lot of "rake" to my front end (P225's up front and P275's out back). My only regret is not spending the extra bucks and getting the ceramic coated ones. Not only do they stay a little cooler but also look a lot better.
  18. Welcome from northern Ill! ::welcome::
  19. Crap! I was just in Warrenton Mo. Thurs! I would have gone by and at least taken a look at it!
  20. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends affected by this unfathomable tragedy. Today our country mourns.
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