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  1. mind does the same thing. please tell me the other forum you got your info from, thank you
  2. have a question for all you 71,73 gurus, have a fresh 351 Q code just rebuilt. put in a carter m6882 fuel pump from CJ's pony parts. running original 4300 carb. when car was started and running at 1600 rpm to break in gas was flowing out of the carb. the guy who rebuilt the carb said the 4300 should only run on 3 to 4 psi ford says 5psi, the pump says 5.5 to 6.5 . is it the carb or the fuel pump? thanks guys
  3. I was 19 years old when i bought a 1972 mach1 for 1700.00 in 1979
  4. is the heat shield different for a ram air car ???
  5. the two smaller brackets are the engine lift brackets
  6. Here is a pic of what is correct for your car. Includes both the outer and inner heat shields. I believe the outer heat shield you are referring to was used on the 71's. thank you, i do have that one. how difficult is it to change the plugs?
  7. hi guys, have another question for you guru's i have a 1972 Q code. i also have two different heat shields. one is full length of the manifold with an addition insert on the manifold side. the other is approximately mid manifold in length. which is right for this 351cj ? thanks guys
  8. thanks again Ray, your a wealth of information- brian
  9. hi, i have 72 four speed with a hurst shift lever. so what is the thread size? i know its different than a 71. i have to get the black ball, thanks
  10. sorry guy i'm keeping the the original steels, just had them repainted
  11. my bad, i was measuring outside bead to outside bead. big shoutout to BOSS1RAY thank you for all your info, its good to know someone with a world of knowledge willing to share it with a rookie thank you- brian
  12. hey ray and jeff, the steel wheels with dog dish and trim rings originals15 x 8"s, so magnums only came 15 x 7 ?
  13. hi, here is another wheel question. I bought my 72 mustang from the original owner who had non-oem wheels on it, but he said he had the original steel rims and trim rings. the wheels are 15 x 8's. my question is.. did ford sell mustangs with 15 x 7's in front and 15 x 8's in the back like their selling magnums now or did they come with just 15 x 8's all around?? thanks
  14. Nope it's true...on the 73's you could only get Ram Air with the 351 2V cars, not on the 4V CJ's. On the 72's you get Ram Air on both the 2V and 4V initially in the year but part way through the model year it was only available on 351 2V cars. Had to do with tougher noise/emission laws. so early 72's CJ had them?
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