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  1. A guy that use to be on this site but can see on mine in my photo album, re: on fb Daniel Herberth also his website Pig Vicous Racing (out of Glassboro, NJ) had his red 73 convertible (the 406 touch of the cleveland w/aussie heads and Nitrous tanks )under the front of his hood chromed @ like this but kept the chrome bumper. W/the engine all chromed up w/the pig vicous racing name and emblem etched on the valve covers, placing in all the big car shows. (note the extra added touch of the fabricated roll bar)
  2. ::welcome:: sthe idea of an R conversion from the original q code, did that additionally w/upgrade to 9.5:1 compression and in the middle of a dyno tune on my Holley Avenger EFI w/the 400 hp max set up, has it at 1300 rpm's on idle and in the middle of a test run. see my engine among 300 pics on page 5 of my photo album will see the lunati hi pro flat camshaft addition then for raised hp and compression of +hp and least .5 on the compression, should see 300+ hp and the minimum recommended for optimal use of the camshaft.
  3. re: only place to get onto your site, I know of, re: cleveland motor efi tune up,....confirmed 1300 idle and whether I like it or not, a xado.com motor alteration protectant treatment in the oil for 1,000 driving will have it up to the par for my having a Lunati hi pro flat camshaft in the works w/the motor rebuild to bring the compression up to the minimum required, from 9.5 from said rebuild to 10.0 then sadly, replacing the tank w/a baffle and vented one and she will be all ready for a long distance, that is, 200 mile max dry run on my AAA service in case needed for a tow, or w/in the same time frame, making 5 200 mile trips w/in a week end then taking it in or the oil treatment drain and replacing it w/some good honey w/zinc. (into my 7 quart baffled Canton oil pan that replaced the Boss oil pan)
  4. I only extended it 3" and added the duck tail. When the bottom curves under it returns to the stock position. What I mean is the top skin is redesigned but the underside of the lid is a mold of the stock trunk so it closes onto the stock weatherstripping. With the added design the new glass trunk is exactly the same weight as the stock steel trunk. 20lbs. In this photo you can see where the original trunk underside stopped and how much longer I made it. I will build a filler piece and mend it in so it can be extended to meet the top skin and then added to the original mold. the duck tail simply to go broke for. Still want to change up the hood to open from the fire wall/cowl and punch in the other holes to look and function like the 69 SHELBY GT500!
  5. do not know too much or nothing at all about fittings and conversion from efi to AN but am going through hell w/a dyno tune garage 4 weeKs and counting on a Holley Avenger MPEFI w/700cfm solid body 4v w/forced air can not tweak it out from running to rich-see my help on subect CLEVELAND MOTOR but need all the help can get
  6. just cutting in where i can. Ie seen you as a tk advr and my problem is tuning an efi unit to my cleveland motor as in post cleveland motor. Got any ideas? A dyno tune guy has it already for 4 weeks and just cannot get it running right.
  7. if by now you viewed body work per pages 2-5 on my photo album you will see the process of a proverbial cutting out and pasteing on inner panels. As when you order new panels~you have to realize that they are all remanufactured and even when ford was doing the reproducing the panels~when they ran out of stock~they took the last one on the shelf and used that one to guage the dimensions and so when they were assembling the entire cars new for that year~they found they had to do a little adjusting to fit the panels that required cutting to fit on the frame~to the other panels. As for cutting out to add some sheet metal or making a whole panel out of 2 from the salvage yard have to watch out for matching the guage of the metal and beliieve me~the panels from one model to another in the same year is different. Then there is the readjusting the door panels to fit to the fenders that better the frame to the chassis and body is welded securely to each other so doors do not need a lot of adjusting often as well the car to track and handle likecornering like the race bred vehicle it should be to the now a day cars. Will be awaiting to hear your progress. Mikke re your bud from where i am at latrobe~we have a very active AACA local that are getting antiques from auctions in eastern pa all the time and as well the wealth of fyi from the the headquarters AACA to the locals nationwide ~to belong to that club local to you can really be supportive in your resto quest. Our club also puts together these chance cars to help defer costs in our activities and has had 2 earlier chance cars as earlier year generation mustangs last year and another going to the lucky tfcket entrant the end of this month which the winning number is based on our lottory pick for this specific date to come. I mostly hang with the elder AARP bunch as well my church s function as on their board of their christcian education program but not teliing you this to recruit you into church. Though ask your new arrival friend from Latrobe if he is a golfer as Arnie Palmer donates stuff to my churchs fall festival yearly and belongs to the Presbyterian church couple blocks from mine. Fyi he was born raised and lives out of latrobe to date at 81 yrs old and still golfing here not to leaue out he has a hotel new car cadillac dealership and our airport is named after him and .....for such a small town many like myself own a bit of the town per se ay being active members of chamber of commerce. As myself retired from USPS DAYTONA BEACH FL AREA find i like it better in latrobe than living anywhere in florida
  8. pss mine with need of front driver side frame rail pushed in and upward part time but garage kept with inner and over body and other work as replace conv top and other interior workings to run 25g. As for further tweaking and ajusting trunk lid and reinsulating floors to recarpeting and average paint job is 5g. MAACO would have been best for price but have to take off and reinstall trim by someone else
  9. i :P::welcome::its funny friday the only way i can maintain a positive mindset on mine. If you are planning on souping it up fyi check out what you are in for from my 11 year project-so expensive and unexpected swerves in the road to rebuild per se. Ie my 300 pic photo album which on its last leg on an efi dyno tune. Also a frame up project that started out as a $2,500 tax tag and title sticker that became a 6 figure resto-mod. Kept me at home w/family more than expected but what the hay per se w/ebola knocking at our doors. Welcome from groumd zero latrobe PA But have family and friends in MI. regarding my welcome post to your site~may have been too lengthy to go through: in that case:just a good luck in time and labor if someone else is doing the work. See my 300 pic photo album for a ref of how much time and cost to how much modifications and who is doing the job. A regular rottiserie job from the pros keeping it stock body in tampa fl or big city in tx is @ 10g$ @ up to a year then 5g for interior~3g MAACO paint job w~ then the mechanical and electrical wish.w i would have done
  10. Ray1Boss - figure you are the host for most of tech on such a project. I had the q code transformed w/solid lifters and a lunati high performance flat cam shaft on a modded 9.5 compression that the lunati is suppose to take like in the 70 cleveland a 10.1 compression minimum w/ the ram air to an open air K & N Filter system and figure xado.com can boost the .5 compression to take it to the correct comp for the lunati ie a holley avenger 700cfm MPEFI forced air system w/o 2 sensor option to handle up to 300 hp. Was told w/the change over to solid mechanical lifters and .... Complete rebulld to ..@ 350 hp by a cleveland motor specialist but into 2 weeks after rebuild w/650 holley at the time- he died at the hands of a doctor during a serious operation. 4 weeks into the dyno tune. Finding it wants to keep running rich. Your thoughts w/out the advise a little late in the game of replacing the 2/4 barrel improved oilers cleveland heads to the mach 1 CJ cleveland heads and a torquer 4v intake manifold.
  11. the cost and where can i have that done to replace my NASA hood in either stock glass or carbon fiber to be fitted on a little off frame to fenders and open like @ mid 70s stingrays? the cost and where can i have that done to replace my NASA hood in either stock glass or carbon fiber to be fitted on a little off frame to fenders and open like @ mid 70s stingrays? AND Can an after market 69 shelby w/strong hinges be made to fit on a slightly out of dimension 72 conv?mustang dynasty
  12. sir, you really deserve a hats off~and seems just to have earned a 73 credit reputation and a professional rapport. Would it be out of place to get an answer to a question to how long on a part or full time basis it to restore or resto/mod on it? Mine floundered on an unecessary 6 years and 3 times the exhorbitant costs then a serious 3 years full time ln shops to finally complete to make the march COTM for next year. I am embarrassed to what was spent on it just to find out my body on the drivers side is not to strongly attached to the frame.
  13. love to find a fit duck tail for the end of the trunk lid ie@ 68 Shelby 350Gt conv
  14. ::welcome::from one guy to another~my 1st car on my paycheck was a 52 chevy then a 68 pontiac le mans in 1972. My heart was on a 72Mach 1 but uncle sam called for me. Never got mine till 2003 answering an add in the Pittsburgh Trib of a conv for $2.3k. All pasted together per se@ a highschool shop project given up on w/132k mile on the odometer. When I stripped it down, Finally completed the way I like it come in this month. Re: March Car Of The Month for next year and keeping up w/its progress via my photo album. For the total @ 2.1k miles l miles driven since late 09 when the motor was rebuilt and improved to a bit stronger and faster than the 72 R-Code, but my wife won't trust it for any out of county yet a little ways outta our city limits of Latrobe PA. Now just got to earn hers, AAAs, and our local AACAs confidence from not only looking nice but also roadworthy! very sharp pic ie signature banner to the least should be on our 2015 calendar to the least!
  15. ok that sticker was for the heads was back in 09. That lunati flat top cam is a high perfornance -was for minimun of 10 compression. Guess i will have to call the manufacturers and backtrack to parts numbers and check their catalogs to describe their place in the motors performance. W/that compared to the H.O. R code in 72 of 8.8 comressi
  16. ok ok that sticker was for the heads was back in 09 ok that sticker was for the heads was back in 09. That lunati flat top cam is a high perfornance -was for minimun of 10 compression. Guess i will have to call the manufacturers and backtrack to parts numbers and check their catalogs to describe their place in the motors performance. W/that compared to the H.O. R code in 72 of 8.8 comressi
  17. ::help:::shrug2::huh:i had opportunity of an additional $500 for the 4V cleveland heads on my 72 q code conv rebuilt to r code but retaining this edelbrock 2 barrel intake manifold. I took the cleveland 2/4 heads on the conv and in engine clearance as not too saavy in the blueprint but confused @ valve diameter on the block and this 'piston to valve intake and exhaust is .135 and .265 which said w/improved oilers and a couple other data as 9.5 compression an push rods 3/8 .080-8 inches .250 long and w/lunati solid lifters valve radius in an ex at .022 and .024 ex closes and opens at 11.5 and 55.5 seems also have comp cams roller rockers screw in studs for 70-82 351C, 351-400M C.I. & 68-97 429-460 C.I. Mechanical lifter camshafts w/Holley Avenger EFI projection 504-21 4D 700 cfm said before the changeover to the EFI rated at 350 hp w/650 holley 4 barrel. Though w/all the forged flat head and magnafluxed....would the stock cleveland 4v heads have improved performance but do not think in efficiency.
  18. ::welcome::from latrobe PA and never had enthusiasm to do my own work on mine and paid mega bucks from trusting the wrong shop as to extra after the fact repairs and the waste of time to 11 years in its resto-mod to my preference. Instead of worrying on impending engine work : check out xado.com online and in Hemmings muscle car magazine and may not see any wear for 80k miles and restore inner working parts and the walls to better than new condition not a snake oil. To increase compression performance and fuel economy and not one of those mobil 1 synthetic nOr lucas gas/oil additive
  19. ::welcome::from Latrobe PA where this web started and still growing. Though when Lee Iacocca began his reign in the late 60s and to his dislike our mustang model was born and he called the dinosaur it is still my fab. Like your mustang look and hope to see 15.3mpg between my EFI 700cfm/3.5 rear axle/gear vendors overdrive also 4 on the floor bv my cleveland is 9.5:1 compression @ 400 hp and a conv @ 4k lbs in weight. Hope to see 15.3 mpg at 55mph on cruise on a long trip too but engine rebuilt at r code standards plus for the 72 351 H.O. Style. Your stang could make the COTM still have the DEC month or in 2015s calendar as being restored or on the road. See mine of what i did w/it from my photo album to march 2015 COTM.
  20. about sagging hinges~either use a pole to keep the hood up most of the time or get a billet set of hinges that will never wear down to the point it wont hold them up. They are @ 3x+ the cost but well worth it and do not think you will lose any points in a judging in a car show up the road. Ford never made them to handle the steel NASA hoods.
  21. you must heard at one time or another 'only stupid question is the one not asked'. I found out the hard way that experience of trial ane error is the mother of invention as myself, you will be finding out 1st hand that no matter how much research via asking questions through this site and other clubs to specialists w/building your stang you will still need someone thoroughly knowledgeable and beyond trustworthy in your corner now and then in person to give assistance in helping in the overall project whether to fully restore to stock or a resto-mod on it. Those who publish their work in magazines i find the most truthful since they have the most to lose in their integrity if the embellish anything in describing how they reworked this or that and leave out any truth of what they experienced as in their method of installation of any compment and what set backs they incurred. I for one put my mustang through a full time process through many a garages and when you get a chance look on my photo album and remarks that only cover some of the problems I had and if it can go wrong during the resto process in the past11 years of my quest to rebuild mine the way I wanted it~it will go wrong. I still have a lot to post to complete my biography of my resto project on my 72 q modded to ~ r code. Over 300 photos and COTM for marches calenda next year. Ciao - mustang dynasty - Mikke
  22. i hope it has least 3 coats of clear on it. As the paint has to cure i would not get it dirty or else only rinse as the finish seems not baked on. Take it out before the time you can clean and wax it i would worry of the finish chipping from gravel hitting it. Mine cracked at some rear seams. Carnuba wax or bees wax i think by mothers or mcguirers is a non abrasive and has no cleaning agents in it but as winter soon i would just keep it in and just dust it w/a feather duster for those months.
  23. on the door panels~got the same problem on my deluxe passenger. Been looking to just that one new the best bet and will look the best for the money. In black but they only come in a pair. If you find them at a swap meet~ i am leary they will be in prestine condition though. By chance if you get the pair from any of the many vendors and do not need the pass side~i will buy it from you. I think by christmas though i am going to have to buy the set and them sell my exitisting drivers at a decent price.
  24. good luck on finding a prestine pair~i have been looking for as long as i had my mustang since 03. Finally got an average looking pair but not a 1 or 2 shape. I would have then cleaned up and a good chrome job.
  25. if it is a paper sticker i know my 72 as all the rest is correct as read the last year of gen 1 door tags that are metal are in 70. Mine a quick night transaction and off it went to the closest garage just to get it running-those turds sanded it off and by the vin # never could figure out whether its set up is as original and only thing i can go on is to track down the delivery destinatio and check to see if numbers match.
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