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  1. Good Luck! Welcome from Latrobe, PA. What year vette? I picked up a 76, new overseas while in the Air Force, ie, Bright Blue Metallic, smoke gray leather interior, Gymkana Racing Suspension, however the coupe w/AT and std L-48 350 motor. Attch: 72 Restomod R-Code w/3.5:1 rear axle, Hurst 4-Speed Stick wide ratio w/Ford Toploader and Gear Vendors Overdrive, 9.5:1 compression ratio, limited slip posi traction w/traction bars, frame stiffeners, rear sway bar, power disk brakes, original AM/FM radio w/5 speakers fwd, 2 180 watt JBL's in rear, 200 watt sub-woofer, 400 watt amp, front and rear battery, Holley "Avenger" Solid Throttle Body 700cfm 4bbl carb/Forced Induction, 80gph, Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection, MSD rev limiter set at 6,500 rpm's, @ 370 hp from engine, 270 RWHP, 290 ft lbs, @ 6.0 seconds to 60mph w/12-16mpg.
  2. Welcome from Latrobe, PA! Real clean looking Mach I! Look on COTM site for instructions if you choose to enter it on our 2015 Calendar. I'm currently in the race, myself! Mikke
  3. There are a lot of salvage yards between Ohio and Virginia that may have useable door panels however, I chose to order them new for a couple extra $s which can depend on quality and easiest to work with. I ordered mine from Laurel Mountain Mustang in New Stanton, PA. The same, CJ Pony Mustang Auto Parts @ Carlisle area of PA has plenty in stock. The same with racing sideview mirrors. As you look into them, will find that they are only a cosmetic item and the standard side mirrors are easier to see through. Mikke
  4. I am in LATROBE PA and our officers of our local AACA are always going East PA to the auctions in Carlisle to bring back vehicles that they further restore and detail re: VP local chapter John Kuhns work# 724 539 7574 & Pres John Ross Kuhns Mondays only 6:30-9PM #412 558 0994. If you are not that far from here or if you can make an arrangement w/them? I have been held up w/pet problems for past couple months as well other commitments to get away myself. Hope this helps you. My mustang has been in terrible trouble w/a problem w/poor quality assurance at this shop ie; could swear their brake installation is more of a de-installation or tear apart project and been after them w/car hn their shop since mid Nov. Do not know what they might have done to my EFI but set me back $1200 because of a bad O2 sensor which @ pure gas was pouring into the oil. Story about recieving mustang from the shop w/an immediate brake failure upon putting it on the road - story in full on my last page on my photo album re: mustang dynasty my user name.Good Luck, Mikke Kohan
  5. the best resource would be to check your auto insurer or w/AACA @ Hershey PA THEIR HQ FOR ONE OF THEIR LOCAL CHAPTERS CLOSEST TO YOUR LOCATION IN W. PA.
  6. Nice finish! Welcome from Latrobe, PA. Took 10 years and 200+ pics on my photo album. Not the most on the others albums but was to the point finally put 18 photos and article under 'under the spot light for next years 2015 Calendar re: COTM. As your body turned out, consider the COTM this year? Mustang Dynasty, Mikke
  7. Use to travel out of Ormond onto 40 through Ocala them upwards to Gainesville VA Hospital for periodic spinal taps after a boating accident back in 86 until 2003 when I left Florida.
  8. Welcome from Latrobe PA. How do find NPD auto parts in Ocala. I live in Daytona for 20 yrs till 2003. Just out grew florida. See my mustang at the on the road spot light COTM as well 200+ pics and descriptrion on my photo album or ez gallery my user/member name is Mustang Dynasty. Mikke
  9. Have you ever been to MCA HQ over at the Panhandle of Florida? I an at the other car club re: AACA and right at mustangs.com s base of the website - Latrobe PA. will look around on your site. Mikke Mustang Dynasty
  10. I did the same on my 72 convertible! Dont know if already replied here but welcome from Latrobe PA! After 10 years, finally to the point where it is presentable for COTM on the road spot light. 18 photos and article to desribe them. Also my photo album will be good for you to utilze as an example to follow. Not the best in this website but I am proud of it and plan to do some serious showing at car events. Re: user/member name - Mustang Dynasty. Mikke
  12. Barry8, To check w/some guys in restoration did you ever check w/the Hayes brothers in Horseheads NY? Also AACA and MCA are good mustang clubs that can steer you toward our mustangs for sale as well Hemmings Motor News the big monthly periodicaj ie, mca editor for update on one 4 sale re: mary jean wesche 863 701 2575 and aaca hq Hershey PA 717 534 1910 general@aaca.org
  13. ::welcome::If I recall correctly, the M-Code stands for having a stronger shock tower that can support a big block. As for pwr wndws is something I always wanted to install on my 72 q-code convertible restomod but had to settle w/out as all garages say the doors that i have won t support them ie, body model/inner from back compartment can not get into for placement of unit and wiring for so much as in a modified wiring harness too. It is even more improbable to~@ factory installing A/C. As is, had to look hard for rear speaker but found a pair of JBL marine speakers that is shallow enough to install as you can view of 1 of 18 photos on my COTM re, march slot of calendar contest on my user/member name Mustang Dynasty. Article title for St Patricks Day- Scottish 'Kream'. Would appreciate your vote on it, that is, if you might look at buying the 2015 mustangs.com calendar. Last entry, Luxtang has pwr wdws too. As well a section w/all videos too. Mikke
  14. I had slotted wheels like the ones on yours. Mine were Ansens. They are correct as 73 mag wheels option though I do not think they are Magnum 500's as Mustang One out of Georgia has after market Magnum 500's the are @ 17 or 18" wheels. I had slotted wheels like the ones on yours. Mine were Ansens. They are correct as 73 mag wheels option though I do not think they are Magnum 500's as Mustang One out of Georgia has after market Magnum 500's the are @ 17 or 18" wheels. On another note: re: my last page of my photo album ie, brake failure when got car back from garage that had it since Sep. of which was for installing the overdrive and SSBC rear power disc brake conversion kit and returned the same day....just transferred it to another garage for an independent inspection on brakes to find that calipers and fitting on lines are leaking as well, soaked pads and leaking differential. see below.
  15. Welcome from W. PA!::welcome:: my 72 convertible is a clone(concourse/racer) 71 1/2 Mustang, per se. I have submitted it for March's COTM as well have over 200 pics on my photo album.(also under name "Michael Kohan" on facebook you will see a 5 course program which a pictorial biography of every step I took in restoration.(pic id on fb is of my mustang in front of a mini Statue of Liberty and Pavillion in the right hand back ground. covers from acquisition/exhumation to complete frame up body restore and engine restomod w/details of blueprint and balanced. Mikke Just one up front of mine.
  16. Welcome from W. PA! I just completed a five course restoration on facebook RE: under Michael Kohan(w/pic id of my white mustang w/a pavilion and mini Statue of Liberty in the background (as a dry run of my 72 convertible). Also, if you look at my COTM titled Scottish "Kream" I think you can get the general idea of what I went through for the past 10 years. (in the pic for Valentines Day,"seeing red" Mikke
  17. That is the "Cleanest and best angle taken" of a Mach 1 I have ever seen! I think it would look great as a shoe in for the COTM submission for June ie, High school Graduation Gift per se.
  18. Are you residing anywhere near Pensacola? I have lived from 1983-2003 from Pinellas, Lee, Collier, and Volusia Counties. I finally pulled a twist to retiring, instead of down south, I am retired north to Latrobe, PA. My wife and an old air force bud has been in Pensacola. I feel in all the time in Florida, missed seeing the best area in Florida-where as born and raised in upstate NY, I missed 20 years of my life away from the 4 seasons. On my 10 year project, my 72 q-code convertible has finally been submitted for Feb slot of COTM. When you get the chance, I hope you view my COTM submission as favorably as I have included with the 10 years of input consolidated between the article and photos here to find interesting enough to vote on it. My user/VIP member name is cpycat. Thnx for your time, Mikke
  19. Like the wheels, look like a Ferrari accent. Paint colour looks to me like Wimbledon White which was mine when started my project in 2003. By id was suppose to be pewter grey. Since, painted Mustang 95, Special White though job appears to have been poorly prepped by the way it is peeling so next job, next year is going to be anything close to that crème colour but enamel, not what I think in 95 was a water base paint. Check out my resto-mod view from all angles on the COTM for Feb 2015. Miike
  20. Tedf44901 - Never got back to you since writing about sincro problem.....taken care of + installed a Gear Vendors Overdrive. On my site, re: last page, pic titled "brake failure" and pic before that for the story on the entire incident/accident. Now have EFI, . see update on my profile and COTM for this February entry. Cpy Cat/Mikke Tedf44901 - Realized, never got back to you re: bad sincro......To date, Holley EFI unit - Gear Vendors Overdrive, Magnum 500s (8") rear, (7") front, 245's X 8" and 225 X 15 X 60 X 7" Goodrich T/A White Raised Lettered Radials - power disc brakes - line loc to roll control to signal switch/arm cruise control and paint job (Mustang 95 Special White). See profile for further......and Cotm entry
  21. Agree that could be a real issue, I only sprayed it on bare metal portions that are normally protected when installed and that I don't intend on painting. Interesting @ a sealant? on bare metal re: MAACO might help you w/this. Notice that a lot of red mustangs ov their. @ fr6 interior-body and accents to me really depicts a real sports car. I have a lot of pics in my photo album and I think goes over the top in descibing it w/views from all angles on my COTM for Feb s submission. But still do not have the nice interior and red body to touch it off.
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