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  1. finding a good muffler shop for a proper hing set up and finding the rigt hinges for the nasa hood or it might just need that repositioning ..cpy cat
  2. I have a neat video taken over the nasa hood w/my leica v-lux 2 digital going from city of Irwin, PA out in a cruise was easy to take w/a covertible ha-ha but just can not figure out how to post it. Taken behind a countach and EARLY corvette. Cpy cat
  3. I have replaced those hood springs and every time they are not strong enough to hold w/my nasa hood w/functional ram air. As by my experience they hold up the stock non hood scoop. Never thought of a 71 F truck hood but may make sense, not larger like torinos are. Its worth a try. I dont think they are that in demand and on the trucks are built for heavy duty trucks. As there are no medium fords that are holding up the steel nasa s. The designer shinoda never anticipated for the biggest mustang ever made. Probably was one of those design flaws that ford just figured not worth entertaining and just something of another thing to hold against the desiger behind the scenes to back why the ceo canned larry shinoda at a time when the auto industry began w/the original smaller sports cars. Though when ford came to reckoning that w/the epa s more stringent pollution laws and the upperd turn for price of gas. Can not figure out why gm brought out the huge camaro in 70 but to keep them grinding them out in latter years except that they got lost in the competition w/ford s dinosaur named that by iaccoca for the 71-3s. Then the cost in retooling w/a designer that could ease like the smaller camaros of the 90+s. The cost of the upgrades as mpefi s and from drum to disc brakes...independant suspensions like the mustang IIs however ford never made much acclaim of them until changing the design again toward the end of the 70s. Looking at the 74-80? corvettes utilized the frame off the camaros of which supported the big and heavy fisher body though. I can not guestimate aside that i feel ford had better gurus that predicted how the internatimal market looked more at smaller and lighter cars for faster and better mpg ie toyotas copy cat design of the 76 celica ie looked like the earlier mustangs of mid+ 60s..
  4. as i read others comments i may have too quick to react to those you said maligned.....i only see constructive criticism here. Knowing the history of my 72, as i acquired it half believing what the previous owner told me/other w/grain of salt as though did not expect anymore than it did run and w/136,000 miles on the odometer would expect much and for the price of 2.3k, and a dual exhaust/351C/hurst 4-speed/@ 3 condition of interior and 5 w/inner body as it was ie tarred over sensed no $ waisted in acquisition cost. You have to see my profile but mostly my 200 some pics on my photo album to see how critical i was on the resto-mod where had no intention to keeping it original re wanted optimal speed/mpg/handling/performance/braking/but also very safe. Cpy cat/mike
  5. Just got my mustang out of the brake shop when BAM! 'find I have no brakes'! See my story on how I handled the situation, avoiding a lethal situation! On my photo album, last page/most current entry ie titled: 'Accident Scene'. Cpy cat/Mike
  6. ::welcome::Daniel, You are right @ $$$,$$$ in the long run and if was a Shelby you been working on:,it would be a lot more $:. There is no escaping this! Since my aquisition, 6-2003, spent in the six figure and had my unprofessional help that wasted my money. A word to the wise re, getting rid of the drum brakes, in the long run, for disc brakes will be greatly rewarding in better stopping the'as Lee Iaccoca called, THE DINOSOUR of the mustangs ie breaking out of the mould of the supposed end of the sports car era/muscle car era'. Replacing them w/SSBC power disc brake coversion kits; all around. As I have resto-mod virtually everything on mine re, my profile and photo album, over 10 years of rebuilding to my liking w/occasional breaks to take it to car parks and shows from city events/cruises w/AACA American Antique Automobile to MCA Mustang Club of America ie throughout Europe must be ~ kind of car events. Best, Mike/cpy cat
  7. w/my 72 convertible, I love the conversion from 8.6:1 compression to resto-mod rebuild from hydraulic lifters to lunati solid lifters and adjustible cam w/improved oilers @ 9.5:1 compression ratio w/350 and 2 barrel Edelbrock intake manifold onto functional ram air/700 cfm 4 barrel part of Holley 5.7 liter forced induction mpefi w.change out to Hooker long tube headers. As this produced @ 400 hp from engine ie @305 ft lbs torque and @ 290 rwhp however 0-60mph @ 6.0 seconds @ 8 mpg at 3.5:1 rear axle ratio & nominal guestimation of @ 12.3 seconds on 1/4 mile @ 103 mph (to be officially clock on a track @ spring. Knew w/@ 3950 lbs bob weight however not willing to invest on an alluminum spun tranny to replace the original cast iron toploader and a lighter aluminum w/a lower axle ratio and bi-turbo, rather installed a Gear Vendors over drive and chucking dront and rear drum breaks for power disc brake conversion brakes all around for optimal stopping.
  8. ever look at the green area being chromed or a polished swirly look ie like aluminum body of the delorean and green LED lights in all the gauges? PS Hve not figured out how to make this TinyPic Plugin for my ID, but this is preview of my customized, taken earlier on the day that congress/white house/Obama/....stopped the shut down(on the 11th hour) AS MY EARLIER reply about the chrome ie like the 76 Cobra if your design has already been prefabbed, you bought it. The shine and designs under the brown finish is awesome but is your interior "brown"(as it looksd like to me)? ever look at the green area being chromed or a polished swirly look ie like aluminum body of the delorean and green LED lights in all the gauges? PS Hve not figured out how to make this TinyPic Plugin for my ID, but this is preview of my customized, taken earlier on the day that congress/white house/Obama/....stopped the shut down(on the 11th hour)
  9. You really saved on this Mach 1. For all the work I had done to my 72 vert, mostly farmed out, since 2003, the body work, frame up was 20k, 7K for modifying the Q code to an R Code w/9.5:1 compression ratio, 5K for a gear vendors overdrive onto my toploader tranny and Hurst 4-speed, @ 12K or complete electrical to the EFI, 10K for suspension(heavy duty shocks, sway bars, ....), 7K for front and rear power disc brakes to replace the drums, 10K for the rest of the work on cpy cat profile. My regrets was about 8K damage at one garage and 5K in paint job although there was further tweaking on body panels, re-installing interior and all that where paint job was inferior though. However, had the convertible dump into my lap for only 2.3K. re: pic of what it looked like at acquisition. All interior panels tarred over and rotted vinyl and rubber gaskets....[/code] so expected a lot of work.
  10. i would and after resto-mod of 6-speed w/efi w/a good one or biturbo the send it out to somewhere like car crafters and make it one of those semi rag top as jeep liberty or the 70s renault le car or R-17 Gordinis/power accordian rag w/a bolt down fiberglass roof for the colder/snow season then give it to the wife. Of course, that 6 speed would be an automatic or the 3 speed w/a gear vendors ;overdrive unit, just as the new mbr in fort myers, fl would like to be a two mustang family as well the alternate economical stang for family trips.as know by my profilf and clips, I enjoy modifying cars.
  11. About driving lights, especially the modification of LED's in rear tail lights yet additionally, sequential LED rear tail lights. I never fanthomed that the entire 40+ pages here read about the demand for improvement in looks via running lights! as I commented to the man whom is working on changing the lense design and adding sequential operating boards. I really wish I knew how to send a video of my sequential in operation. Again, I will try to sneak that in but, if still not possible, here is a clip of the LED's on the driver's side.
  12. I think would look great but on a straight unmodified body of the 71-73 mustangs, I can not envision but as I have on my photo album, somewhere between pages 5-7 is a 70 or 71-3 modified with a sharp @ Porsche front end but the portals are just cosmetic however the engine, a big block moved to the rear with the pantera detomaso set up would be awesome and why not include a BMW touch with multi-color ring in the head lamps re: Mustangs Unlimited (auto parts for 64-73 mustangs) out of Conneticut and believe also in Georgia like Mustangs One in that state. Have you ever looked into Mustangs Plus,(in Stockton, CA), ie set of circuit boards for both stock rear headlamp lenses, both LED and regular light bulbs(cost more but able to replace bulbs when they burn out) I have the LED boards and when installed found that sequential control unit tends to get hot, so best to leave the control somewhere in the trunk where there is nothing around it to prevent it to stay cool. With Mustangs Unlimited @ 860 647 1965 in Conneticut and Georgia has a neat multi-color headlamps ie remote control for this ring (like the BMW lights) changes colors(inside of headlamps)
  13. :rolleyes: My LED sequential tail lights boards that fit inside of stock tail light lenses for 71-73 mustangs is from "Mustangs Plus" I believe is in Stockton, CA. Do not have the toll free number on hand and do can not find the catalogue which they will supply for free. Now for the BMW look with a multi-color ring inside of the halogen healights comes from Mustangs Unlimited in Conneticut at phone 860 647 1965. For $289.95. the tail light boards is about $299.00. Should be able to track down phone on Mstngs Plus @ Stockton or maybe through toll free directory service.
  14. I gather your stang is driven often. ie 302 engine w/NASA hood. that being the case. Might feel more secure having brighter tail lights. ie LED Sequential Tail Lights. If I can figure out how to get my video on board, I would be able to demonstrate not only how brighter they are but also a further modification of how great the rear looks with a bar light hooked up to the 4-ways and brakes, placed just above the license plate. However, for some reason on your site as well as previous, just does not even want to accept still shots.
  15. Very sharp! No matter what I do with my 72 vert, it will never beat the authentic and rare as the 72 sprint convertible. One question I have though is, "as the 2nd or 3rd generation is called the fox body, as I researched to 73 mustangs, the 1st generation from 7 1-73, the designer's name is Bunkie Knudsen of which the higher ups were not too happy with the design and back in the days called it a dinosaur, but...." Do you know what this body style is called?
  16. Where is Navarre? I lived all over Florida from 83-2003 as far up as Daytona Beach and down to Naples, FL.
  17. Also welcome aboard from ground zero(Latrobe, home of Arnold Palmer, PGA, Mr Fred Rogers, wonderful neighborhood, registered as first place/invented banana split, and where Steeler Summer Camp, St Vincent College, border of Latrobe, PA) Also welcome aboard from ground zero(Latrobe, home of Arnold Palmer, PGA, Mr Fred Rogers, wonderful neighborhood, registered as first place/invented banana split, and where Steeler Summer Camp, St Vincent College, border of Latrobe, PA)
  18. 72 convertible Q Code 351 Cleveland w/4 speed wide ratio Hurst onto FORD Toploader, 2 Barrel Intake Manifold for higher torque ft lbs at lower speed w/2 mains stock holding the motor in place on the convertible, too much vibration so added a Holley Avenger MPEFI w/700 cfm solid throttle body w/83 gph and 15 psi. With motor rebuilt to R code though, at 9.5:1 compression is a stronger performer than the 8.8:1 351 HO.
  19. To original poster here is a 1971 mustang convertible model kit for sale $20 including free shipping, I hope it is what you want http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lindberg-1971-Mustang-Convertable-Snap-Fit-plastic-model-kit-vintage-classic-/171134193220?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item27d8648e44 thanks. Have a 1/24 model w/nasa hood. If this one was a 1/24 it would fit perfectly in exchanging its standard hood. Looks like I'm just going to have to cut the roof off the model I have. Get some support and help as found a modelers club in the area.
  20. welcome from ground zero ie latrobe pa area. Where is the point of restore on your stang. Check out my over kill/work in progress always between 7 pages on my photo album and ongoing description in my profile.
  21. re, custom rear lense and sequential led s; the set up out of mustangs plus, only sequential led s but they have with the original type bulbs too. Your s also a demand and looks good too and probably less expensive too. Led sequentials only, car parts catalogue @ $300 and the bulbs purpose of ability to change each bulb as they blow much more on sticker is much more as well w/drawback of not as bright.
  22. re; toploader, they are certainly worth more than a c6 in the circle between mca and aaca as well the business s that cleaned up and modified my q code to an r code on my 351 cleveland hotter than the 72 ho w/improved oilers and as i wanted neck snapping ft lbs of thrust on a lower mph dropped am edelbrock 2 barrel intake manifold and since too much engine vibration on only having 2 bolts tieing down the motor on the standard convertible relieved that problem w/smoother take off w/a hurst 700cfm mp efi. Clean looking engine department but still instaking a pair of billet wire looms. At current set up; will get to 60mph in 6 seconds and still handle the 1/4 mile @ low 12 seconds (@ 400 hp; 300 rwhp w/limited slip posi & 9.5;1 compression) migt not be set up for nmra track but is quite the stallion! ah yes, the good old days doing so much tearing down and rebuilding might as well been a frame off job. See my photo album as well update on the profile.
  23. re custom tailights. Kept degn but installed led sequential functions and a very bright but just small enough clear bar light in between bottom of rear bumper and above license plate for additional connected to brake light assembly. re last reply @ sequential and brake lgt
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