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  1. indeed, a 1/12 is rare in itself. I have a 71 mach 1 @ 1/18 model which looks like will be taking it in to the modelers club to get assistance in cutting the top to make it a convertible like mine. Would like to wire it up. Would be a project as just installed sequential tail lights and multi color headlights. It will be a good project for this winter. ps sorry to hear of its demise. We have some cats or should say several. They are always into something re i think a clip of all of them in a collage on the new upgraded first page in my photo album. On this web site. Where did you get the 1/12 model?
  2. do you have 1/18 or 24 scale 71 or 2 convertible w/nasa hood i may buy? Cpy cat
  3. As seen by 8x10 at AACA Rod and Car Show Sep 1 in Latrobe. As recall, last year judges had problem getting down on belly to look under the mustang.
  4. kinda under the weather in iq and experience in texting plugging in pics for others to view. Looks like i have a lot to transpose from profile of from performance optións/uprades/restorations/tours/some 200 pics in varied categories. I have been mustangs.com since late 2012. Lóoks like i have a lot to re enter to garage threads and ....
  5. what size wheel fully assembled for black interior to replace grant 15 inch detachable with key lock three spoke racing appearance with horn buttom in middle style looks like hub on 500 style wheel. Available from mustangs unlimited but all those parts too expensive even before assembled also installed if you have óne for my 72 q code cónvertible also mach 1 and concourse interior planning on further trimming up with wood grain about console...around guages. What are you asking as have two spoke stock and aside the 15 inch security also have the next size smaller grant sports wheel with middle grant horn button like to use to absorb some of the asking price if possible
  6. good source to check on value of all vehicles value book that rates vehicles from 1st year produced on basis of rating #1 for mint to 5 for a klunker but also % for certain options to the model which a 72 cónvertible is lower than past years ie but ranges for covertible being highest in #1 value @ 6 years ago as @ 28 000 now dropped @ 1 000 dollars i would like to believe mine @ 32 000 though a lot of modifications ie not stock re power disk might have been original ie converted from automatic to hurst 4 speed stick @ 156 000 miles on odometer rebuild/upgrade engine changing out base rear axle ratio engine compression engine oil capacity from hydraulic lifters to solid lifters from q code engine to ~ r code beefed up suspension rear sway bars just as unsure of original exterior paint code if was changed out to manual having toploader tranny having installed efi onto a 2 barrel intake manifold and if w/vin # q code will be dual exhaust might not have come with limited slip différential posi traction original cosmetics unless you obtain original sticker of options for year 72 is located at driver side door you not be able to obtain a marti report ie certificate of stock authenticity. So your rebuilt power plant ground effects tranny the best way to handle your mustang like this year according to old cars weekly magazine is to enjoy your stang drive it install upgrades to your liking satisfaction and enjoyment. As my 72 is virtually perfected like some hand built europeón sports car it is still looked like probably #2 rating but with how much you put into it even not going into the frills ie sticking with the original manifold rather getting a little more bang for replacing with set of hooker headers and pair of flowmasters to replace those muffled restricted mufflers that were a ho hum lack of a good sounds for what engines then were built to have a rich race track sound that current engines may only sound rich because of the compression reduced and scientifically dcb tuned mufflers. As for your body being off adjustment be aware a little extra mud in this joint or because of a minor fender bender which you may never track to as the car fox only tracks back to the beginning of the longer vin #s came about years later so you may have an easy problem of the mismatched fender or worse having to tear down the entire body and after straightening out the frame and replacing ford panels then like going back in time utilizing laser perfecting measuring tools and good luck in reassembling it. I had a driver side front frame rail that proved my stang was in a fender bender was pushed and inward and @ time could not find the replacement just traced it and fabricated closest so witout being to reinstall precisely by laser accuracy in building it then precisely measured to mirror perfect adjustment to the passeger or its mate it was measured to be 10% off in traction and still feel been better off spending an xtra 1 or 2k more in upgrading the frónt end frame including frame rails with upper and lower arms.....for a precision brand new look tracking...
  7. My condolences on the loss of the loved one. Driving it will sure maintain memories of when you two were together. Sometimes I wished I had a 429 in my 72 mustang but can't complain after working on a restomod project that took ten years today and am at last stage with the alarm system and putting the stereo on a trunk battery to play it safe on always starting as the efi is always running and is on the hood battery with a trickle charge when garaged. It has been on the road though, for 2 years but having to fill it up from one gas station to the next with an 8mpg on a 351 Cleveland, had to put it back on the drawing board for an overdrive on my hurst 4-speed on the floor and just on a dry run of 182 miles and not getting too close to 1/4 left in tank as also got an EFI unit in it but fuel tanks did not have baffles in them in those days so then turning a corner too fast, will find the engine cutting out and needing to be replumbed with gas as all gas left over in tank sloshed over to the other side of tank where the fuel pump is not located. But that trip got me 16mpg as opposed to 8or less mpg. Probably next year will get a customized tank too, with baffles in it and while add it add a larger capacity of fuel. On my photo album you can see with 14 pages of photos with extensive descriptions of what one could end up with what kind of work and how important that work might be to have done. The best photo of the mustang is on page 3 though. With my user name as cpy cat(not misspelled) you could also catch my profile which is also quite extensive so reading or looking at my file would be more of a part time project,if you are curious of all the modifications. Though as standard my wife only shares the part of riding In it, I do all the driving and even after putting in the over drive thinking then she might learn to drive a stick and tolerate with patience of not pushing that gas pedal too far if she does not want to flyyyy....By the way, when I started this project, coincidence I was just a little younger than you.
  8. I basically did the same thing but we share mine. She rides in it while I drive it. Tried to tell her manual transmission were a breeze to drive, but she said it is too muscle for her to keep under control so I put a gears vendors over drive in it then told her,to just take it easy on the gas pedal to clutch then when out onto the local routes driving above 45mph, just push the button on the stick and just kick back. Well,.....did not convince her. Looks a little like the mustang behind the story on world news recently which man gave up his to take care of his family 24 years ago and up to date, his 4 siblings found that specific car he owned in Florida and purchased it for him. As for mine, a 72 convertible, purchased it for 2,300 dollars. Thought the add in the classifieds in Pittsburg Trib was a typographical error. boy did it need work but this way over a 10 year period, put humpty dumpty back together the way I wanted it to be. this way, felt I found myself a little short on cash to do all the work all at the same time but thought about ie 72 mustang convertible, red exterior, black interior but not the engine I would want and to go through pull the AT out for a Hurst 4-speed as well to pull our the regular 302 for the boss 351 I would not settle less for as well reconfigure from single exhaust to dual exhaust.....finding the original radio as well, who knows with same as 100 some thousand miles on it, really did not like the color nor pin striping and this case do not know how much will have to put into it for defections hidden away, how well was the body if at all reworked, all for 20 thousand back in 2000, car show on Daytona Speedway.
  9. I believe all tires all around for mach one is 15x225x60x7" as well 8.6:1 compression ratio for 72-71 mach ones, as well, if stock, should be with hydraulic lifters. Even w/650 cfm carb w/stock Hurst 4 on floor into original Ford toploader transmission w/wide ratio does 2700 rpm's in 4th gear, a 1:1 ratio @ 65mph. If you can not get around the outrageous rpm's, maybe the over sized rear tires are not worth the hassle. I believe all tires all around for mach one is 15x225x60x7" as well 8.6:1 compression ratio for 72-71 mach ones, as well, if stock, should be with hydraulic lifters. Even w/650 cfm carb w/stock Hurst 4 on floor into original Ford toploader transmission w/wide ratio does 2700 rpm's in 4th gear, a 1:1 ratio @ 65mph. If you can not get around the outrageous rpm's, maybe the over sized rear tires are not worth the hassle. ps, see my profile w/edelbrock 2 barrel intake manifold and 700 cfm rolling on 245x60x15x8" of which 8" magnum 500 wheel from year one pulls my 72 mustang w/9.5:1 compression on solid lifters/cams, because of heavy vibrations on Cleveland with 2 main bolts as opposed to 4 mains on engine on a convertible w/beefed up suspension bringing overall weight to 3,800 lbs still gets to 60 in 6 seconds, higher torque at lower mph @ 289 ft/lbs, rear wheel hp of 30 horses less. Temporarily w/efi do not know how economy stands but clevelands have always been bad for 351, just about same performance as 429cj. things to consider to keep 4 speed, if that is what is in there and about same cost if you see gearvendors.com about adding an 8speed over drive. project I'm researching right now. A lot car show mustangs w/larger engines install this to reduce rpm's thus more fuel economy when driving longer distances to car shows, (in between still keeping high performance when you just want to bomb around locally)
  10. Got a 72 myself of which went through the mistakes of finding out the hard way that almost all outer body parts from one body style even same year are just different enough that it just won't fit. Mine is a convertible that upgraded w/power disc brakes, suspension, compression, rear axle ration, engine, and even downgrade of gas mileage to qualify as a 71::welcome::::welcome:: R-code(from the original Q-code)
  11. Really I just use those little warning arrows on the dash and go. They put brakes on the other cars for a reason:P Or just put the convertible top down! Really I just use those little warning arrows on the dash and go. They put brakes on the other cars for a reason:P Or just put the convertible top down! Really I just use those little warning arrows on the dash and go. They put brakes on the other cars for a reason:P Or just put the convertible top down! Had a lot of feelers out of cosmetics as well functional mid dash mach 1 guages, ie for volts, oil, temp as well xtra one for bottom on left side of steering wheel to guage altimeter. "Mesazoic" 71 mustang finally matched up to closest and nicest guages that fit perfectly in dash portals as well measure in numbers for each guage. This is one of feelers, another is hydraulics for front and rear to lift and lower frame without carrying a huge pump(as with plans of xtra gas tank, do not have much room for one of those monstrosities) pic below is in raw form. as finished since, only holds a space saver 14x78 tire. xtra gas tank found in summit catalogue fits with room to spare, right below convertible top area w/out interfering w/top tucking down and inside trunk. pump will probably be fitted somewhere under the hood.
  12. Love to drop something like a 6 speed into my72 w/Brembo brakes, along with my mod of xtra tank and hydraulic suspensions to my leaf springs(a bellow system) and something competitive to the front suspension so that front and rear can be raised or lowered like the Citroens have. At 289 ft lbs torque and 256 hp from rear wheels, might replace 2 barrel manifold to 4 barrel manifold and replace 225x15x7" front to 245x18 and 245x15x8' to some 275x19's in rear. If all goes well(and if I win the lottery) will also add a bi-turbo. With 9.5 compression to engine and 3.5:1 rear limited slip posi axle ratio upgraded or....Right now it is a good scooter @ 6.0 seconds for the 0-60mph, mpg city/dragging @ 8-10mpg, have not been able to keep the pedal off the metal to guage highway mileage @ 55mph.
  13. "Preciuos color" mine is mustang "1995" Special White, just a couple tones lighter! ::welcome::Light Lime Mustang. See my profile, over 200 clips as well planning a hydraulic overhaul on suspension for those drives off the smoothest roads. Won't upgrade Ford Top Loader Wide Ratio Hurst manual 4-speed so am hiding an additional "16" gallon tank. With Multi-Forced Induction into a 351 Cleveland upgrade R code w/366 hp from engine w/extra tank, gives me confidence on my 3.5:1 rear axle ratio to give it better chance to get it to the next gas stations. As you see, 95 mustang special white paint but chromed in w/plans of chrome trim around in engine compartment just as NASA hood ports are chromed rather staying with original bells and whistles w/apron, stripes, under valour, and rear wing but a solid mover w/245's X 15 X 8's on rear and 225 x 15 X 7's in front all around weighting in at 3,800lbs+ Currently in a deep sleep for the winter with a "Perrier" to seal the deal, ha.
  14. ::welcome::Silverback, I figure you have a NASA Hood, w/or w/out the functional ram air kit(does not weight that much but with my experiences w/going through 2 pairs of stock hood hinges, figured the Ford engineers never paid much attention to how sturdy they were to last very long. I'm looking at a set of billet hinges with shocks on them insted of the coil springs. Heard, once they are installed and adjusted, they'll never wear out. Just at moment can't remember what company supplied them. Incidentally, as I am not much past a newby, coming on board in mid November 2012 have a lot of back reading to catch up on all of you guys history, ie back in 2011 you wrote, about a 3" accross spider? I came up from Florida, 1983-2003, up to SW PA and question, have you ever heard of a "wood spider"? Do not know if they come up as far north to your area, the same with those red "Killer" ants. But those wood spiders, brown in color, very hairy and can really move. They burrow into the ground so do not know why they are called "wood" buy they do bite and really leave some big welts. People just laying on their lawn chairs in their yards and if you lay still long enough, they will crawl up and do a job on you. They love getting into the heating/air conditioning ducts as well when you open your door to your house/garage... they will charge and are able to jump @ 7-10' and will get through your entry way before you get a chance to close the door. They like to hang around on upper sides of walls to corners and ceilings. I heard a lot of those critters from Florida are slowly migrating further North. ::welcome::
  15. How are you those BFGs for $89????? $177 for 275-60-15 and $155 for 245-60-15 on there website! Before my pc shuts down again, (something going on w/internet) but and this is 7th attempt to get this to you, w/ a tiny pic, the 275's will they fit on any 72 model without reconstruction of wheel well? My 245's in rear with 15 x 8: magnum wheels, keeping the 225'sx7 on front but when the 245's burn out, would be thinking of 275's, (through Summit?)
  16. PS.-The temperature got up to 73 degrees farenheit here in Latrobe, today. How's that for a record breaker. nationwide. How is it in Louisiana all the way up to Nevada today? It rained heavily yesterday, washed all the brine away, great day for cruising in this end of Westmoreland County, but tommorrow though in 60's, "heavy nrain and tumultuous thunder and lightning all day:. Then its goinhg to be "good night Irene", back to the winter blues.
  17. Welcome from "ground zero" or in another words, Latrobe, PA. Have not seen your mustang yet, but does not mean you had not had issues in reseafching w/maintaining economic performance without losing the least, originally built for, performance. Just seen a clip on facebook from this weekend at Pittsburgh from California Streets, the builder specializing in the vehicles as zz top's vehicle. Voted, "Builder of the year". My problem is with a 3.5 rear axle ratio, 366 hp from engine or 256 hp from rear wheels, w/limited slip diff/posi, and Hurst 4 speed shifter into a Ford Toploader, into a 9.5 compression w/solid lifters, geared up like a 351 Boss, Cleveland to expect under 10mpg when sipping on fuel at 55 mph which it really does not like going that slows, as well, edelbrock 2 barrel intake manifold. I don't want to mod for fuel economy by replacing the trann/and 4 speed w/a 5 speed ie something like a .52:1 ratio in 5th gear but researching all avenues to someway installing something like an optional gear hooked up to pneumatics for engagement when in neutral going over 60mph then any tap on the brake will put it in disengage mode, then after a moment, can work the Hurst 4 in any direction I so deem. I feel, something a lot more modified than what the 13 Mustang that has an optional racing mode that only needs a push of a button on the dash and goes from normal roadway mode to race track performance, further than just from suspension but also, gearing. I have the QA1 13 level shocks in front coils for stiffness and air shocks w/traction bars and ant-sway bar in rear as well 45 X 60 X 8" BF Goodrich in the rear for decent grabbing with minimal fish tailing when upon optimal take offs, somewhere's about 6 seconds on the 0-60mph run. But might be wishing for the impossible for long trips of such modification to boost mileage to least 16mpg. Have read about the 74 Pantera De Thomaso's opting at 26mpg when coasting at 55mph. Like them, I also have a Holley Electronic Fuel Injection w/a 700cfm carburetor on the engine. Figure, how optional gearing on the hybrids might give me a little insight, however.....
  18. +1 I had a couple of gauges break on me and I contacted summit about the warranty. They shipped me new ones no questions asked and even picked up the broken ones, I was quite pleased with their customer service. Quite right, re: Summit. Anything you get from them, they stand by their products. With Sears, they mounted my Magnum 500 X 8's to BFG 15 X 60 X 45's, which was not purchased from them, of course although service like anyother customer however they did it "under the table" as explained to me the same as from all those other shops that refused to mount them, reason was these items are not manufacturer specs for the 72 mustang. Those that turned me down included the Ford garages.
  19. Read something w/72, sealed rearend?
  20. ::welcome::::welcome:: ::welcome::Notified one mbr however lost track of whom it was, so just in case it was not you, in "AUTABUY" magazine, might find in Amazon.com but I found it on local Barns and Noble bookstore, Feb 2013 issue, read and saw photo of "73" Grande w/351C, recall a 2V on it but you can take that modify to 4V, even drop an EFI on it if you so desire. I thought it was a convertible, but it was a couple weeks since I browsed through it. Sticker was @ $9,300. Said in good shape. With stock hood however but you can exchange for NASA hood and add Ram Air to it, but with extra weight of this hood, you will find that stock hinges on hood won't last too long. A design flaw. But for the money you would be going through on frequent replacements or rebuilds more often than desired, there is a "good" pair of billet hinge/shocks (I believe, chromed) through either Mustangs Unlimited, ......C.J. Pony parts, Hemmings Motor News magazine, or Ohio Mustang can guide you through some of the hard to find items. If you are looking at restor-to-original, one of best investments is buying the original series/volumes for the year Mustang you end up with, ie as mine "Ford" 1972 car shop manual, this one reprint, Mar 2005. Good luck! Mike
  21. See AUTABUY magazine, Feb 2013 issue, has a nicely preserved 72 convertible w/351C out of Denver area for under 10,000 dollars. Question: is bass boat as any leisure vehicle still subject to luxury tax yearly in Florida? Was the case back in the 90's. Thought i read florida, my mistake Question: is bass boat as any leisure vehicle still subject to luxury tax yearly in Florida? Was the case back in the 90's. Same here! Looks just like mine! See AUTABUY magazine, Feb 2013 issue, has a nicely preserved 72 convertible w/351C out of Denver area for under 10,000 dollars. Question: is bass boat as any leisure vehicle still subject to luxury tax yearly in Florida? Was the case back in the 90's. Same here! Looks just like mine!
  22. Just saw 1973 Mustang convertible w/351C although not NASA Hood but sharp, clean, and garage kept. On AUTABUY, February 2013 in Denver area, for sale, not too high mileage for under 10,000 so the 71-73's are plentiful, out there for your pickings, w/any options you desire. Again,::welcome::::welcome::
  23. You are right about that. I am a member of nat'l MCA and AACA where MCA's coverage of our mustangs are almost non existent but AACA where this site is at ground zero has a great local club and AACA has a better website for all antiques than MCA as well putting together a raffle on a 65 mustang to help offset membership benefits. Nice looking car you got there. Back in 2003 I thought I got a good deal on a 72 convertible Q code of which was though so riddled with rust like swiss cheese that stock was virtually impossible to attain in restoration so I resto-mod it and took until early last year to complete. But not to get ahead of myself. There was considerable deception from previous owner though just out of highschool and mother had title, I believe it was a project in his auto shop class but was said to have Detroit locker and posi. I figured for sticker under $2,500 as advertised in Pittsburgh paper, the body would be swiss cheesed under it tar job and bugs between engine and transmission, suspension, at 156,000 miles could only figure it was an abandoned project. Though, even revamped ignition, brakes, suspension, frame straightening, total body tear down, tranny, and from Q code modified w/solid lifters to R code, would not give it up for any price. See 72 mustangs and msc images amongst other categories if you find interest under user name, cpy cat. Mike
  24. Steve, I have a question for your engineer. Been vying for some kind of overdrive to adhere to my stock Hurst 4-speed which is on a Ford Toploader, wide ratio w/3.5 rear axle ratio on the limited slip differential posi. For long trips, just accross the county(westmoreland) PA to Somerset is a full 20 gallon consumption. I built it to my spec(see my profile, some 14 pages on line from 72 mustang to msg images)w/ EFI, although w/engine rebuild from Q to R code standards, extra high end torque @ lower end speeds w/an edel..2 barrel intake manifold, if I ever control my lead foot and discipline myself for long trips staying at 60 mph although seems to cruise best at 70, have not really test run to measure best fuel efficiency....Mike
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