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  1. Lookin FWD in seeing your Mach. I use to like the Cuban seed that came outta Key West however, as an ole bud/alum from class of 71 out of highschool days, just passed away from Stage 5 Lung Cancer, will have to pass on those thing, no matter how a good one I loved after a good Steak dinner or double cut (bloody rare) prime rib w/a good red wine(the whole bottle at a sitting) use to be my fortay some decades ago. LOL
  2. Between a 429, 454, and 460, what do you thing is best? My Cleveland w/somewhere @ a solid 350 hp, w/9.5:1 compression, solid lifter,....really loaded for some good ramming around on the back streets, might seem a little loaded down however to see her perform, a project in putting together a nice video at the track is a future project. Lookin fwd in seeing your Grande. I'm a modifier myself and always looked at taking a 71-3 Grande and putting a Targa Top on it.
  3. Hi Stebby, Have a bud, his wife, along with godson, in Billiancourt, w/in view of the 'Tower', currently working on a move a little bit more toward the country and not too soon with the terrorism in Paris. Anyways, looking for picture of your 73 Mach 1. Got lots of shots in all stages of my restoration and +.
  4. Interior is all original too. Never seen one that can be used w/a ram air kit. thought it had t hose that attaches straight downward? The Ram Air / plenum unit hooks up directly with the air cleaner. The Snorkel does have an opening at the bottom where it hooks up with the exhaust port from the side of the motor. The hot air duct hose connects those two. ps-my 72 ram air snorkel for my Cleveland has an actuator on top of the snorkel and opening underneath and seems like an option to hook up further for 'forced air'? will shoot a pic of it later.in the meantime do realize you have quite the machine. read only 8 mustangs w/ram air functional w/429 scj 4speed convertible a J-code for 71. See Mustng Monthly Sep issue, pp 22-24 for further FYI on all 71s w/429s in 71 as for where monte carlo bar is situated is below midway so is ineffective-in process of a custom either bending around or over snorkel and AC pump as just installed as a on stock...
  5. I found this, it may or may not be helpful. Chuck http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/d0gy-9a626-a.html?attribs=87 Never seen one that can be used w/a ram air kit. thought it had t hose that attaches straight downward?
  6. you planning on putting the motor and tranny in the trunk?but w/8 pipe toreplace.....on toppa the motor? got to make it more comfortable to sit in....to reach....maybe hydraulic suspension like thse ugly citroens of 60-early 70s had that raised the frame when getting in and out then drps down when it starts. also the targa top or slideable top like in Magnum Pi series Ferarri
  7. Can relate on those 3TB storage units. Have one, 3TB WD just out of warrantee w/mfg and contracted through vendors's source w/ Best Buys which the driver went out on me w/2,72TB in pictures and movies via my Leicas. Will not let the Geek Squad 'crak it open via trashing it's casing however Western Digital now w/6TB storage and back up uitsare spose to be very reliable. the 6TB unit @$250.00 in outside storage fixture and for sure a 5TB back up block @same cost. which think should have had a back up block as the internet back ups to reset operating mode only.
  8. :coolphotos::goodpost:::thumb::If you have the money, ever thought on farming it out to something like the Shelby Farm in Texas to convert that 429 into an R code(if...may be wrong in thinking 429's came w/hydraulic lifters and the Boss 429 w/solid lifters, then an intercooled bi-turbo-7 or 8 speed w/turbo clutch and......? For the ultimate
  9. 'That's really taking it from scratch'! :coolphotos:In a manner of speaking, had and always will have future plans for making mine the ultimate ride. And got so much parts leftover from one modification to the next in my garage, am just starting to advertise for sale. From this thread, MCA, AACA, and a Pittsburgh Mustang Club. Will attempt to plugin my very first video of it's performance on the road which sounds like with your plans for a 6 cylinder supercharged, be similar on the road, as for me, w/an Edelbrock Performer Air Gap 4 barrel Intake Manifold onto a modified q code from hydraulic lifter to the solid and an upgrade from 8.6 to 9.5 compression as well a 3.5:1 rear axle ratio onto it's ltd slip posi, though w/245x60x15x8" tires and the 15" wheels opening up further with a 700cfm Holley Avenger MPEFI to 400hp and controlled by the Hurst 'wide ratio' 4 speed to the Ford Toploader tranny, w/the Cleveland will not have your gas mileage, if you lighten your ride, of courseps-oh well, jest could not get around the mustangs.com's system and sneak the video clip here. However, if you look under Michael Kohan, Latrobe, PA on facebook(also where this site was invented, established, and maintained, to date) you can see the video I took from my 'near sided' camera as everything outside of my mustang is outta focus (and unfortunately not from going so fast but that the camera had to have it's aperture wide open, ie, to get enough light in as being so dark out, when it was taken)Ps, too bad you weren't on this side of the puddle, per se, re: take her down to Shelby's farm in Texas and have an intercooled bi-turbo put on it w/power clutch and.......
  10. ::welcome::great pics of it. my local AACA has this 88 Corvette w/greenwood package which us mbrs take around peddling chance tickets as a club fundraiser also for th national museum in Hershey, PA and scholorships and to drive it ....has nothing on my 72 vert. though steeringalittle more tighter to my non power steering but slower and toom rough a ride enough to put ya in the ditch after hitting a hole or bump in the rd. (pic is ....w/the Vogues over at 4th of July 2004 car event in New Castle, PA)
  11. the gear vendors really makes it an all around ride. though mine over the years has not been able to get out of the stand still kind of ride, next year will be the make or break out of that class however convertibles w/out roll bars just not the same for the competition class. welcome from Latrobe, pa
  12. Looking fwd of seeing these on your album.....with my lack of fortunate turns, would have lost my mind, home, and family if I had to do what I went through w/mine onto extras. Lookin fwd to even the work in progress, too. Feel I can gain a lot of FMI from you toward mine. In the midst of replacing an Edelbrock 2 barrel intake manifold for a Performer Air Gap Intake Manifold. Should increase my hp and minimally reduce the torque/lbs. The pic, depicting spending a lot of time in the church praying that it all will soon be at an end, time to enjoy it into drives othr than taking it to garages.
  13. :welcome2: sounds familiar-mine after some years of 03-9 bouncing around w/bad mechanics and buying wrong parts, got a garage full, let me know what you are lacking and may have, lot cheaper than the parts co.'s but may be worth becoming mbr of MCA, their magazine as well Hemmings Motor News for parts. got a lot of photos on my album for ref of my nightmares.
  14. Now, speaking of 'solenoids', there is this one was told was needed to maintain the idle, as on the side of the AC unit which when I got the EFI installed, the stang did not have AC so the EFI unit I ordered at the time, never thought of this part. (with Holley Avenger MPEFI for the Cleveland does not come with the solenoid with the kit, however, heard as an extra item). With AC in any of your vehicles, might know where I am coming from. Tried to get away with just increasing idle from 8-9,000rpms to @ 10.5,000 rpms and created a wear factor on the oil distribution system, ie, increase oil pressure from 55 lbs to 72 lbs.
  15. David, I'd be interested, but to be entirely honest with you, you can probably make a killing that I don't have on eBay if it's a 1970's 340/360 unit. I haven't seen any of the '80s Diplomat dual snorkels on eBay, so I have no idea what one of those would be worth. Still, I'd be more than willing to hear out the price and see a photo, as I'd LOVE to top this engine up with two manly looking snorkels up there. Have loved the look ever since seeing the 5.0 Foxbodies with the setup. -Kurt the dual snorkel, got so much crap in an overbuy, may even have one of them as snorkels shorter to be able to put down a Monte Carlo Bar as I have a functional Ram Air set up will not fit over original snorkel then figured would give me more air but research says NOT. So, looked went ahead on this Thursday replacing my 2bbl intake manifold to a more generous 4bbl Performer Air Gap intake manifold set up for my existing MPEFI and since have botched up chance w/the bar in its proper location w/out customizing to extend it as now an AC pump blocks its position. Why I chose the pic. ie, so much modifications like threading a needle-the hole in the middle of that spiral-the work asking for problems also like traveling into the Twilight Zone(if you remember the beginning of that show w/Rod Serling, that spiral in a dark void of space.LOLlollerz
  16. In my story, Trying to maintain between the car clubs, church, family, property project since 1977,......only bits and pieces can tell you however, on my facebook, will pm you about this only being the tip of my iceberg, per se. As with a paralysis of both legs and no tools nor facilities, and looking at a 3 cervical disc fusion, not in the condition nor the Mrs will not allow the time away from family responsibilities and at 60, in bad w/Diabetes and her major illnesses, been going on during entire time in this marriage back since 03. I'm about through with all the work, time to spend next year and + into car shows and drives with it. With the inheritance of @ 7 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. And just maintaining the rest of what I worked myself into to this point with .....time to either sell out or cut bait and fish, per se. LOL
  17. Sorry to hear of Dad's passing. Lost mine in 89 at age 69 5/12ths. After series of mini strokes then a big one that left him paralyzed on right side and incontinent for 3 years then after a tour of rest facilities, as a diabetic, losing one leg then the other, he just decided enough is enough and during his recovery room period, he just told the hospital to stop his pain medication.........Mother, like him though a mustang gal with a 74 2+2, copperish body color, began her problems with all sorts of cancers the same time, in 86 that finally took her in 91.(Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Ovarian Cancer)
  18. Mine @ 35,000. For a 72 convertible. You must have a Boss 429 set up to have so much protection?
  19. Thursday, going from short runner to a longer winded.(2barrel intake manifold@3.9inch clearance to an Edelbrock Performer Air Gap 5inch clearance Intake Manifold.)
  20. What is max height from block to carb for Cleveland motor in a 72 Mustang Convertible?(installing anEdelbrock Performer Air Gap Intake Manifold 5" height in place of an Edelbrock 2 Barrel Intake Manifold w/3.9" height)
  21. ::beer::Wecome from Latrobe,PA. Left from Living in Pinnellas County and working(from a week throughout Sarasota, Lee, and Collier Counties to 3 weeks/month Hillsborough, Pinellas, as far north as Tarpon Springs n Brooksville and east as far as Winter Haven/Plant City/Lakeland) in marketing for Purolator Courier Corporation back in 1983, however been 31 years over there and till 2003 over in Volusia County, at times I find remorse for not staying longer on the Sun Coast anyways. Sure looks like a nice hobby car to me. As yours just getting off the ground, mine is at its last stage(October) after a 12 year restoration period. Hope to see your restoration photos in lengthy detail as you can view mine on my photo album, 'of what not to have happen with a project car'. LOL Good Luck Rocket, 'lookn good'! Hope to see you before the snow sets in(over at Arby's one a future Sunday late afternoon) As for my felines, the one on the left just joined the other in 'Kitty Heaven' today. A set back into moving on the last leg of my stang project, however....
  22. on mine with an oil pressure issue, looking at an upgrade w/oil pump? what do you think? HAD THE OILERS WIDENED WHEN CHANGED OVER TO WHEN HAD REPLACED HYDRAULIC LIFTERS, INCREASE COMPRESSION AND lunati H>O> cam
  23. If you do not mind, my Cleveland as upgraded w/solid lifters w/H.O. Lunati cam and 9.5 compression, and only 2800 miles after the overhaul as well w/the Ford toploader but for some reason, and issue arised with oil pressure increasing immensely since AC after market 'Hurricane' installed, some squealing of belts though oil looks clean, w/couple of years on it, think the viscosity has broken down however did run into a little hiccup with running an attempt in a 1/4 mile but did not change gears from 1st to 2nd until it reached, 58mph w/7200 rpms and 'what a backfire from it. Not a noticeable leak from anywhere however looking at taking it in for a gasket refitting. and maybe rear end seal needing attention a little bit. what do you think(possibly a clogged pick up)? not too experienced at this........<:+?> "Think I will have it towed from place where look into belts and then over to have engine gasket fixed then amidst change over from 2 barrel intake manifold to a 4 barrel 'air gap' to replace it then that XADO additive into the 'soup', ;per se.
  24. the mustang you have, the ones to 'vie' for........:bravo::goodpost:::goodjob::::yourock:::udaman::poke::poke::poke::poke::+1::+1: wished I had my act a lot more together-organized, and experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Looks like the Mecum Auction in Carlisle area, PA bout a month ago. As for corvettes w/68 'mechanical fuel injection', wish could have had one insteada the Holley Avenger MPEFI Forced Induction on my Cleveland(72) however still would like a turbo set up on my mustang convertible and then would need to install a roll bar for all the extra 'horsepower'.
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