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  1. Great Story! Would have been stalked across the countryside to for the 'give away' deal for mine however, when I tore her down, found that everything done to it only cloaked even more problems that even having being paid to take it off his hands would not have been enough. See my photo album of multiple stories for over 300 photos. A great story I n almost every photo. Then other stories equally great however not connected to mine in any way. ;+)> ps-your's sounds more like a prototype.
  2. Like the color! My rear mustang decal on trunk on my convertible, holes predrilled as crooked so the decal is on a slant. Outsidda manufacture after market defect, my help installed two of same belts on rear seat/bench. Such unprofessionality lost me from winning on an AACA car show. :+/ For me, with only 2800 miles since tranny and motor rebuild, all of the sudden oil pressure acting up, under too much pressure since AC installed whether problem with the addional belt(squeeling) or though oil appears clean, been couple years since oil change, -may be a break down in the oil's viscosity?
  3. Concur the concerns you have and expressed in your text. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, back in a day. Have you seen the pics and stories on my photo album? Someway, it has leaked out to my highschool alum and found suppose to have @ 160 more friends than I thought I had, back in my day. Whether the stories brought about sympathizers and or those that....lollerzlollerz or those that only only became my friendsor even further looked at in an overzealous or jealous sense...,this so long after....as a matter of being looked at, now keeping up with the Jones, per se, still glad I did not come straight out and enlisted onto the alumni site. Though, like the color....did not believe there ever was such a body color a white - an alternative to Wimbeldon White . Found my color, a crème color in the Ford Mustang 1995 Special White, though.
  4. Had a 300+ turn out in an 8,000 population town of Latrobe, PA last Sunday that had so many 'judged at 10s across the boards' our 71-3 category, suffered. Mine, the convertible at this stock muscle car class, did not have a prayer to compete.
  5. Slavic last name-Kochan-'Love' as in Bobby Vinton's song 'Una Poloma(sp) Blanca'LOLlollerzlollerzlollerz
  6. welcome from where this site was born and currenlty 4,000 strong worldwide. Almost had mine put up for a fund me through a sponsor during past 12 yrs. Looking into a turbo on my Cleveland. Might get it done parts laor for 7-1200.Noble thing your intentions w/b~day present4dad. Sure wished any of my ADOPTD kids do for me4my last b~day thanksgiving last year.
  7. can not help but if you are ever just @60miles SE of Pittsburgh the choice auto electrical shop that services everything of electrical for east ohio and western PA only few miles on rte 22 from ground zero of this site where i am Latrobe PA is called Murray Auto Electric Delmont PA. THEY INSTALLED A 130 AMP ALTERNATOR W/BUILT IN REGULATOR AS HAVING 2 OPTIMA BATTERIES TO CHARGE AND RUN A HEAVY STEREO AND AC UPGRADE NEEDED THE EXTRA POWER. MIKKE ps~my wife got her under grad degree from miami university oxford oh
  8. :welcome2:Nice color on your mustang body. Have you seen the 2015 calendr? We have on of our own from nearby this area that made the COTM, in a darker purple color.In the meantime, caught a great air show just down the road from here(ground zero)at the Regional Airport. Not the P-mustang but can not kick the Blue Angels.
  9. Lookin good! Are you anywheres about Cleveland?
  10. I'm in Helsinki. The car was in Kokkola, western Finland until just a few weeks ago, when picked it up and brought it down to southern Finland. Probably Juntunen, fairly common Finnish last name. You could say it's fun, but a bottomless pit to throw all my money into. Also gas prices are insane, among the highest in Europe. Around that area, her relatives of that name and others related somewheres to 500, that attended our wedding. To big a family for me to survive in. I just retranscribed an article @ interview of an SR-71 jet pilot. If you should like it, let me know. Mikke
  11. nice w/targa top but still-nothings beat our convertible mustangs with hurricane force blowing AC even with the top down.
  12. Such a beautiful car-body color, wheels and this to happen. Know where you are coming from. Top would not close, leak somewhere in the pneumatics and you know how hard that is to find. Some places where almost impossible to get to. Original hose......
  13. ::welcome::ie, 'ground zero' of this site. Nice color. Looks like 'robins egg blue', the late Mr Shelby's favorite color, that his daughter favoured. I thought about boxing mine in (under the hood) with the paint code I used on my body, a '95' Ford Mustang Special White. One thing at a time, though. While a bud of mine on facebook in 'Pig Vicious Racing', with a 73 convertible w/roll bars, Daniel Herberth in Glassport, NJ had his boxed in all chromed up from above the radiator to the....at the rear under the hood. Currently though, having issues with my LED sequentail tail lights(will not fire consecutively but all at once). Someday though.
  14. ::welcome::Am I right or am I right; 'this is an amazing site'! ::welcome::By 'left bank', do you mean, 'running it on a track'? Anyways, as long as it is not smoking out of the AC ducts.LOL Just had an 'Old Air Company' Hurricane model AC unit installed, had to install a 130 amp alternator w/built in regulator to keep everything running but on those hot, rainy/steamy days when my top has to stay up, its worth the comfort! 'Keep the faith'!
  15. I think it fits with all the new fangled cars of today but never be a thoroughbred as ours'. Like how you think, of car of the future but I'd still stick with the Alfa's as included or as the German Simca, 'Matras' as in Bagheera, with their body design looking like a bricklyn however with doors opening like regular way, and with the mid engined w/3 seater, in front, (with the mother-in-law seat built into the passenger side) It got over 60mpg for a 3 speed manual on the floor but had to run it on 105 octane. Check it out, @ 1975ish.
  16. ::welcome::::welcome::Nice lookin! Was married to this girl, mother's maiden name, Juntenin or Juntenen sp? 100% Finn. Grandad with a 1000 acre dairy farm just outside Duluth, MN in Carlton County, back in a day. Had a cat we named 'Mena' sp? to my knowledge in finnish language means, little sh!t. Welcome from 'ground zero' of this web site, Latrobe, PA. With only an 8,000 population had the biggest turnout of antique car registrants for local car show with just over 300 that took up blocks and blocks of parking places outside of the multiple parking lot. Did not get a trophy on my convertible but was so hot out, the convertible boot peeled off its trac whereby a local(PGA hero)saw the problem I was having with reinstalling it, he came to the rescue and attempted to help out but still could not get it back on trac(Arnold Palmer-with his local new car dealership for 'Cadillacs' was giving away a full detailing job, valued at over $150) Ps, A 12 year veteran in the resto-mod on mine and still a, 'work in progress'. LOL see my some 300 pics on my photo album or on most categories on the EZ Gallery. Mikke
  17. ::welcome:: ::welcome:: Love that tint green? Mine the Ford Mustang color code for '95' Special White. A real chamelion as you see amongst my over, some, 290 pics on my photo album or EZ Gallery under many of the sections.
  18. Mine, not with the spoiler, but got it along with a whole 'Sanfords Garage' of parts someday to take over to the Columbus, OH parts event. Just had mine in a car show, overbooked for a town of only 8,000(Latrobe, PA)of 300 registrants,where they had to turn them away because of lack of space to park em, for blocks all around the event. Did not get a trophy but got an endorsement from Arnold Palmer's (PGA) wife. Said she liked the car so Arnie went over to help me in attempt to reinstall the convertible boot on its tracs.(the heat just started to make it peel off and still couldn't get it to stay on trac)
  19. Yep, had passengers that wanted to light up! Nope, not in mine. Seat belts, even with retractors, can not always be that reliable. And a manufacturers flaw,....the convertible boot, just 'WILL NOT STAY IN PLACE'. Was at the local car show last Sunday and with the heat, it just peeled off it's track. Was not a plus to win any trophy but had some help that made up for it. Of all people, Arnie Palmer and his wife was going through the car show, giving away a full detail job from his local Cadillac dealership. His wife pointed at my stang and said she liked it. The next moment, Mr Palmer came over help me with the convertible boot. Though, even the both of us working together, could not get the boot to cooperate.
  20. Hello, I Do have a 1971 Grabber Green Super Charged M code Ram Air, with every option, I think, AND it's on Ebay! Convertible, pretty nice! Item 171820281810. The top is black though....It is a pretty cool car. Regards, Mark 209.613.0092 Not for sale but just showing it off.
  21. welcome from latrobe PA USA. started my convertible in 03 and after I decided to tear it all down~found rat holes~body was in swiss cheese condition~bent frame rail too and that drum brakes had to go. It was a charity case for how I got it so I asked what I got. Everything was replaced on it.
  22. 'Simply Awesome'. Mine not a Sprint, but a wanna-be Sprint.
  23. ::welcome::Why not take it 'all the way'! You got a lot of the makings and modifying is modifying. I'd sure love electric window. Have all I want in mine except Edelbrocks 'new' Air Gap for EFI unit(note mine does not have PS, however only have to worry about the lack of this comfort is when it is doing a U or K turn. LOL) Though would like somemore stiffening of the suspension like Kit Sullivan's and a little more heighth
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