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  1. Long since this been on but think it is wild. Mine, very conventional, I think.
  2. You are right. Read about another claiming to be....w/6 cylinder. My mistke
  3. AThough this an exclusive 'Sprint Forum', still if you find one convertible closest to 1:18, the closer, the faster I would come up with 130 or so. Or 50 for the 71 Mach 1 kit. To place on my dash,...a little altered,ie, cut the top,.....make it look like mine.
  4. Really sharp! One of the @50 originals?(as Carroll Shelby included in his card collection packages one of the mustang car part companies got exclusivity to sell?) Truly a gem but with the original 6 cylinderd's must be awfully tempted to install a bi-turbo, eh? Mine is number 51. LOL
  5. How bout a semi-sprint? A little bit of them all? LOL
  6. My father was a Seabee in the big war and developed a motor that ran on its own energy for 3 months(before he went in the Navy) then someone shut it off and he never went back to the project.
  7. welcome from latrobe PA. Mine was originally a 72 convertible w/black top/interior really nicely optioned a pewter and 4 speed q-code but the time i got it was in need of bad body~mechanical~electrical and chassis work with some of the options added extra or monkeyed with at 156,000 miles~could say poorly engineered to maintain a stay w/the state inspection on the road from looking like it was tared over rust spots to keep the body together and then some. As in my care in 03 had it totally torn down~redone then modified the way i wanted it for performance and show with only some minor corrections to complete it like repainting a quarter panel~refinishing an inner door panel and replacing an after modification of a 2 barrel intake manifold to an air gap 4 barrel intake manifold and a little tweaking on the charging system. As i got it virtually for nothing as a hand me down from a highschool shop teacher that unloaded on one of his students no telling of what puddle in what rat hole of a salvage yard it came from or other areas unk. However, you probably have your horror stories while originally restoring yours. Got a heck of a bio on it from its acquisition to making this years March calendar slot and them more of the surprises when putting it through extra modifications to suit my expectations. On it resto mod alone over 250 pics on my photo album or can pick through posts and stories all over our ez gallery. looking fwd to seeing more of yours as an original condition. I WOULD SAY FOR A RESTO MOD-close to a #2 condition but just have not really put it through the test of on and of road driving to see what else may be hidden in it. Mikke
  8. ::welcome:: ::welcome::very sharp looking and very innovative with what you describe your suspension improvement. Have you ever ridden in a Corvette with Gymkana suspension? Is your improvements measure up to Gymkana's ride and handling? Mikke
  9. Welcome! Though currently not up in Saginaw, lot of kin still there by last name of Kochan. As latest, down here in Pennsylvania for over 15 yrs. PS, if you ever see the movie, 'Raging Bull' w/Robert Dinero, and see Kochan name come up whom fought and lost to him. Still trying to figure out if he is one of us(Kochan).
  10. ::welcome::From 'Ground Zero'! I got one of those polished turds too and paid $@2,500. back in 03 and actually have about 10% of 2,500 miles driven that was not driven to this or that garage as I am not a mechanic but at the beginning of my 'golden years', per se, was bound and determined in doing a clunker the way I wanted. PS, got a lot of horror stories about driving with no brakes, that its, after it has been in one shop and another for brakes, and still 'no brakes'. I call myself 'Mustang Dynasty' because of all the money I put into it, a dynasty would have spent on their mustangs as well if there was a mustang model like mustang- has a Grande, I'd call it Mustang- Dynasty(for all the extras I put into it, not only for the creature comforts but also, I hope, in the areas of performance, efficiency, and safety. I like the way you have it all those photos as if starting a biographical photo album. See my photo album or under 72 mustangs, concourse and msc you will see from my first photo when I acquired it from a mechanic shop class highschool student that had it dropped into lap from his BOCES(per se) shop teacher as what I recall those shop classes were under. So, where in N.Y. are you at? I was Elmira, non regents highschool diploma by a couple classes and no shop classes back in 73, then did my tour for my country then college then....Mikke
  11. ::welcome::From 'Ground Zero'! I went from 650 Holley 4bbl to a 700cfm Holley that is integrated into an MIFAEFI(Holley Avenger Multi Injected Forced Air Electronic Fuel Injection to handle up to 400hp) Being at the time, having an Edelbrock 2 Barrel Intake Manifold that gave me 289ft lbs torque that with the 650 Holley incessantly getting too much vibrations with all that torque causing a constant need to readjust the fuel air mixture, is reason for changing over to a solid throttle body but since, gave grown out of that manifold and looking at an Air Gap and then will have that 400hp. It's fast as it is but feel it is being held back for its full potential. (though, got a good deal on an entire turbo system for under $2,000, parts and labor that will give me an ultimate potential of @650hp, my wife said she would divorce me and sue for my car for sole custody. Not LOL) Had it since 2003 and is more of a hobby of seeing what next I want to put on it. LOL Only 2,500 miles on it for a lot of reasons that it has not been driven that you will have to either look on the many categories on ez gallery to find out or some 300 photos on my photo album. As I only paid 2,500. for it back in a day from a highschool shop class student that had it dropped in his lap as the teacher found himself putting too much into it.(think it must have been picked up out of a wrecker yard though it has a functional and clear title. Mostly for reasons of the little miles I put on it, a handful of times it should have taken my life in near accidents, here and there from defective sociopathic mechanics and their bosses of which I can fill you in on the least, the garages NOT to have any dealings with(as well car parts sources between PA and OH anyways, later on. Mikke
  12. ::welcome:: From 'Ground Zero'! Another Air Force Vet, though not even a miniscule a position w/in only the 4 years I was in that took me up to an E-4 in duty from Wiesbaden Air Base, Germany and Duluth IAP, MN of AFCS to ADCOM commands, both do not exist these days. Got a lot of photos on my photo album (over 300) from acquisition to tear down and rebuild which since 2003 been more of a hobby of seeing what I can next modify over all of these years. LOL! One photo you will find under a category in ez Gallery you can appreciate.(under an image of a light lime green latter 60's De Tomaso 'Mangusta'- interview of an SR-71 Black Bird Pilot. ::beer::::beer::::beer::I know you must have spent one time or another in a 'Ghasthaus' over in Germany. Though my days of wein and bier has expired, I found one of the oldest breweries in Pennsylvania holds the same great quality as over there. (Yuengling Beer) Mikke
  13. just a comment on a good read on an article of a Mach 1 owner and a bud both buying as new 71 Fords on a fleet deal one for a 71 mach 1 and other an Ltd convertible with their cleveland motors and theirw bios in comradships over all these years and the other getting the priviledge of 1st crack of getting the Mach 1 and its pristine condition unrestored. Re: Hemmings Muscld Machines April 2015 number 140 a well worth volume to acquire if is not at your news stands right now.Mikke Nice 'pickers'! Got a pic of a basement full of guitars to post later too!
  14. Welcome from Ground Zero per se; where I am at and this site was founded, Latrobe, PA. Nice lookin stang! Guitar man, eh? My wife's son is a connaseur of the hobby like collecting find wines. If you get the chance of starting a collection our yearly car of the mónth calendars, may get your interest in submitting yours for a year to come-to be one of the 12 months chosen from those of some 4,100 71-3 mustang owners worldwide.(for an additional touch of international notice-in your file) Have a happy and productive year.
  15. got the right idea for a substute or mod/upgrade ck w/pig vicious racing or Daniel Herberth if u do not get all fyi here. Mikke
  16. I guess great minds think alike. Put pair of @ 5x7 JBL Marine Speaker @ 120 RMS in the rear and a mean power amp n sub woofer hidden away deep in the trunk of my 72 vert. FYI look at my photo album pp5-8 for some of the upgrades but no pwr windows.
  17. Hmmmmmm-Drifting, eh? Got one for you but just do not have the time to copy off my album, on either page 7, 8, or 9 of which just got it out of the shop for power disc brakes and(Mikke-Mikke-Mikke) guess what-guess what! 'Not Hump Day', no brakes, did a Tokyo Slide in this guys front yard, fortunately did the job to stop my stang but not before breaking the lugs off the rear wheels and the rear anti-sway bar snapping.
  18. Ok I have the following. 1972 Mach 1, Q, 4 speed T-5 German model 1972 Q, Auto, convertible 1973 Mach 1, Q, 4 speed original owner 1973 H, Auto, convertible David A very nice 'cross-section'!
  19. Welcome from Latrobe-@pictures from you-from it in your staging area-profiles from good and not so good poiints-see my photo album for ideas and my descriptions on them- @300 pics at its best and worst vantage points. Having stock AC with upgrade to handle R42 cold juice to begin install come this Saturday.
  20. for starters, u might want to buy this years caledar from lulu.com
  21. Good choice. If mine was originally an FMX, would have went that way as having bad legs but. ::beer::::beer::::beer::Other than the FMX tranny and still with 2 1/4" pipes from the 3" hooker headers, about the same set up as mine. If I ever do get the AC and brake job taken care of, will look at the 3" pipes from the headers to x pipe and into pair of flowmaster 10's. from there don;'t matter, will stay the same. Enough toasts for me.Mikke Good choice. If mine was originally an FMX, would have went that way as having bad legs but. ::beer::::beer::::beer::Other than the FMX tranny and still with 2 1/4" pipes from the 3" hooker headers, about the same set up as mine. If I ever do get the AC and brake job taken care of, will look at the 3" pipes from the headers to x pipe and into pair of flowmaster 10's. from there don;'t matter, will stay the same. Enough toasts for me.Mikke re: my under carriage. Canton 7 qt extra wide/shallow oil pan with pick up baffles, of course baffles in the engine covers, gear vendors overdrive below the toploader and H pipe and through flowmaster 40s down to Mach 1 chrome tips.
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