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  1. can u post image of that 3 part cheesy rear trunk trim? Been looking for a duck tail kike on the 69 shelby to appky to the rear of my 72 vert or thereabouts kind of trim even if like the 70 maich 1 styling These are rear cheesy trim that goes on the trailing edges of the hood and fenders. Very early 71 only - mine (that I tossed out) were from an Dec 70 built M code convert. The set I found (for a buck) were off of a 71 fastback that he parted out. - Paul still like to see the cheesey 3 part trim?
  2. 650 holley is safe but before a concrete decision a good autiority to speak to like A-1 machine shop that helped my man take a hydraulic lifters to a 9.5 compression with solid lifters but with an Edelbrock 2 barrel intake manifold with 3.5 rear ratio on my 4 speed to toploader higher torque ft lbs at lower mph dyno via passiue 3rd and 4th gear pulled a 289. Also check on xado.com engine treatment not a snake oil and a Holley 780 cfm 4 barrel will do increase the hp and torque with better compression increase without all the upgrades of fuel addivies as methanol and supercharging an extravagant expense and xado guarantees nowear on motor for @ 40,000 miles of hard driving. Just premium gas and oil with lead additive. Get back to me if any of this pans out.could luck out and if u want to maintain its same cóndition in 2 years as it is when put together now. Ie A-1 machine shop Greensburg, PA whom did a lot of work with a guy whom use to do a lot of upgrading specializing in cleveland engines they are all correct and a combination from the headers size xhaust pipes to minimize back pressure~see my profile and photo album for further ideas to tweak hp even an open K & N fllter system in the ram air set up... pss check out closest hard copy on my expansions per se on my profile and 300 photo album. Not saying I am an authority but the guy that worked on my engine was and raced the circuit with his clevelands back in a day in Pittsburgh but passed on back in 09. Mark Brewer-Motorwoiks, Greensburg, PA
  3. welcome from Latrobe. Myself having the same problem with 4 digit figure in cost beween several shops. Making this a priority issue~same problem with an after market compressor and ...in my 72 into a SUMMIT POWER DISC FRONT AND SSBC REAR POWER DISC CONVESION BRAKES FROM DRUMS. BRINGING UP FACTORS AS MINE PUSHED PEDAL TO FLOOR HAVING NO BRAKES AND LEAKING FITTINGS ......TAKING MINE TO A LOCAL MECHANIC WITH GOOD BACKGROUND IN RESTORING FELLOW MBRS CARS IN THE AACA. WILL GET BACK TO YOU. ps~look into my photo album between pps 7-10 and somewheres in there you will see hard copy of what i am talking about
  4. welcome from latrobe~with @ 4,000 mbrs owning surplus of parts and all the mustang parts shops to advertise your needs is only a $25 upgrade in this internet site
  5. if the seller disclosed not for sure on specs-ok-but to me what i read-you were directly lied to~a friend-hónest Abe~took you for a sucker. My guy for 2500 lied @ posi : 4.11 rear ~ toploader have to double shift from 1st to 2nd because was heavy duty out of a 429 motor hook up~from their most shops that worked on it are just lieing scumbags re: over in w. PA
  6. I like the attetion to detail that shows in your resto pictures. Though mine might be an overkill in its entirety on my photo album but for the most u should see pages 2-5 @ body motor tranny suspension resto
  7. can u post image of that 3 part cheesy rear trunk trim? Been looking for a duck tail kike on the 69 shelby to appky to the rear of my 72 vert or thereabouts kind of trim even if like the 70 maich 1 styling
  8. ::welcome:: ::welcome:: Looking fwd of seeing more of your project. Mine, after 11 years is looking at an official cruise out of county, per se. too much work on it and too much flack from the wife that just does not seem to trust it for an out of town trip. Ha! something to see all the work put into it, a 300 pic bio, per se on my photo album. Mikke Not too sure about the ram air... It's a 302 2v.. Was ram air available for a 302? I am not sure if it could have been an available option on a base 302 mach 1 at the least. Let me know. Thanks everyone for all of the welcomes! ps, if you have the hood and not looking at an all stock, it will give you a little more performance and efficiency and in fact on the 302, I have seen even further like the 87's with an H.O. bi nozzle, even more impressive in my eyes but mine is all mod anyways. Mikke
  9. Welcome from Latrobe. Looking fwd to reading further of you quests to putting your humpty together the way you want it. Mine, an 11 year project I hope will finally get the satisfaction of reaping the benefits of it, right after getting a 3 year project of troubleshooting the brakes taken care of. ie, from drum to power all around 10.5 discs but so far just will not bring it to the stop it was meant to handle. See bio of all the work I did on mine on my photo album, some 300 pics with a couple here and there of side stepping with pics of other vehicles. Mikke
  10. ::welcome::I guess I can not beat the condition you received it but hope you do not have to go through the agony of 10plus years I went through in getting mine restored, upgraded, modded, destroyed and done all over between this and that garage in Western PA as I have experienced though. Though it appears in decent shape, still a real enlightenment to see, if you look on my photo album of some 300 photos of the 'bio' of a real managery it went through to present but it almost completed and road ready to my liking. I hope. Mikke
  11. ::welcome:: ::welcome:: Love the detailing to the paint job. Is that original? A lot of us although been working on our for years, still feel we a knew at it in the information aspect as I. Am too working on an AC installation through local auto electrical company working at it more less shooting from the hip with the 71 and 71 electrical/AC shop manuals. You will find a lot available on our line as well tutorials if you need assistance in any installation. Good luck and hope to see more pics of it as well how you are doing with it. Mikke PS, look on my photo album and you will see a 300 page mess brought to life. LOL
  12. Hi, I did it to my 73. You don't have to change the fenders. You only have to get the metal bracket that goes under the 71 bumper. You also will need to get the brackets for the 71 bumper and cut and weld modify the two brackets. I..... I want pics :D would not mind the hood -n- ducktail once a bi turbo was installed on cleveland but a way to go with the AC AND BREAKS
  13. ::welcome:: ::welcome:: do not feel bad about language. I got a godson in France, in college w/father fluent english decades before he was born and he still does not speak English. Been studying French language for a decade but not good, got to get it together on my side of the proverbial pond we call the Atlantic Ocean. Mikke
  14. what @ lulu.com and a buy more than one caledar....get to least 2nd 1/2 50% off%
  15. As i said to new guy from Sweden ~ on board~ my favorite~ swedish girls and canary yellow 73 mach 1
  16. still cannot see if my post reply went through to you 2 times so-
  17. nicely put together and accessorized! Question:@ diff in performance and mpg with your 3 inch pipes from headers and through mufflers and dual plane intake manifold~(mine an edelbrock 2 barrel intake manifold for high end torque at low mph)~how does your ....set up from mine as well from dual 2 1/4 inch to the same with pair of flowmaster 40s?(seems like mine at 9.5 compression to solid lifters ~700cfm 4 barrel Holley EFi ~w/3.5 axle and ltd slip posi onto a Hurst 4 speed through to @ 270 SAE hp and 289 ft/lbs torque into 8x245 inch rear radial should be a bit more generous with the torque and hp?
  18. can ID on the tank but mine needs is baffles as it is for my EFI system
  19. fraudulent mechanics working on my brake system~parking brake just wo'nt hold car and to think a 10.5 inch discs on power disc brakes all around should bring it to a stop really fast but i can only figure those working on my brakes are as experienced in that field as a fly by nighters and hack jobs even as far as mobilit works for years in my case. Can not trust driving it if it does not stop as quickly as it accellerates in a 0-60mph drag run.
  20. re: bake on cylinder walls or ...baked 351 Windsor~have you ever heard of XADO engine~....treatment products developed for motors in the tanks/military vehicles in the Ukraine and was brought to country less than 3 decades ago when the patent expired on it overthere. Re: XADO.COM for further information on real world nano technology of a diamond hard really dense metallic protectant not a snake oil product and even advertised in Hemmings muscle magazine to increase engine compression that guarantees a stronger motor for automatic rehab to new~an old engine/w/miles on it or fortifying the engine for rougher abuse. By itself will add mpg and some basic hp. Xado also offers a tuffcote to the tranny gears and fuel systems to ck on.
  21. ::welcome::The excitement has never worn off for me and that is after 10 plus years of a trial and error restoration effort to almost losing it to a faulty effort by this one auto shop of which they either broke and further never replaced the pin to the break pedal as I found out, had no breaks while on a decelleration lane coming off a highway. See my photo album somewhere's after page 7, pic and story on image of tracks going through a front yard and the rear of my mustang sitting across the street of that property. ps, seeing where you are from, MCA (HQ. Mustang Club of America is very close to you)
  22. ::welcome::::beer::::congrats::::beer::::beer::::beer::You're getting the right kind of degree and the right kind of car to practice on. (in a good way) as well, anyother way of body restoration is very expensive to farm out.
  23. always wanted an esprit 4 cylinder turbo 5 speed on the floor w/targa (glass) top but need a 6 way power driver seat and pulling the brake and clutch pedal farther apart. The stang-nice color my 2nd choice and w/the 302 Boss w/bi turbo and a 5 on the floor. Had a lot of garages working on mine w/still problem w/the all around power disc brakes and last (said to be) specialty garage referred to me by a popular mustang parts store though turns out a problem and after it sitting out backyard where it was farmed out to early summer, where would not be released to me and instead of getting shot for trespassing to recover it (also no work done) had to ask the state police call them to release it to me.
  24. This might be the best place to ask about, ie, when the calendar is available to order and how to order. Just got an e-mail from lulu.com for a 25% discount on all calendars for 2015. Does this include our calendar they will be selling at the end of the year? Is this an extra incentive order on a special deal. they said all orders must be in by 13 November. Also, did you know there is a really nice 18 month calendar of the generation one mustangs selling for $2.99 @ World of Values Just down the road (I think Donahue Rd) from where Best Buy, CVS, Toys r Us located (like behind Dunkin donuts and Wendy's on Rt 30 in Greensburg)?
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