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  1. Thanks. If you have one that would be great. PM me if you locate it. I wasn’t planning on selling, but would be glad to print one out for anyone who needs one. Chris
  2. Hi All, I'm looking to see if anyone could take a picture of their brake release handle or provide some measurements of the height and width.. or maybe could take a picture with a ruler under it for reference. Below is the billet one that is available.. not even sure if this is correct. I have the depth from what was left of my broken handle I'm looking to design and 3d print a replacement. Thanks Stay safe Chris
  3. I'm interested in the seat hinge covers... Let me know how much. Thanks
  4. Will check this week at the garage to see if I have any 71s. Here is the one I have for a 71. upload images Thanks sent you a PM
  5. Looking for a front seat belt in Black. PM me if you have one available. Thanks
  6. I'm looking for a seat back pivot bolt? (D1ZZ-6560392-A) PM me if you have one available. Thanks.
  7. I would also check the pitman arm as jpaz said earlier. Look for play between the pitman arm and center link
  8. This is what I'm looking for : Front Right mount was rusted out and back flange is also rusted out.
  9. Looking for a passenger side seat platform for 71 fastback. Please PM me if you have one available. Thanks Chris
  10. Thanks..I was pretty sure that they were not original. What I'm trying to figure out is if the small triangular piece in the picture was on original upholstery. Do you have a picture of the bottom of the backrest?
  11. Hi All, Received new seat covers from Distinctive Industries and wanted to confirm if the small corner sections on the seat back outside bottom corners should be sewn on the new covers. The picture below is from the existing seat upholstery. I contacted Distinctive and they are going to research, but figured someone on here must have an original and can confirm. My concern is that the side is going to start working up and the seat frame will start to show. Plus it just doesn't look finished but maybe that's how they came from the factory. I don't think the covers I'm replacing were original. Thanks Chris image upload
  12. Just though I would check before I purchase new covers for the front seats. I'm looking for what I think is a Distinctive Industries Black/Black Mach 1 seat back cover (just one back cover). Is there is anyway to tell Distinctive vs TMI vs OEM? I have a rip in one and have gotten a few estimates to repair that are almost the cost of new ones. Also looking for the Mach 1 seat buttons as well. I'm assuming these were recovered years ago since they did not have the seat button. The passenger and driver seat bottom are still in good shape. These were installed over the original foam as well and wondering if it is worth replacing everything. Thanks Chris
  13. Very close! Tell us more about this QSI Camera you speak of! Astronomy or Microscopic Camera or other field that needs high sensitivity, and also way too expensive for me !
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