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  1. new old its all the same to me as long as they work :)
  2. Hi there Im looking for a passenger side hood hinge, dont matter about the spring as mine is fine, also door jambs, one 3 pin one 2 pin , I live in Scotland so cheapest way of post would be cool, let me know what you have.....thanks a lot ......Slimbo
  3. thanks guys , Im going go go with a glossy black, glad I came in here tho or I could have just wasted a shit load of money and time :) does anyone know if the Mach 1 rocker emblems from a 70 fit a 71?
  4. Thanks for all your info there, it's put me off doing it with flakes and I thank you for that, I want to keep the stang black and shiny but I also want it to look a little bit different, Im thinking of losing the stripes and getting the 351, mach1, mustang, chrome emblems, Im thinking of using big F O R D chrome letters on the trunk, spaced apart , a little mustang emblem to the right of it, some mach 1s on the rockers , help me out here , I love you guys
  5. Hi there, Im thinking about painting my 71 fastback mach 1 , it's black just now and I want to keep it black but this time I want to do it in a nice shiny black with silver metal flakes in it, I just went to the paint shop but the choises they had were pretty lame so the question is, is there anyone in the know that can point me in the right direction IE does the metal flake get added to the clear coat? any help would be great , thanks
  6. Thanks Pegasus, Ive already got the door cards off and there is some water in there so its prob just what I need to do, Ill give it a bash this week and let you all know how I get on. Im guessing that there aint that many mach 1s with power windows as they seem to be like hens teeth. thanks for all you r help , awsome site ...Slimbo
  7. Hi, does anyone know where to get rear quarter window rubber seals that go along the bottom of the window horizontal on the outside of the car. my car is a mach 1 fastback with power windows, dont know if that makes a difference or not . I dont have a door pillar....cheers
  8. Hi there , 1971 mach 1 . My window on the driver side works no problem but the passenger side window can be put down from the passenger side but wont go up from the passemger side, has to be put up from drivers side, also there is another couple of buttons from the drivers side control panel that dont seem to be doing anything, I think one is for locking the doors and the others maybe for the back windows. The back windows dont seem to be working either from the back or the drivers panel, Im not very good with electrics and Im just looking for a few pointers in the right direction to get me started.......helpppppppppp Slim fae Scotland
  9. Hi stangers , Ive got a 1971 mach 1 with power windows and they have both just died on me, I took the door card off , then the glass out and then the motor, when I took the motor to bits I found that round the gear or cog that there was lots of broken bits of rubber lying in there, I managed to make 3 triangle like bits to fit out of an old exhaust rubber mounting but this is prob just a quick fix and Ill need to get the proper rubber thing (dont know what its called) has anyone done this before . the window motor is a good system letting you take it to pieces and just renew the rubber, nowadays you would have to change the whole mechanism, so good on you mustangs ......any help would be cool .....Slim fae Scotland
  10. Hello again, can I fix the problem from inside the car if I take the dash out? I really dont want to go cutting from the top as the top is in good condition but if I have to I have to . looks like a nightmare of a job .
  11. Hello my friends Ive not long had my mach 1 and Ive noticed that when its raining there is water pissing down on the passenger side footwell inside, Ive had a look (well as best as I could) in the bit beside the window wiper that is covered with a plastic mesh and it looks like thats where the waters getting in from. Its hard to really get to get in and about it and Im wondering that if I take the wing off will I get better access? There looks to be some shit down there like leaves and stuff . Is it possible just to blank this bit off? looks like a bad design letting all the water get in there. ,,,, Give me your thoughts as I know you lot are way more clued up that me.......thanks Slim Fae Scotland ....FREEDOMMMM
  12. I understand now , thanks for all that info , and its something I might get in the future , Ive only had the stang for 3 weeks , its my first one and being in Scotland its not that easy to ask people about them as nobody has them so its good to come here and pick everyones brains, good job people and love to you all . Slimbo Fae Scotland .....FREEDOM
  13. Hi there Ive got a Mach 1 1971 351 Cleveland and It has ram air scoops on the hood (bonnet) but Im just wondering if mines are just for show or they do anything, the holes are not blocked up so I imagine it would cool the engine down when moving, is this what ram air is? sorry if this sounds a dum ass question but its not to me ???
  14. Hi there my stang has pretty bad scratches on the rear window also the drivers window, I can feel them with my nail but they look like they might be able to be polish out. Anyone had to tackle this problem?
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