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  1. I have some parts left over from a 71 mach restore as well as stuff I have collected over the years. We are downsizing and and wanted to see if any members in Az may be interested in the whole lot for $350 may have a few more parts laying around.
  2. Had a left turn light bulb in the dash out, pulled the dash cover and had to order green LED wedge bulbs. Remembered there was a small rattle in the dash (only at stop lights away from the house) so that needed to be fixed. Speedometer jumped so had a spare Speedo cable to install. Since I was there cut a hole in my replacement cluster bezel to install my trip reset button. Trip wheel numbers are gone so may need to send to Rocketman. I really hope I don’t remember anything else.
  3. Hope this helps, I also added timing tape from summit racing so I could see the timing marks better
  4. I had the same problem, used heat shield didn’t work. I figured it couldn’t hurt to get one of those mini starters haven’t had an issue give more clearance between the header and the starter casing which I am sure helps. If I recall wiring is a little different if you need pics I am sure I can post a few.
  5. Welcome from Arizona! Way cool pic I thought we had cool sunsets.
  6. Man, I think that is so cool! I graduated high school in 1978. That was when I was driving my first Mustang, a medium yellow gold 72 Q code fastback. Lots of good memories in that car! Thanks for posting :coolphotos: Thanks for getting this thread going very cool :goodpost: . I didn’t think about that entry form until I read your post last night. Its like I became rain man looking for that thing
  7. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or maybe a little sad that I still have it? ?
  8. I think kevken1959 previous hairbrush owner was entered in the same contest as my M codes previous owner
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