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  1. Is the car leaning or is it just the grill? :) Hope mine looks this good one day...
  2. Thanks Mike, I'll put this on my calendar. Always up for supporting a good cause! Used to eat lunch at this place a lot when my office was in Manassas.
  3. Looking to get rid of the extra drivers door I have. Putting it in this section because I don't want any money for it and I'm not sure it's worth anything. But I thought if someone local in the VA/MD/DC area needed it for any reason you're more than welcome to it. Added a few pics of some of the problem areas on here. More can be found here on my Google Plus site . PM me if you have any interest
  4. Cool. I think I may try this option. I know it's a bit of a shortcut but I just don't have the know-how or availability to get small things like this cut out and repaired. Found a deal on an applicator gun on eBay for $30 shipped. One thing I have been doing is taking before/after pics of the few places where I have used bondo or sealer. That way me or anyone that owns the car after me knows exactly where these spots are. I hate the "surprise" of finding a lump of bondo where I though I would find bare metal as I'm stripping parts of the body.
  5. That's what I was afraid of. I'm like Matrixx in that I'm on a limited budget. Trying to do a lot of prep work before eventually sending it off to a body shop to get some big things done. I was hoping this may be something I could do but it sounds like another one to add to the list for the professionals.
  6. Sanded down the new drivers door I got awhile back to get a better idea of what I'm working with. Was very pleased with the outcome. Just a few small dents I need to smooth out mostly. The one thing I don't know what to do is with some small holes along the bottom of the door. You can see them in the pic. What would be the best way to fill it? Can I just use some bondo or should I use something better? Also, what would be the best way to contain the rust inside the frame of the door? I don't have a blaster or anything. I was just thinking about painting what I could with POR or something similar.
  7. Here's a '73 Mach 1 in Fairfax, Virginia. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/3633048920.html
  8. Wow these are all great! Noticed the admins setup a Vintage Ad section in Gallery for all these as well so thanks to them! Should we upload all our ads again or can the admins just move them over?
  9. Yep, Don (Ohio) is the man! He makes it very easy to spend money! :) I have a new cowl coming my way... Thanks Don! Don (Alabama) is pretty cool too!
  10. Another welcome from Virginia! Now I know who to talk to when I have the cash to get my coupe painted. :)
  11. I am in a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder LE with the 5.6L V8. Actually really love driving the thing. Bought it brand new in 2009 with 236 miles on her. I have 80,000 on her now and judging by what kind of "SUVs" auto manufacturers are putting out I'll have it for triple that mileage. OR maybe in another year I'll just get a Raptor. :)
  12. I'm confused... Do I need to pass high test gas in order to get the best reading from the butt dyno??
  13. Recently put this one in the misc. gallery and its full page version as well...
  14. Black shoes with no socks?? How tacky!
  15. Thought it might be cool to add a section in the gallery specifically for vintage Mustang ads? Always like looking through old ads. What do you guys think?
  16. I agree Mr. 4x4. What do they say about a fool and his money? Haha Bkdunha, I actually like those red ones you have. They have those on Amazon for a good price with good reviews. I think I may steer that way instead.
  17. The eBay ones I found cost the same amount for all four that one GoJak costs. Makes me think it may be too good to be true.
  18. Curious if anyone on the forum is using under tire hydraulic dolly's. Trying to figure out a way to move my car around in the garage when working on it and then moving it back into a corner when I'm not. Found these on eBay for what seems like a great price compared to other hydraulic dolly's I've found that cost almost as much for one dolly. Anyone have any experience with these or have a better option? Thanks for any help!
  19. Here's a '71 Mach I for sale in Central Virginia http://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/3583403818.html
  20. Thanks guys, I have a line on a set from Dons65Stang but I'm assuming he has the fastback set and not the coupe. If that's the case I'm going to have a call into Don@OMS... Too many knowledgeable Don's on this site! :)
  21. Hey guys, I'm in the market for windshield trim for my 71 coupe and was curious if the fastback and coupe trim were different? Mustangs Unlimited has one for each with different part numbers but they're also made by different companies. Anyone know for sure? Thanks!
  22. Mine was a shifter bezel so I could tell what gear I was shifting into backing it in and out of the garage.
  23. Just parked my wife's Altima in the garage next to my coupe. The Altima is longer and sits higher. That kinda put it in perspective for me. ;)
  24. Yeah I'm going to take it all down to bare metal I think. It's been painted 4 times from what I can tell. Red, white, red, gray; so I've got a good amount to take off. And the paint is cracked on the other seam so I'm assuming I've got some rust on that side as well. What's the name of the epoxy primer you're using on your body? I started doing my apron with roller bar chassis paint but I don't want to use that on the body itself. So I'm just using a sandable primer. Just curious if I should be using something better. I'm not trying to paint the car myself just prep it to make it easier for a paint shop.
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