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  1. The P30 9mm is my main carry as well. I think it's a bit big for CC but my love-handle molds around it nicely. :) Also went in and picked up a Kel-Tec PF9 so I would have something a little smaller. The gun supplier I shop at had a good supply of 9mm rounds and I picked up another 500 rounds strictly to get a couple hundred rounds through the PF9 before I started CC it and to hoard the rest. Otherwise I've stopped going to the range because I don't want to get rid of the ammo.
  2. Mister 4x4, you give me hope for the future! haha I'm assuming you've have some shop knowledge. I may have to follow SM3570's and pay for the privilege myself! Or at least somewhere in between. Not going to let this car beat me though. So if they filled the roof to quarter seam with lead and some is left over I'm going to get lead dust in my garage? You guys do anything to combat that?
  3. Kurt, thank you so much. That was a great video to send my way! Complements to Qcode351mach as well! It gives me a little more hope that I can actually do this myself. I'm finding a lot more rust on this thing than I first thought... Speaking of more rust... Found this as well. I'm wondering if I have any metal at all from the side light down on the rear quarter... :(
  4. So I've start poking around some of the cracks in the paint on my car and I "unearthed" this gouge in the "C" pillar you can see in the picture. I had always thought this part of the sheet metal was one piece. But I can clearly see an overlap in the gouge. Any way to fix this other than just bondo it back over? Just worried it'll bubble up again in a couple years. I'm certainly not skilled enough to cut it out and replace it.
  5. I do graphic/multimedia/web and mobile design.
  6. '71 F code Coupe (Now an M code with a '70 351 4v)
  7. Thanks for the pictures guys. Unfortunately they weren't the one I had seen awhile back. Instead of driving myself crazy searching for it I just mocked it up in Photoshop real quick. :) It's not the coupe but I get a much better idea of what the color scheme would look like. Seriously thinking about doing this once I get the bodywork done since bright red was the cars original color. Anyway thanks again for helping me search!
  8. Yeah sorry, just meant that the body was red and the hood paint and stripes were white. Can't believe I still can't find that pic on here...
  9. I started mine for the first time in a month. Freshly charged battery and one pump if the gas. She started right up! Reinvigorates me every time I hear the engine purr.
  10. Hey guys, for once I'm not asking a noob mechanical question. :) Came across a picture on the site awhile back of a '71 or '72 red Mustang (coupe or convertible) with a NASA hood and Mach I stenciling in white. It also had white Mach I stripes down the side with no Mach I lettering. I spent all night last night trying to find it again but no luck! Has anyone come across the picture or know which thread it might be in? Thanks for any help!
  11. Oh man! Just bought some white Coil Spring straps off this guy on eBay! Really wish I had seen this thread first...
  12. Tn thanks for the vid. I was afraid to put a lot of force behind getting the inner bearing out of the old rotor and that showed me I pretty much had nothing to worry about. :)
  13. Thanks for the reply Don. I know I need to pack the bearing itself but what about between the inner and outer bearing on the shaft of the spindle? Do I need to coat that at all?
  14. So in doing a little more research These are the parts I think I need. Anyone who's changed/repacked bearings confirm this for me? Wheel Seal, Front, Wheel bearing, front (which looks to include the inner and outer bearing.) And I need a new dust cap. All the other parts can be reused. So assuming these are the correct parts; when installing how much grease should I put in? should I fill it up or just coat everything? Thanks again for any help!
  15. So I FINALLY starting putting the new rotor on a little while ago when I realized I actually need two bearing rings and a sleeve. Didn't know about the rear one. I thought maybe I could pry it out of the old rotor but that one seems to be sealed in with some sort of rubber insert. It looks like I need to pick up a new bearing seal kit but I can't seem to find one for the front; only the rear. Any of you guys know a part number for one of these kits? It's for front disc. Thanks for any help!
  16. Wow, nice pick up! Wish my "boss" would let me get more than one stang. Really had to justify the '71 coupe. Good luck with the SVO sale.
  17. Figure I would post a couple pics of my progress so far. Sanded and scraped the inside fender wall down and brushed on some rust-proofing. Sanded that a bit then went over it with some gloss black. Can't really see the detail too much in the pics below. But I think it looks pretty good so far. IT's my first time doing anything like this so I'm learning as I go! The before pic: With the rust proofing: All painted and test fitting the new suspension from Ohio Mustang. Went ahead and painted the spindle and caliper as well. I know you won't be able to see it once the tire is on but still think it looks cool: One more view of the suspension which I hope to finish installing this weekend:
  18. Rex, do they do this at Katie's Coffee year round? If so I may have to pull my butt out of bed and come take a look. Thanks for letting me know!
  19. Ok cool, I just wanted to be sure it wasn't something critical I should do. Thanks!
  20. Pulled out the original suspension on the drivers side and I'm putting in a new suspension kit right now. I was wondering if I should put something like loc tight on when I'm bolting everything back together? Being that this is the first time I've ever done this I want to be sure bolts and such don't back out. But since a lot of these have torque specifications I don't want to use it if it isn't needed. Thanks for any help/suggestions! Sorry, I posted this in the wrong section! I hate Monday... :s
  21. 1971 Fastback CJ It was posted a couple weeks ago so if someone posted on the forum already sorry for the repost. But thought some of you guys would be interested. It's way over my head for a restoration but I contacted the guy to see if I could get a copy of the Marti report. He doesn't really say why it's a 1 of 1 build... http://baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/3250712254.html
  22. Thanks for all the offers! ib4stangs got me all setup with a drivers door and a few other NOS parts. Gave me a great deal. Thanks Pat!
  23. Other side should be a lot easier! Famous last words I'm sure. :)
  24. Hahaha, only incredible if you have a place to store more than one Mustang. :D Thanks87fox. I got a rust free one lined up in MD. I appreciate your offer. If anything changes I'll let you know.
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