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  1. So it took the Pitman tool and a pickle fork working in unison with a couple whacks from the hand sledge before it popped out. Really screwed up the stud in the lower control arm in the process. But I have a new one I was going to put on anyway. Really hoping the passenger side won't be as bad when I get to it. Now I have a little more knowledge of what to do. Thanks again for all the suggestions!
  2. So I think part of my problem is I have the lower arm off the car. So I'm not able to leverage the pickle fork enough to get the force I need. I guess the first thing I should do is put the control arm back on the car to get that leverage back. I also tried using a pitman puller but I ended up screwing up the top of the thread. I'll reinstall sometime this weekend and try everyone's advice. Only thing I won't be able to do is heat it so I hope that won't be needed. Appreciate all the help! I'll let you guys know how it turns out.
  3. Looking for a drivers door for a '71 coupe. Anyone got one lying around?
  4. I've tried everything. Can't remove the spindle and caliper bracket from the lower control arm. Am I missing some sort of clip or anything besides the top nut?
  5. Don, I'm not sure. I'm assuming it's either a C4 or C6 auto. It was put into the car with the engine before I bought it and the previous owner didn't seem to know. I'm going to get under it and look for some numbers they may give me a clue this weekend. Thanks for all the responses!
  6. Yep that looks right. It's an auto and that cover looks like a perfect match for the hole I saw. Good, this makes me feel better knowing I probably just need to find a new cover. Anyone know how I would go about looking for this part? I'll still try and get a picture to put up this weekend. May help the next guy who's searching around with a similar question.
  7. Noticed this past weekend that I can see the fly wheel under the car. I just assumed I have the incorrect housing. But someone told me some are made this way or some have a "door" that easily allows someone to check the fly wheel. I don't know too much about this. I don't have a pic yet but will get one up as soon as possible. Oh and my understanding is this isn't the original tranny. It supposedly came out of a 70 fastback with the engine.
  8. I just recently had the same problem with mine. For me I found a not quite charged battery was the issue. It kept trying to start but in trying the solenoid heated up seizing the contact point. That made my starter continually spin even after taking the key out. So I let the battery charge fully overnight. Put it back in and gave the solenoid a whack with a hammer to make sure it still wasn't seized. Started right up on the first try with no issues. Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks RacerX... I really wish I had the know-how to do it myself. But this one is out of my league. I'm in the process of sanding and priming the front clip right now. Trying to decide if once I'm done with that send it over to a shop to repair it or just ignore it, do all the other stuff I planned on and have them fix it when it's ready to get a paint job. Decisions, decisions... :)
  10. Great, thanks guys. I certainly want to put it back in the correct place eventually.
  11. When I removed the glove box this fell on the floor. Anyone know where it's supposed to go?
  12. Does anyone have a guesstimate on what a cowl repair like this would cost? I'm trying to figure out if I have enough in the budget to get this done now. Sounds like the Mustang's are pretty notorious for rusted out cowls like this. So I was hoping someone else on the forum had already gone through this type of repair and could give some advice. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  13. Proud NRA member here and while I don't own a 1911 I do have an H&K P30, Stag Arms Model 2L AR-15 and my trusty Remington 870 Police special!
  14. Ok so here's how she looks right now anfter a Sunday pulling off the hood, grill and quarters. Click here for pictures of my 1971 Mustang Coupe Pulled the driver door off last night. Out of the 5 bolts holding the door to the body 4 sheared off. :-/ But the metal behind the hinges was pretty solid.
  15. Hey guys, just bought a 1971 Mustang Coupe. It's quite the project and I'm hoping I haven't bit off a little more than I can chew but I also think that's part of the fun. Its got a lot of rust but solid rails and a rebuilt 351w 4v from a '70 fastback. I'll get some pictures up once I have the front quarters and hood back on. Those came off this weekend to assess the rust situation a little better.
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