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  1. No spare parts unfortunately. Where do you work at? I work at the hangers (aviation).
  2. Unfortunately I just received orders from the Army to Virginia and the wife is not coming along with me. Thus I can't afford a place for the car at all and still be able to pay child support. So due to the crappy situation I am selling my baby. So here is the information I have been posting: http://clarksville.craigslist.org/cto/3953202889.html The main issues with the car is slight leak with tranny (yes I do drive it back and forth to work still 1-2 times a week). There is rust around the gas neck in the trunk, a softball size area behind the driver seat on the floorboard. Besides that the car is great. It needs interior kit, little body work, and a nice paint job (like all project cars). I personally bought the car over deployment for $2000 (super cheap price thanks to family friend). I have poured over $2800 into just parts on the car. The craigslist ad says 5500$ w/magnums and $4500 without, but for someone that would actually take care of the car and send pictures of their progress I could consider less. I truly want this thing to go to a nice home. I will be posting this thing on ebay as well. If anyone has a question feel free to ask. Thank you
  3. I appreciate all the great advice! I did a quick bleed again and it seemed the brake had a tad more pressure than before while running (crosses fingers). So I will take the advice and I will sit down and bleed the whole system over and over on each individual line and hopefully that works out. I need to take out my transmission today or tomorrow so I can replace the front pump o-ring/seal and the pan gasket/filter. Thank you all!
  4. Alright did a lot of redoing on most of my brake system in general (also...replaced vacuum line to intake and redid back brake adjustment). I have a semi different issue now. When car is off I have full brake pressure after maybe one to two pumps of the brake pedal. When I turn the car on...the pedal almost goes completely limp. I have to pump a good 5-10 times to get barely any pressure at all. If I stop pumping and give it like a 5 second break the pedal is almost completely limp again. I am lost but I am just going to google it a lot more. Hopefully someone knows that little trick of the trade that I have no clue about. Thank you all! (FYI I have not re bled the entire system again. Waiting on a friend to help me out in the next hour or so. Hopefully that will fix the issue?!?)
  5. When I completely bleeded the entire system the pedal felt exactly like it should. The pedal started applying pressure almost immediately. The next morning I got in and the pedal goes about 80% to the floor board then the last inch or so applies enough pressure to prevent the go from going. Is there a way to check the prop valve? or could I take it off and clean it up?
  6. Oh wonderful experienced people please share your wisdom with me. Alright...I have replaced the front (rotors, calipers, and pads), back (wheel cylinders and hardware), and the power booster/master cylinder. I bled the master cylinder and all the brakes last night and had correct brake pressure for the first time ever! (car was not running when I did all that) I woke up this morning and had no pressure again what so ever. There is no leak of brake fluid anywhere. The fluid levels in the master cylinder are the same. I am thinking that it might be a vacuum leak from the power booster to the intake? please help me out :)
  7. Hello everyone. My car has not been on the road since 1995. I just recently bought it and have been working on it. Currently, I finally fixed my fuel tank, lines, and carb issue. Now I have a transmission issue (c6). The shifting portion seems to work. The car goes into park just fine but everything else is like its in nuetral. All the linkage seems to work from the shifter all the way to the steering column. The fluid looks great. However I did notice that the fluid level is really high. What are your suggestions on what I could check? Thank you!
  8. Just finished replacing fuel tank and cleaning carb. As soon as the wife gets done today I am going to go get some fuel for the tank and reinstall the carb. Praying the car starts up. It will be the first time I hear it run personally *crosses fingers*
  9. Finally got my car in my possesion after a 15 hour roadtrip. So far yesterday I dropped the fuel tank, replaced wheels, and did an oil change. Next is putting new tank in, fixing loose automatic shifter, and deciding a solution for my carb issue. I got an old 625 Carter's carb on it. I am going to clean it and see how it runs soon. Should I replace it?
  10. Thank you all! I am leaning towards just polishing up the old 14" originals and slapping some new tires on them. I am going to look up on a tire calculator what I can possibly go. As far as exhaust sounds like I just need to pick some mufflers up and get a muffler shop to hook me up. I appreciate all the advice :)
  11. Found this a few days ago and thought it wasn't bad. http://clarksville.craigslist.org/ctd/3625836012.html And another lol http://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/3639468749.html
  12. Welcome from Ft. Campbell KY! ::welcome::
  13. Hey everyone, I should be leaving Afghanistan in a couple of weeks or less! I got a budget of around 3000-3500 for my 73 mach that I havent seen in person yet :). I am sure I will take a few pics and post them up. I already play on new rims/tires, exhaust, radio/speakers, fuel tank/lines, and anything the brakes need (probably almost completely new). Hopefully I can stay within my budget...if not the wife said I could maybe go over :D. I do have questions on the items I am wanting. Main one is I was trying to find a flowmaster exhaust setup for my car but couldnt find a setup already made for the 71-73 cars. Am I just being silly and looking in the wrong places? What have you guys done for an exhaust setup? I almost bought a set of 15x7 and 15x8 magnum 500 rims with 225x60 and 275x60 tires on them from CJPonies. Is that a good setup? I almost went with the original rims b/c I love them to death, but I think I am just going to keep them as a spare set since they are only 14". Any advice and opinions is much appreciated! Thank you :)
  14. Unfortunately I always have to exercise due to the Army. However, I hate running so most of the time I get my cardio from a rowing machine or bicycle machine. I do hit the weights everyday though. From what I have read an hour of working out, 5 or 6 tiny meals a day, and no junk (soda, lots of carbs, candy, etc. :() gets me through just fine for the Army. I have a knee issue as well and anytime I run 2 or 3 miles my knee is killing me. I take multi-vitamins and fish oil each day. Hopefully I keep this up for the next however many years lol.
  15. I am in the military and I love hearing stories like this. It hits home a little too much. Great post!
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