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  1. OK, Ive been back and forth on getting rid of these. I just dont have time, and I wont for years. (plus I just got a 69 that doesnt need work.) So I need the room. My plan was to restore the blue car. and use the motor out of the green car. but heres the scoop. call, text or email me. 440-725-4077, tonyklein725@gmail.com im in ohio, east of cleveland the Blue car is a 72 Mach 1 Q code, 112k miles, solid, strait car. needs floors, some apron work, and quarter work. the roof is really clean, the vinyl top is mint. good torque boxes, good shock towers, good frame. doors are good, will need some work.comes with complete interior. all glass is good. tail light area is good. the front end is all new, control arms, bushings, etc.etc. the green car is about the same, 72 H code Mach 1, 55k miles the aprons are clean outside of the battery area. good frame, floors are bad, there is rust here and there on it. it came from FL. mint truck lid. also comes with complete interior. tail light area is rusted. I have new floor pans, and new leaf springs kit. both cars have the bars on rear springs. (cant think what theyre called) the motor is the reason I bought the green car. its a built up 351c 4 bolt main 4v heads motor. runs good, its going to need so fine tuning. but its there. it has hooker headers, roller cam, crane rockers, brand new edlebrock 750, and intake. the motor also has a alternator, power steering pump, new oil pan. the motor has a top loader 4 speed, itll need some minor work, it was leaking out the tail shaft, and the linkage needs to be set. I have another toploader that will come with it. Ill take trades, like other mustangs like 5.0s, other hot rods, ford trucks, music gear, hunting gear, hell if you do windows and doors on houses let me know. or 7k takes it all. OBO if you got the time, its all here to make a strong 72 Q code Mach 1. only thing youll need is a mach-1 hood. also the there are the 73 mach 1 wheels on the blue car, and the green car has the dog dish wheel and mint hub caps. I will get better pics up tomorrow, having camera problems!
  2. thanks guys, Ill post pics tomorrow. going to pull it in the garage tomorrow.
  3. I picked up a parts car for 750. its everything I needed. from wheels to complete interior, hood, fenders, and as extra bonus a mint truck lid and good doors, and he just put a grand into a brand new front end. SCORE!!! I posted a while ago about my pregnant wife being sick, and in the hospital. she was in there for over a month, but thank god all is good! healthy new baby boy, and wife! and now all the parts I need!. just thought Id share.
  4. yeah, thats what Im doing, Ive been looking for deals on net for parts, with my christmas money, Im buying the hood and fenders. I get a day week to myself, thanks to my mom and dad! So thats the car day. 12-14 hours at a time.
  5. yeah, Ive been back and forth. Im thinking Ill keep it, I have a great space for it to sit. wife wants me to keep it, I took her to prom in a 69 mach 1 q code 428 scj.. talk about a car I should have never gotten rid of. fail. thanks for the words of wisdom guys.
  6. I dont know what to do, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on here.. I bought this 72 mach 1 a few months ago to restore it. Its my total dream car, 351c 4 bolt main 4v, toploader 4speed, fast back, etc etc. Knowing this is the last chance I'll have for a long long time to do something like this. I knew my wife was pregnant, but I'd still have 4-5 months to really get a jump start on it. my plan was to get everything done but the body, then after the kid was born I would slowly do the body. maybe get a few days a month to really work on it. Then it all changed when my wife went to the hospital about a month ago, and the DRs put her on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Im so glad everything is OK with her and the baby, dont get me wrong here. I just dont know what to do from here. If I should sell it, or should it just sit here for years. it makes my sick to just let it sit here for ever. Now its just stressing me out. I sold my 04 f-150 to fund this, but with all the medical bills piling up now, Im broke! so I have my dream car, but I have no time and no money do put into it. Dont know what to do here.
  7. mrt

    Gas in oil?

    Ill keep u updated about the car. Pregnant wife is in the hospital. All is OK now, but she'll be in for while,
  8. mrt

    Gas in oil?

    I got a edelbrock intake and 750 carb. Brand new. I'll finish putingbit together tomorrow.. See what happens. It would have been done today if I didn't have to go back up to summit racing to get the right manifold gaskets.
  9. mrt

    Gas in oil?

    ah! never even thought of that.
  10. Ok, so I bought this 72 Mach 1. 351c 4v heads. The motor has been built with a cam, headers, a giant weiand tunnel ram dual holly 600s. car sat for 20 years, I put in all the basic stuff to get it running. Fuel pump, water pump, new plugs wires, oil etc etc. And I checked the compression, all 8 checks were between 140-150 psi. So what gives here? What else could it be? I just bought a edelbrock intake and carb for it, and ripped off the weiand. Just don't know what to do here. If I should put the new intake in, change the oil again. Hope for the best, or should I just pull the motor and rip it down and see what's going on. Let me what u think. Thanks.
  11. cool, thanks. no luck on CL.
  12. I need fenders on my 72 mach1. wheres a good place to get them?
  13. yes brother, you want to buy it. lol thanks again for all the info. cool site.
  14. it has 3 levers, so it is a 4 speed. wheres first gear? is it low left? or next to reverse, upper left? Ive never had a 4 speed? thanks for the help!
  15. Hey, new here. I just picked up a 72 Mach1 2 days ago, the body and pans are rough. But a very solid car. All the rockers are clean, shock towers are like new. the front half of the car is good. the trunk is a mess. But Ill replace all the sheet metal on the car. and itll spend a lot of time being sand blasted. the guy I bought it from had it running with putting gas in the carb, The motor sounded great, So thats the main reason I bought it. I put a new water pump, fuel pump, plugs, wires, brakes. etc etc. and it runs great! drove it for about 30 minutes then got pulled over by the cops. gave me a seat belt ticket. the motor has had a lot of work done to it, cam, intake, carbs, headers, etc etc. plus the car only has 52k miles on it. its a 351c 4 barrel head, 4 bolt main. Ill be putting the original intake and carb back on. The tranny Im having problems with.. I dont even know what it is? he said its a top loader 4 speed. But Im having a hard time finding first gear? I dont know. Ive never messed around with a toploader b4. It may be a 3 speed. he gave me 2 other trannys with it, he said all 3 were 4 speeds top loaders. IDK? anf info would be great. but its going to be a fun project. glad I found these forums. I just took a ton of pics. but this is the drive home.
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