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  1. You but can you find motor mounts to fit it?...........
  2. After 2 trips, I bought everything for myself except the sound mat and the rear window rails. Thats all thats left an she may have transferred with her husband by now.
  3. Yes, other than the 1st quarter it was an awesome game. They (Seahawks) will need to be better than they were today next week!!...
  4. Welcome from the PNW. Enjoy the site. This is a great group of guys & gals with a tremendous information base. You wont find a more knowledgeable group of people on 71-73 Mustangs and Mustangs in general.
  5. Agreed. Mine have come from many years of collecting and building. All legally owned, but you are correct.
  6. Steve, great information thanks for sharing that.
  7. Don, Love the M1's. Someday I want to do an M1 SAGE EBR. All my Army buddies swear by their M1's. I have shot a few and they are very nice. I do not yet own one, but its on the list for sure.
  8. Lucky you, I need to find one here in Washington State. If anyone has a lead send them my way.
  9. Welcome aboard from Washington State. Nice ride by the way.
  10. Wow, what a great bunch of shooters we have in this community. Hyena, as soon as the weather breaks (spring) I might have to take you up on a shoot. And also a very nice collection yourself there. Matrix the only thing that I shoot that puts a hurting on me is the short barrel 12guage with 00 buckshot. 5 or 6 or those quickly will give you a bit of a sore shoulder.. LOL, but in a good way. Sometimes I slip 00 buck shells in the tube for some of my shooting buddies after we've been shooting target loads. funny to see and hear what they say when they are finished. usually something like wow what was that ? Good days at the range.
  11. The seats in my car are in fantastic shape, and I have all the new covers ready to go. But now you have me thinking if I'm doing this I should buy new foam as well. How pricey was the foam cushions?
  12. I really get a kick out shooting Mosin's, they make such a loud bang and put out a nice cloud, It gets everyone's attention. And as for the AR's yea they are tons of fun. AK are fun also. I am lucky enough to have a friend with 5.5+ acres of land they are currently not using out in the country side. They have a trailer on the property and have setup a couple shooting ranges and we can shoot pretty much anything we want as long as we clean up when done. I practice shooting everything from 22's, 17hmr, all the way up to .308 and shotguns. I no longer go hunting so for me its sporting pleasure, keeping in practice and for self defense at home. I also do conceal carry - but not 100% o of the time. Actually I think I have the most fun when I take someone that has never shot, or a child to the Range and let them shoot for the first time. Safety first I usually go over all the gun/range safety rules on the drive to the range. I have never been disappointed
  13. Thanks, since I retired I have a couple hobbies that I resumed from before my Navy career. Luckily I found a woman who enjoys shooting as well and that helps. Plus not only do I buy AR's & Ak's but I like to Build and modify them till I get them just the way I like em. Makes different from everyone else.
  14. Whats it take to earn the Forum Shooter?... I've been known to shoot weekly in the summer. Here's my primary pool of my favorite shooters.
  15. Coming to the U.S. anytime soon...... I have a set just like that in Black I can provide the Beer and watch... LOL. Great job, did you do the rear seats as well?
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