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  1. One problem down many more to go now replacing ignition sw. with N.O.S. aftermarket one was a P.O.S.
  2. Hey Guys Happy New Year Year in review I had a very busy first 6 mo. Me and my son spent the first 4 mo. doing 20 hr. days getting my 71 vert ready for the 50th in Charlett it made it there running good enough to drive it around the grounds but it was far from roadworthy When I got back I took 2 mo. off and barely touched the vert the rest of the year was filled with family things but now with a new year I am thinking of getting back to the shop and get to building again.
  3. Hello Bojo The only thing i see is maybe to check the cam bearing clerance i dought anything is wrong but i would just want to get that out of mix seeing the problems you have had
  4. Hello Jbojo glad to hear you got a handle on your oiling problem and sorry that you missed the 50th I did make it to my 50th in Charlotte and it was a pertty good show but for the rain all day saturday i had to tow my 71 vert as it wasnt road ready yet me and my son worked on it up to the time i was putting it on the trailer and i did not get the front end alinged it had 4 mi on when i left
  5. sorry for all your problems i cant belive what you are going tru makes me afraid to fire mine up whitch i am hoping to do tonight
  6. Hi all i am building a 351c and had a question on a hole in the rear main in the pic teh center hole seems that it might have had some kind of restrictor in it or is that normal for the hole to be that deep sorry for pics have beem trying tiny pic and it does not seem to insert into post Thanks for any help Richard
  7. Very nice are you trying to have it done for the 50th party if so whitch one are you going to?
  8. Sir do you still have the tail light wiring asembly?
  9. Hi All Does anyone know if it makes a differance on the full size console if it goes into a auto or 4sp tring to buy one on e-bay and seller dont know? thanks[/size][/font]
  10. Looks good and you even have some 4 legged helpers
  11. nice work i like the smoooth look to just dont have the time for it i have a question was this a manual drum brake car if so on the firewall where the power booster sits they use a adaptor plate to make it a manual brake car do you know if that plate goes on the inside or outside mine came to me in a baskett thanks for any help
  12. Hello JBOJO Nice eng work what are you using for headers and did you get any replys about reenforceing the hood for the twist locks
  13. Nic work on thoes twist hood locks the only one i have seen up close the hood metal around it seemed very flimsy and should have reinforced there but maybe that was just a bad example
  14. Lets try this again I seem to have a problem putting pics on messeges using the tinypic plugin it downloads them but does not insert them into the post so i will try againg to put pics of my dash
  15. Hello All sorry for the late reply the dash has the three gauges in the center here is pics of the dash and wiring
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