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  1. I am thinking of converting my 72 taillights to LED sequential. Also want to convert my parking lights to LED bulbs. Any thoughts on this or recommendations on good brands? Also reading where I have to convert my flasher unit if I use LED's. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. What color is that? It's awesome! I am getting ready to paint my 72.
  3. I know that this is a really subjective question but I thought that I'd ask. I am getting closer to having my car ready for paint. One side of me says to keep the original red but to paint it a red color that really stands out. Maybe a newer Mustang or Shelby red? The other side says to paint it a non original color or maybe Grabber blue or something?
  4. I really need a hood latch support for my 72 Convertible. Mine has been welded and looks terrible. I cannot find one anywhere.
  5. My 72 convertible needs pans front to under the back seat. I need your advice. Several questions: 1. Are full or partial pans the best way to go? 2. If you buy full pans, will they reach all the way back under the rear seats? 3. Who makes the best pans? 4. Do you have to take the dash out for full pans? 5. What do you recommend for sound deadener etc? 6. Any good YouTube videos or tutorials that you recommend?
  6. That's a great feeling, congratulations! Last Summer I fired mine up after about the same time frame. It's quite an exhilarating feeling to hear the old engine come to life!
  7. I would like to patronize one of our sponsors or members when I buy my tire and rim package for my 72. I am looking at Magnum 500's or Torque Thrusts with BF Goodrich raised white letters or comparable. Any suggestions on a vendor and brand names that are best?

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