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  1. Anybody bought these or have opinions on this tire?
  2. I want to buy 236/60/15 raised white letter tires for my 72 Vert. Are Cooper and BF Goodrich the only one making this size tire?
  3. That sounds like a good suggestion. I do like the look of The Coopers paired with The Magnums. What company do you recommend for The Magnums? Anybody on our site? Also, what other spacing or measurements do I need to know for the rims?
  4. Any particular advice on where to buy the Magnums and what manufacturer is the best?
  5. Thank you! Suggestions on where to buy Coopers and Magnums?
  6. Thank you! Suggestions on where to buy Coopers and Magnums?
  7. I appreciate your advice. Who do you recommend for the tires and wheels?
  8. My 72 Vert is coming along! I am finally almost ready to buy Rims and tires. I have narrowed it down to The Magnum 500's and Cragar SS. I would like to do 15 inch rims. I would like your opinions on these two rims, what size tires will fit and look best and what do you recommend for raised white letter tires. Let me know the best place to purchase rims and tires.
  9. What is a good option for a stereo system for my 72 Convertible? I want to modernize with Bluetooth capability and be able to hear the music when the top is down. The interior is totally stripped, so it's easy to get to everything.
  10. Thanks for the great info. I bought the Elite series of everything. Can't wait to see how they look when The Stang is done. Body work is done and very close to having it painted.
  11. I just bought Led's from Bill today. Everything for dash and interior and all exterior lights. He was super knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend him, he knows his stuff!
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