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  1. My 72 convertible needs pans front to under the back seat. I need your advice. Several questions: 1. Are full or partial pans the best way to go? 2. If you buy full pans, will they reach all the way back under the rear seats? 3. Who makes the best pans? 4. Do you have to take the dash out for full pans? 5. What do you recommend for sound deadener etc? 6. Any good YouTube videos or tutorials that you recommend?
  2. That's a great feeling, congratulations! Last Summer I fired mine up after about the same time frame. It's quite an exhilarating feeling to hear the old engine come to life!
  3. I would like to patronize one of our sponsors or members when I buy my tire and rim package for my 72. I am looking at Magnum 500's or Torque Thrusts with BF Goodrich raised white letters or comparable. Any suggestions on a vendor and brand names that are best?
  4. It has been forever since I removed the headlights and trim pieces, the hood latch and hood support bracket and the grill. I have repainted all and will buy a new grill. Any pictures that you have of this area or diagrams or advice on where to find the reassembly info would be appreciated!
  5. I had to buy a new wiper motor. It has been so long since I removed it. Any installation diagrams or videos would be helpful to reinstall it. Also, I have removed the original pigtail from the old motor. It looks like the connection from the motor to the feed was soldered and shrink wrapped together. Was this the factory way to connect? Also, what is the factory color to paint the mounting plate? .
  6. Does anyone know a honest and reputable shop or person in Arkansas that can do floor pans on my 72 Vert???
  7. I would like suggestions on tires and rims for my 1972 Convertible. I personally like The Magnum rims and BF Goodrich tire packages but I am open to suggestions. My budget is $1,500 or less. Questions: 1. What is the best quality Magnum package? 2. What other wheel and tire combinations do you like? 3. Is it better to order tires and rims separately and have a local shop balance and mount them? 4. What tire sizes look best for front and back?
  8. Thanks everyone. Did what ya'll said and it started within 2 minutes!
  9. I am an idiot! Time got away from me and I have not started the 72 (302 engine) in 2 Years. The engine was running fine. No problems at all, I would like suggestions on what to do before I start it again. I have pulled the plugs and have put Marvel Oil down the holes to start. John Marston
  10. I like the Magnum 500's, I want to purchase a tire and rim package. I have found at least 3 companies making them. Any thought or comments on the following companies? Wheel Uniques, Legendary or Dynacorn. Or do you prefer Cragars?????
  11. I am missing my trunk light. I see several on EBAY etc. Does anyone know the correct Ford number? Anyone have one in good shape with harness included? 1972 Convertible.
  12. I am getting ready to do the "fun" Heater Core replacement in my 72 vert. Anybody know where I can find the 1972 heater core rebuild kit wih AC? I am finding kits for older models, not the 72.
  13. I have to pay someone to install a new heater core and replace all the gaskets etc. Does anyone know a person here in Arkansas to do this? I know this varies, but does anyone have a ballpark figure for someone to install a new heater core??
  14. I am starting to do the underside part of my project. I wish I had a lift but will have to make do with my heavy duty floor jack and purchasing ramps. I would like advice on the best ramps to buy. Metal or plastic??? Low approach ones? Brands and where to get them would be great!!!!
  15. I ordered new transmission cooler lines for my Stang and they are way, way off on the bends. I thought I had a C4 transmission but maybe I messed up or maybe I was sent the wrong ones. Here is my data plate info below, transmission is "X": 1972 Mustang data.pdf
  16. Just bought a new radiator for the 72 Stang. Need to fill it up. Should I mix 50/50 for the hot Summer coming up in Arkansas? Do you recommend a particular brand?
  17. Just got the 302 engine up and running. It has a hotter cam, higher rise intake, 4 barrel Edelbrock, heavier duty oil pump and water pump, roller gear and timing chain. Rest of the engine is stock. Do I need to add octane boost or lead additive with every tank??? Should I run non ethanol gas?
  18. I hooked my power steering hoses back up. How do I bleed the system??? Steering is way to easy now and I did not realize the system needs to be bled like the brakes.
  19. Here is some encouragement. The situation is never hopeless. Take a look at my engine when my sister handed over the car to me! And lots of hours later, with great help from my Mustang Forum friends! Here is the body. I am sure I will be asking lots of stupid body work questions in the upcoming month's! Keep moving forward!
  20. I just hooked up my power steering hoses and filled up the reservoir. It seems overly easy to turn the steering wheel. There is very little resistance when I turn the steering wheel. It works OK but just does not seem right. Any suggestions???
  21. Do you know what color the headlight rings were on a 1972 302? Not the chrome ring (obviously) but the other ring. Mine look to be between a slop grey and argent. I have both paints in a can.
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