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  1. You were a big help on the choke tube, thank you! Do you have any pictures of the Heater hose routing? I have the one from the intake to the valve to the firewall figured out. I would like to know where the one from the water pump to the firewall goes. Does it just follow the other one???
  2. Nice Ride! I am originally from Phoenix, going back for Christmas, take care!
  3. Thank you. Any advice on purchasing a good starter solenoid???? I bought mine from Virginia Mustang.
  4. I like breaking things into tasks too. I set goals for myself such as 1. redoing the fuel system by October 2012. 2 Rebuilding the engine by March 2013 3. New brake system and tires by May 2013. 4. All mechanical and electrical operational by June 2013 5. body work and ready to paint by September 2013 etc... I just started my project 2 months ago. I was sick of my 1972 Convertible rotting away in the garage. I started out with the fuel system, cleaning and resealing the tank, new sender unit etc. That project turned out so well that it really motivated me. Next, I turned to the wiring and electrical system to the engine. It was so much fun to install new plugs and change the oil and pour over the catalogs to order new parts such as Voltage Regulators and Radiator Hoses etc. I have now replaced the plugs and wires, installed a Petronix Ignition and Coil, replaced all of the hoses and vacuum lines. I had to do a lot of detective work with the help of this Forum. My car was missing all of the vacumm line and rats had chewed a lot of the engine wiring. 2 days ago, we cranked my car for the first time in 5 years! It was a beautiful sound even though it did not kick over. It almost started today, hopefully just a minor detail before it fires up. Good luck on your project!
  5. Trying to start my 1972, 302-2v, automatic after 5 years in the garage. I have done all of the necessary things, new wiring, plugs, new oil, filters, new belts etc.. I also have a new Petronix electronic ignition and flamethrower coil installed. My engine cranks great, sounds real strong and almost cranks, but then I hear a noise in the Starter Solenoid area and then something sticks and I cannot turn off the car. The car keeps cranking. I turn off the ignition switch and the car keeps on cranking, I have to pull the battery cable to stop the engine from cranking. I installed a new Starter Solenoid and then reinstalled my old one. The problem persists with both of them.
  6. Great, I found it and it does not have anything connected to it, that's where it goes! Many thanks!!!
  7. Just got a new hot water valve for my 72, 302-2v, with air. Has an arrow on it, does the arrow go towards the firewall or away?? Also, where do you run the vacuum line to. I have an opening on the back of the carb????
  8. Thanks a lot! There is a arrow on the value, does it go toward the firewall or away? Also, there is a vacuum port, does this draw vacuum from the back of the carb??? I have a empty port on the back.
  9. Have a red 1972 vert, just rustproofed it with black KBS coating. What is original? Painting the trunk to match the car or splatter paint?
  10. I still throw up everytime I see a Mustang II!!!!!
  11. I don't know if I am using the correct terms, but I need the little clip that attaches the Accelerator linkage to the carb. Most of the catalogs have them for only earlier models. 72 vert, auto, 302-2v with air.
  12. That looks like it would work. What in the world would you call it???
  13. Thank you! We have huge rats here in Central Arkansas, love to eat wires and air conditioning hoses!
  14. Do you know where I can find a wiring feed from the the front of the car to the tailights for a 72 Convert, 302-2v, Auto with air??? Darn rats got to it just under the rear drivers side panel.
  15. Where can I find the "S" shaped hose from the firewall to the heater control valve? Also need the heater control valve for my 1972 Vert, 302-2v with factory air, automatic.
  16. Thanx for the help!!!! Thank you so much! Do you know where I can get that tinfoil hose and clip for the air cleaner??? Thank you so much! Do you know where I can get that tinfoil hose and clip for the air cleaner??? Look here for the hose http://www.npdlink.com/store/products/hose_assy_fuel_vapor_canister_3_4_inch-147118-0.html The clip will have to be a used part as far as I know. Chuck Big help!!!!
  17. We took off the factory air on my 72, 302-2V, automatic so that we can get to the rest of the engine better while we rebuild the 302. Since the factory air brackets are now removed, there is a huge space where one of the bolts from the power steering pump bolts into the front of the engine. We rigged it up with washers right now to close the space, looks like crud!!! Ford must have made a spacer or something for cars without factory air. Please help!
  18. Do you know where to buy the check valve????
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