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  1. I'm running an MSD mounted to a bracket inside the car above the glove box. I prefer to keep it away from engine heat. To clean up the wiring I used a split mesh from Alextech on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Alex-Tech-10ft-Protector-Sleeving/dp/B07FW3GTXB?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1 It comes in many sizes with different lengths
  2. Man, after all this great advice I may need to finally fasten the console in my car this winter!
  3. What are you comparing it to? The C6 takes quite a bit of power to drive, the likely 3.00:1 gear ratio will make it feel sluggish, carb tuning can play a big role as well as cam timing. I always start with asking what is your realistic plan for the car? Cruise nights, Road trips, Track days, Drag racing? This will make the biggest impact on how you refine the car. If you plan road trips you do not want a 4.11:1 rear gear with a C6. Start with your goal in mind and make changes from there. There is a ton of amazing advice on this site and we'll try not to steer you wrong.
  4. The one other thing you need to be certain of is how the converter fits into the front pump. If the offset on the flexplate is wrong it can affect how deep the converter sits.
  5. Back in the day we used windshield caulk to seal the tub to the quarter panel. Nice work BTW...
  6. I gotta confess... the console in my car has just been in there sitting loose for over 20 years. It was loose when I got the car. It's just never been high on the todo list. 🤣
  7. That would be a personal choice, I think I prefer the argent.
  8. I'm counter to the current consensus, I think your plan would look great. I'd say argent stripes and no to the rockers or the hockey sticks the dark lower body makes the car look visually higher and pencil thin. I also think it makes the car look too busy. IMO white with silver looks great and then a vermillion interior... FANTASTIC!! Black on a bright white would be too stark of a contrast.
  9. Welcome to the group from west Michigan.
  10. In my experience, header bolts continually loosen and gaskets fail. They need continual maintenance if you want them to look nice. I've never had a set of manifolds rust through.
  11. It depends on what your preferred use for the car is. I drive mine a ton and don't want the added heat, maintenance and noise of a header so it's manifolds for me. I'm also not sure how much benefit off the shelf headers are when coupled with a full exhaust system that has any level of sound control. Sound control tends to equal back pressure. Headers will undoubtedly make power when well designed and free to flow, to get the best performance they need to be custom made to suit your combination and chassis.
  12. I stayed with the glass window when I replaced my top.
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