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  1. If it's so lean the carb cannot be adjusted to compensate i'd recommend checking for vacuum leaks first. That said I did have to change idle air bleeds and fuel restrictors to take fuel away from the idle circuit as it was way too rich. What carburetor do you have?
  2. Super sweet ride! Welcome from west Michigan! I hope you like it here. Those are some cool lookin' cruising buddies you have there!
  3. Kind of look at it like an archeological dig. Document what you have and what you don't know for sure. Over time the picture will become clearer. I've had my car 22 years and am still discovering "new" things as I go. It's good to see things from your perspective, I will need to put a log book together to document all the modifications I've made or the next person will be totally lost. It's quite an amalgam of parts. LOL!!
  4. If you use a compressor, use very low air pressure and clear passages from the smallest end to the largest. You don't want to jam debris in passages.
  5. That's an old wives tale. Synthetic will not cause leaks. If an engine is already leaking what's difference?
  6. Welcome from west Michigan! I think you've found the best group of Mustang enthusiasts on the web.
  7. I'm with Mike... Yellow all the way!
  8. droptop73

    Dream Cruise

    I'd be interested in meeting and cruising with some from the site. It's only a couple hour drive from GR.
  9. Welcome from west Michigan!
  10. I put some sound deadener on the inner side of the doors. There was a terrible buzz from the speakers when it was loud enough to hear with the top down. Much better now.
  11. The factory gauges mount to the rear of the panel and are proprietary. The holes for the gages in the factory panel are not round. I modified a reproduction panel to fit a trio of VDO instruments. I can take a pic and post it in a bit.
  12. What carb do you have? Is there a sintered bronze filter at the carb inlet? Maybe that's plugged.
  13. Here's a concept I like that was posted years ago by a member here. It kinds looks like an early 70's T-bird taillight. I'm sure it would have to be custom. I like the rear "spoiler" treatment too. I think this concept would look great as a convertible.
  14. Garage owner killer!

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