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  1. I got the hood off and am continuing the disassembly. Gonna work on pulling the remainder of the dash to get at the wiring.
  2. Good luck with your project! There's nothing wrong with Yellow IMO... LOL!!
  3. Welcome from west Michigan. Good to see more convertibles!!
  4. I found the plugs. There was a 2 pin and a 4 pin right at the bottom of the "A" pillar. Thanks again!
  5. Is that one a single din with a double face or an actual double?
  6. I started pulling the old harness out over the weekend with the rear section. I am at the point where I'm pulling the harness through the "B" pillar area and there is not enough room to feed the harness through. Is there a connection for the tail harness somewhere underdash or was this assembled after the wires were pulled to the rear? I'd rather not make unnecessary cuts to the original harness.
  7. I pulled the exhaust off, removed the clutch linkage, pulled out some of the wring and dropped the driveshaft over the weekend. It doesn't seem like much but 20 - 30 times under the car and back out wears on an old man! LOL!!
  8. I'm glad to hear new progress will be made on your build.
  9. Welcome from west Michigan! Hey, I think I know you from the track.
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