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  1. I have the repop moldings on my car. They seemed to fit pretty good to me with a little massaging around the body lines. Use the factory holes for installation. They are barely visible from this angle.
  2. Welcome back Scott! I'm glad to see you back into getting the car finished. Having seen your other garage it's hard to believe this one is smaller! LOL!!!
  3. Well... last weekend I ran the power wires for the fusebox and the MSD. I moved the start relay to below the charcoal can to hide it a bit, gotta make a hole for the battery cable yet. . The engine harness is pulled through the firewall and is waiting for the engine to get dropped back in before cutting the wires to length. On to wiring up the column and interior switches.
  4. I'm working toward getting mine back together by June 1, I better get my butt in gear!
  5. WOW, that car will be better than new when it's complete! Very nice work!
  6. That's some real nice progress Tim! It should be on the road soon.
  7. I swapped the 73 front bumper for the 71-72 chrome bumper and used the 71-72 fenders and valance. The earlier valance has mounting for the turn signals. I'm sure the early turn signal housings could be adapted to the 73 with some effort.
  8. No need for any apologies here! This has changed the direction of my build. I went with the relay kit, Hella globes and LED lights. I am very impressed with the results shown in this thread. I don't have power to my lights yet as I'm in the midst of rewiring the car as well. I like the classic look of the Hella globes and LED headlights were in the plan eventually. I also decided to use the 71-72 under bumper turn signals and convert the lights in my 73 grille to running lights just to be different LOL...
  9. I finished up the front lighting between other chores and watching 2 young grandsons over the weekend. I went out with some gearhead friends on Friday evening and while talking I decided to wire the 73 turn signals as running lights. I have the 71-72 turn signals below the bumper so why not? There was a keyed hot wire in the harness for an electric fan I'm not using so... there ya go. The side markers are wired to flash with the turn signals. I installed a relay harness for the headlights and used the Hella globes and LED lights discussed in my headlight relay thread. There's no power yet so I
  10. Welcome from west Michigan! Best wishes on your project. I think the best way to keep interest up in a project is to do like you plan. Get it running and driving, make it safe, and add upgrades as you go. I like tinkering on mine but it's WAY more fun to drive!
  11. As a convertible owner, I like that you sit IN the car rather than ON it. The driving, handling and braking on our cars is MUCH better than the earlier cars. I agree the mirrors are not terribly functional but they do look good. They are a bit challenging for long legged people. I've taken care of the seating position but the mirrors I'll live with. Overall it's my most comfortable pair of old shoes!
  12. WOW, that looks great! It is truly a blessing to have access to such an amazing facility and expertise. Again, THANKS FRANK!!
  13. Please keep hijacking this thread. This is all great information and has changed my planned direction significantly!
  14. I'm interested. Mine were painted yellow at some time on one of the repaints. I'll send a PM
  15. Pretty sweet! That's a real well laid out rear suspension. It's gonna be difficult to route the tailpipes though! LOL!!
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