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  1. Welcome from west Michigan. We usually try to keep the riff raff out but we can make an exception! LOL!!
  2. Welcome from west Michigan. I'm glad you like the place, we're happy you chose to join us.
  3. Welcome from west Michigan and another convertible guy!
  4. My motto in the shop is "no job is finished until there's bloodshed". LOL!!
  5. Very cool work. Did they add the plate to the lower end of the idler back in the day?
  6. I completely understand, I built dies, gages and fixtures for over 25 years. Typically I agree on 1 part but with stack up things can go quite a ways. If the parts in question are not off by more than 1/4" i'd be surprised. Back then net surfaces were 1/8"... LOL! We also scaled mylars for most "fresh air fit" dimensions. Back in the 70s hand drawn parts were a quite bit more loosey - goosey than in more recent cad designed part days. Today a designer thinks if he can design it to 5 or 6 decimal places the part can be built that tight. I started my diemaking apprenticeship well before cad and
  7. Plus or minus a half inch was pretty normal back then. If it fits... send it!
  8. Sorry, no more sets. One was enough for me... LOL!
  9. It sounds like our car goals are pretty similar. I drive my car a ton and frequently am 100 - 200 or more miles from home. If it were to break something on a road trip I'd rather go to the local NAPA to grab the parts to fix it rather than wait 2 to 3 days for an aftermarket part to arrive. The plan is to use the MustangSteve brackets and 2014 or so Mustang GT rotors and calipers. Those cars are a bit heavier and the brakes are a bunch bigger. The wilwood set may be slightly better than stock 73 stuff but I don't think they would accomplish what you want. Pad options for our cars is getting pr
  10. I made my own as well out of 1-1/2" DOM tubing. I went with a design similar to the Global West and added "loops" that tied into the convertible brace in the middle of the car. They weld at 2 places on the front sub and 2 places in the rear then both bolt and weld to the convertible brace. It's hard to see but the rear wraps around the rear frame rail bend about 6".
  11. I would have to agree, compared to modern performance car spindles both disc and drum spindles look kinda light duty. I don't see a stock suspension 71-73 pulling 1g on turns either. If that was the goal it would require way better parts all around. I'm no engineer though. ;-)
  12. That's the set-up I plan on going with. I picked up a set of drum brake spindles from a guy parting a car out.
  13. When I use Internet Explorer the background is white and there are minimal functions. I cannot reply to any post. Using chrome it looks normal. Do I need to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the stone age... AGAIN????
  14. Thanks for sharing the additional photos. They confirmed what I was thinking. The braces are something I want to do to my convertible. They can use all the help they can get!

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