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  1. Nice work!! I installed a repop hood and front trim. The hood was bowed and about 1/4" high in the front third. Since it was painted I was hesitant to try to straighten it but went for it. I placed a piece of 2x4 on end on the bumper bracket going up to the hood with a shop rag on top. I marked the hood at it's worst points and then started massaging it by just pressing down by hand. I was able to take the vast majority of the excess arch out of the hood. That said, my understanding the seams are folded over the inner and spot welded on original hoods and just folded over the inner on th
  2. More cleaning and more painting... that's gonna be my life for a while. Gotta get stuff ready for pulling wire.
  3. That sounds like a great time. It shouldn't be in conflict with Power Tour but they may piggyback.
  4. Like David said, use the FAST rule... Fuel, Air, Spark, Timing. Be systematic in your diagnosis.
  5. Hi Chris, I've been cleaning with Super Clean with rags and brushes. I did blast some parts years ago but would not blast the latch mechanism.
  6. I sure hope so! LOL!! I plan to start adding back in the A/C components too as that is a priority to get functioning again.
  7. I used the reproduction wheel moldings and am satisfied with them. Some slight massaging and they would fit perfect. I got mine from CJ's.
  8. Thanks Tim, I'm just cleaning up and re-sealing what's there. It's a mild 2v engine with a little head work and a Comp 268H cam. The plan is to paint it the same color as the trans and bell housing. I have a performer intake and some polished motorsports valve covers to dress it up a bit. The water pump did not clean up very well so it's getting painted too.
  9. Yeah... some really nice short shorts...
  10. Here's the reason for the new harness (well that and some coming upgrades). I pulled the dash assembly and have all of the main harness out.
  11. I spent most of my nearly 2 week break cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more. I got the bell housing and transmission painted and the engine ready to paint. The wiring harness has been pulled.
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