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  1. Well, to be frank, I didn't really want a Mustang in the first place. I wanted a 68-69 LeMans convertible. As an effort to get my ex to at least tolerate my car addiction we went in search of a Mustang since she claimed to like them. FYI, previously I had a pro street 64 GTO that she HATED!!!! and honestly I got very tired of. If I hadn't followed the "trend" and cut it up I'd probably still have it. After a bit of a search I found the 73 and started getting things straightened out and drivable. Guess what... she didn't like the Mustang either. Over the years I've made the changes that transformed the car into what I wanted and like. Would I buy it again, most likely not, but at this point I love it and it's not going anywhere. It is my most comfortable pair of old shoes. When I go out for a ride, I'm in my happy place. The plans I have for continued upgrades I would plan on for whatever car I had. Besides I'm getting too old to plan and build another car... I've been with this one for 23 years now.
  2. It would be fairly simple to repair those. It looks like all straight bends.
  3. Welcome from west Michigan! Before you go wild buying parts, what do you really want to do with the car? There's no sense in building a 500 horse engine to drive to the Whippy Dip on Saturday nights. These can be great road cars (mine is) and handle real well with just a few inexpensive mods.
  4. Welcome from west Michigan! Ditto the above...
  5. I only have the issue in 5th after a long period of driving. In my case I think it's more the weight of the T handle, the shape of the lever and vibration. I am using a leather boot that places no pressure on the shifter. I am currently running a modified Hurst shifter but an MGW is on my list of things to do.
  6. I'm glad to hear your getting settled in and gainfully employed. Now... BACK TO WORK!! LOL!
  7. Welcome from another convertible guy!
  8. Welcome from west Michigan! Nice car, we have a few members in Wisconsin.
  9. It was great to meet you Tony and I'm sorry I missed Kilgon. With the heat like it was I wanted to limit the amount of time my dad and I spent at the shows. I don't have the great photos or details but it was a great time.
  10. I usually put 8 to 10k miles on a year this year is WAY down since I didn't get it going until mid July. My favorite cruise in is a 110 mile round trip, I love road trips. I built it to drive anywhere anytime. Like Tony, no winter driving here, in Michigan their idea of snow removal is to dump salt on it, no plowing, just salt... The convertible is my favorite old pair of shoes.
  11. I pack a decent array of tools along with a small floor jack and a folding jack stand a small pop-up and the necessities. You know, a cooler with snacks and beverages...
  12. I made mine from a hunk of 1/2" aluminum. I just cut away everything that didn't look like a shifter lever.
  13. Just getting the car ready for Power Tour. Mechanically it's as good as it's gonna get. Brakes are bled and it's stopping good, gas gauge is working, I want to re-wire the tach and get a couple of power ports working. Beside that it's just clean it up, pack some tools and gear then pick up my dad and hit the road.
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