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  1. Back in the day we used the bronze Hurst shifter bushings. These are steel and a whole bunch more than you need. I thought I bought them in singles but that may have been just our local speed shop. Maybe there's something in McMaster-Carr I'm sure the bushings are standard inch measurements. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/huu-3327302?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAjwxo6IBhBKEiwAXSYBs-X1OBdrXxADMe9lfhlNVYOj1WHElVKbI7AqHFrAZC0Ie9iJOy8ZIhoCqaEQAvD_BwE
  2. Great advice as always Chuck! Just one thing to add, if you replace the rod bolts you MUST have the big ends of the rods resized to maintain proper bearing clearance and crush. The bolts help to align the rod caps.
  3. Good ole shoulder bolts... That's gonna be a cool upgrade!
  4. Enjoy the new top, even if it will be folded most of the time!!! LOL
  5. Welcome from west Michigan and another 73 convertible guy. Nothing beats top down therapy... When you get a chance we'd love to see your 73.
  6. That's very true, they SHOULD. The hubs and spindles are in good condition. I'm using the one piece rotor/hub combination. I've had other issues over recent years with poor quality bearings on a couple of brand new work trailers. If I were just driving around town on occasional weekends I wouldn't worry as much but breaking down 10 hours from home, in the rain, on I-40, with a very minimal shoulder taught me a boy scout lesson... LOL!
  7. I would not want to see any wobble in a bearing or hub. Since I had a "good" quality bearing fail on me on the way to Power Tour 2019 I've decided front wheel bearings are an annual maintenance item. A thorough inspection and repack at the minimum. Wheel bearings are still inexpensive enough to replace regularly. One other thing... NEVER put a new bearing on a used race, that's asking for trouble.
  8. Cool AMX... NOW back to our regularly scheduled programming... LOL!!
  9. My motto is... No job is done until there's bloodshed.
  10. On my Holley vacuum secondary "Frankencarb" (600 main body with 750 base plate and dual 750 metering blocks. I took a ton of fuel away from the idle circuit. I drilled and tapped the air bleeds and fuel restrictors for 8-32 set screws and made a fixture to hold them to drill on my drill press. The idle fuel is drilled big enough to start taking out the hex in the screw and the fuel restrictor is down about .010 from the original Holley. It's been quite a while since working on it and I don't remember specific sizes but I've acquired quite a selection of wire size drills, LOL. Since I'm running a manual trans any stumble is minimized but I compensated for it with increasing the squirter size and changing pump cams. I pretty much left the main circuit air bleed the original size and only adjusted the main jet size. I've jetted the carb to be pretty lean at cruise as well.
  11. I've called mine The Breeze after an old Skynyrd tune. "They call me the breeze, I just keep rollin' down the road" A lot of my friends name their cars after songs or movies, kind of a local thing.
  12. I had been looking for a Mustang convertible for a while. I started out looking for a 67-68 or a 69-70 but all the cars I drove did not drive or handle very well and I felt like I was sitting on it rather than in it. I Then I started looking for a 71-73, a friend of mine had one back in the day and I like the styling. I almost didn't go look at mine because it was yellow and later I repainted it... YELLOW!!??. I met the owner 1/2 way between where we each lived. He was surprised when I pulled out a floor jack and coveralls and asked if I could look underneath. It looked pretty solid and it drove great and I sat IN the car. We made a deal on it. That was in 1998. I had it for almost a year and drove it all over the place. One day on the way home from work some chucklehead made a blind left turn from behind a travel trailer and tore the nose off my nice driver Mustang. I REALLY didn't want a project car... I was pissed and tore it completely apart. It sat on blocks and jackstands for the next 7 years. I'd tinker on it now and then, replaced and repaired the damaged metal (fortunately the pick-up that hit me went over top of the frame rails). After languishing in my garage a friend challenged me to get it back together and offered his help. I got it back on the road in August of 2006 for a big show and cruise in Grand Rapids. Since then it's been a "rolling restoration". I've swapped it to a 5 speed, changed to 18" wheels, rebuilt the engine, reupholstered the seats and replaced the wiring harness (still in progress, but hey it drives), next up is a big brake kit featuring Cobra brakes and Brembo 4 piston calipers on the front. Between the beginning and today I have put about 60,000 miles on her and have been all over the eastern US. I'm NOT saving this one for the next guy!! LOL!! My favorite cruise night is a 110 mile round trip.
  13. Welcome from west Michigan. You've been badgered enough for photos so...
  14. I have been running a Rhino Pack parts store replacement clutch with a diaphragm pressure plate for nearly 10 years now. When I had the engine and trans out over the winter it showed negligible wear. I would recommend it as a good budget based option.
  15. I finally got it out for a drive Sunday. There are still some electrical gremlins to work out but it runs and drives great.
  16. Welcome from west Michigan and another convertible guy! 3 Pedals AND the top goes down... it don't get any better!!!
  17. The "while I'm at it" school of hard knocks...
  18. Good luck with the move! It sounds like it's all off to a fairly good start.
  19. I finally got mine running again after the rewire and a ton of "while I'm at its". It's still not quite ready for the road but it's getting close. I need to wire in the center gages and Tach and the turn signals don't work... oh... gotta bleed the brakes too.
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