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  1. I really like those Chris. That's what I've been looking for. Too many of the LED headlights look gaudy to me. Thank you for the links!
  2. On my A/C car the foam is on the inside of the firewall. The foam loose on the outside like above seems like it would be ineffective.
  3. On the rear of the connectors that's kind of what I did but I didn't go around the spring eye. I just capped the end with some metal I had in the garage. I think you'll be very happy with those.
  4. Good luck on your project. It looks like quite a bit of clean-up is needed to assess the condition of the chassis.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, I think I'll use this one.
  6. Hey guys, I'm planning on installing headlight relays while replacing my harness. I think I need one for the high beam and one for the low beam to control both sides. I bought a pack of 5 relays and am thinking about running a high and low beam relay on each side for a total of 4. I'm pretty sure this is overkill but is there another negative I'm missing?
  7. That is some real nice fab work. It's fun to watch your progress.
  8. I put the steering box and linkage back in the car but not much else. Kinda disappointed on what I did on the car but I did get some yard work done.
  9. Is that a Maverick sitting next to the Mustang?
  10. I'm thinking about a set to replace my GasAjust. I look forward to hearing a report. I may go with the coilover fronts.
  11. Nice history on your car. I think the transformation to the new engine will be cool to watch.
  12. I finished routing the front wiring harness and started making connections. I went from the frame rail to the boxed section of the radiator support then up through the bottom of the plates below the headlights. The Painless Performance kit has plenty of wire length to make the multiple connections to the marker lights, turn signals and running lights... It's gonna look like a CHRISTmas tree out front. LOL! I'm using the 71-72 turn signals below the bumper and the 73 grille lights as running lights. I'm deciding whether to make the side markers flash with the turn signals. It's a rath
  13. Thank you that's what I was thinking. Will it mount low on the plate? It looks like the left side attachment to the axle is fairly low. Is the pivot point what determines roll center on a watts? Sorry for the barrage of questions.
  14. It's worse when you have big ham hands like I do...
  15. I think the actual frames are the same and the release levers can be swapped to match the side the sat is on. I'd need to look at my spare frames to know for sure.
  16. Will the pivot mount to the plate or the rearend housing? I think I see where it's going but not sure.
  17. I got the front end section of the wiring harness routed through the driver's side frame rail and then from side to side. Over the weekend I want to have more wires routed and connected. I have given myself a June 1 deadline to be on the road. Hopefully I can shave some time off that. Back to studying the Painless harness installation manual... all 132 pages. The first photo shows going from the original firewall grommet to the framerail. The second is coming out of the famerail to the radiator support. I haven't fully decided where to route the harness to the lights and hor
  18. Good to know... I guess lead poisoning is best.
  19. I look forward to meeting up and maybe driving some or all of the tour together. I hope it happens too. If not I'll plan another road trip like I did last year with my son.
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