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  1. SOLD:thankyouyellow: On its way to Australia::thumb::
  2. 1973 tilt wheel 200.00 plus shipping or pick up. pm for pictures. Thanks
  3. Love the color! Whats wrong with the vents? They always look good in my opinion. Paid 2800.00 for mine.
  4. Bought a NOS driver side fender for my 72 vert! What a deal 250.00!!
  5. Another Hello from Indiana::welcome::. Jasonville isnt to far from Brown County State Park home of the Shelby Spring Fling which I will be attending tomarrow (Sat 17th). Hopefuly no rain. There is always some 71-73 cars there. Are you going? Maybe I"ll see you there. This is a great site ENJOY!
  6. Thanks Austinvert, this is the kind of input I am looking for! Keep it coming please.:)
  7. Went to Auburn today and seen a few 71-73 mustangs with cloth tops. My question is how many members have cloth or vinyl and which they like better. Looking for pros and cons on both. I know cloth is not OEM, not a concern to me looking for durability, fit, BRAND, not plastic vs glass rear window, just what you think of your top and if you would go with that brand or material and which you think is better and why. Thanks for your input. I currently have vinyl with glass window which was on my car when I bought it and I'm looking at replacing with cloth, will I regret it or not?
  8. Yes PERFECT!!!! thanks I will email my address and such
  9. Okay April Fools is past but this is what happened to me , my girlfriend (of 5 years) went to visit her parents in Florida this past week and did not want me to go because of the way her parents interact when alone with the family. Of course I was not happy with the arrangement of me staying home alone with the animals so I came up with a plan of my own. The plan is to take a "vacation" of my own by myself as payback. In order to do this I need the help of various members to make it look real. What I would like to do is have POSTCARDS from various places to make it look like I am there. I will
  10. Don will be missed from M.M. Looking forward to see where he will show up! Great source of knowledge! GO DON!!!!
  11. ::welcome:: from Indiana. NICE JOB. Looks real good.
  12. My first muscle car was a 1967 Shelby GT500 lime green black interior 4speed 4:11 Posi car. Yes it was all there dual quads and all. I didnt know what I had at the time, but drove it like it was suppose to be driven. NOT a day goes by that I dont think of that car.:s:s I can still remember the sound of that engine. One fall day in the park with leaves all over the ground, I pulled in to talk to some friends and they all started pointing at the rear of my car, unbeknown to me at the time the exhaust was leaf blowing two bare "stripes" into the grass. It looked like a burnout!! Good Times Good T
  13. Here is my trunklid with script built on July 10 1972. I too like the "clean" look of no scripts on my vehicles.
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