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  1. Sheet metal has been ordered! We are about to replace pans and trunk.
  2. Dang nice to see so many of you on here and many from my neck of the woods. It has 351C H code Auto. Getting started on some floor pans and trunk work at the moment as it has some rust.
  3. Welcome from Georgia. Nice collection!
  4. Thanks guys! Yes I am going back with original Sprint colors. It needs a lot of work but will be worth it. It is in the shop getting ready for some sheet metal work. I am sure it will be there a while! It doesn't look at all like a Sprint at the moment-it has been primed with black primer! I am in North GA near Rome about 70 miles south of Chattanooga.
  5. Hello from Georgia and sorry to hear about your wife.
  6. Hello all. I am new to the site from Georgia. I just picked up my fourth mustang. This one is a 72 Sprint Fastback and I am ready to start restoring it. I owned a 71 Grande back in high school and wish I had kept it. I will post pics once we start on it.
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