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  1. Absolutely a 73. Mine had the vinyl roof and bumper guards when I found it but chose to remove during resto. This is almost like Deja Vu. Had to check my garage to be sure!! Ha-ha.
  2. Thanks Don. Thanks rvrtrash. Will take antger run at it. Scotty
  3. First of all, the issue I am describing does NOT effect my headlights, brakelights, or inside dome lights. They function correctly during the issue. Shortly after starting and driving (sometimes 2,3 minutes, sometime 10, 15 minutes), I experiece intermittant flashing lights. The lights that are flashing include all interior lights (dash, radio, lighter, anything that illuminates). On the outside, the tail lights and the parking lights flash. When the flashing starts, they all go at the same time. I thought I heard a click one time just as it started. Have already replaced the head light switch, have checked grounds and found issues in the tail lights which have been correct (or should have been). Issue continues. I checked the other posts and didn't see one that exactly soumded the same. Seeking ideas from all wise old owls please.
  4. Hello all. Here is an update in case anyone else runs into this. The new rear shocks I have are QA1 TS601 and yes they are adjustable. The end result is a have ordered 2 shock extensions to add 1 " to make it work. Once I get the extensions and all is done, I will update.
  5. Hello all. Seeking your wisdom. Own a 73 Mach 1. Last year I installed new leaf springs in the rear. Nothing fancy, just stock. Still didn't get me the ride I want. Last week I started off by changing both front and rear shocks to stiffen up my suspension. Basically wanting to take away the "floatiness," so I can drive it harder and enjoy more corners. The QA1 I ordered are an adjustable shock so I can stiffen the ride as I desire. Problem came when I took out the rear shocks, the new ones were too short. The one that just came out are 18". The new ones are only 16" and there is no 18" available. Went back to supplier who insisted these are the correct shocks for the vehicle. He suggested suspension is not stock, however, it is. Anyone run into this before? Got a suggestion for shock size or solution?
  6. Please take note this is meant in good humour (humor)!! Depending on how the election goes tonight, you are all invited to Canada, but... The Mustangs must come with you!! :)
  7. Dude, that sucks! Brutal. Fingers crossed for driver and hopefully there was no others in the car. But hey...Spicoli can fix it. Cheers
  8. Hello again. Sorry, been out of town. Really appreciate the info. The headers I have now are Hooker Comp as per the tag. My concern in replacing old Hooker Comp with new Hooker Comp is I accomplish nothing but lightening the bank account and end up at the same place. Will have a look at the FPA recommendations for sure and let you know how I make out. Any comments on experienced performance difference switching from Hooker to FPA?
  9. Hello fellow members. Have been reading through a couple of threads but didn't find the answer I was after, so here goes.... Have a 73 Mach1 with cobra jet engine and C6 transmission. Headers only clear the ground by 3.5 inches and are 1.5 inches below the next lowest part of the car. Wanting to replace headers to get my 5 inch clearance (springs already done). Can I get a survey from those who have the similar year and model on what headers you have and how is your clearance? I am about to spend some money to replace these headers but seeking a little wisdom from you all before I do. Please and thanks.
  10. Soooo, I am skimming through and flip to page 50 and guess where my eyes go? Yep...the truck. Ok, well maybe not. Does anyone recognize the car in this ad? Did anyone loan theirs for the shot? Back of the book said US images shown so I am just curious. Scotty 2873_001.pdf

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