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  1. +1. I would tap the solenoid lightly with a hammer and try it again.
  2. Normally the "unfinished stripe" occurs where the wood has been polished from over sanding/machining. Polishing closes the grain and doesn't allow the stain to absorb. I would try wiping the entire piece with denatured alcohol to reopen the grain, and follow that with re-staining. Good luck.
  3. I too am very impressed with the level of commitment by the folks on this forum. I posed a very simple (yet confounding) post regarding wiring and Wolverine:angel: was stead fast in helping me to get over my speed bump. I belong to Stangfix as well and truly enjoy the wisdom, camaraderie, and off topic conversations, however I always felt like the "redheaded stepchild" until Midlife::goodjob:: suggested this forum. Quite honestly: I look at my 73 vert in a whole new (positive) light since reading all the posts out here.
  4. This time of year I find myself wishing I had a hardtop for my vert. The wind noise when the top is down is to be expected, but when the top is up I wish I could have a quieter ride and a sportier look. Anybody else out there ever consider this....
  5. I'm the Director of Refacing Sales and Development for a national kitchen cabinet manufacturer.
  6. IMO having a roller block, cam, and lifters allows me the option to experiment more with various cams etc. For instance: I know I can get more tire screeching from a B303 and more HP's out of E303 cam, but the best part is I can switch a roller cam in a day and I'm not at all concerned with a break-in period and adding zinc. In fact; I can switch to a full synthetic oil and pickup additional hp without concern.
  7. Iowa is known for it's panoramic ocean views created by the army corps of engineers! I actually get down to Florida quite a bit, I will be in the Fort Myers/Naples area in November.:cool:
  8. Okay. I pulled the ignition switch and have the following wires: red/green, red/white, & red & blue (half & half), thick yellow, thick black with white hatches, and purple/white :s
  9. Lol. I was going to use the Scotchlok anyhow, I too have never had issues with them. I had my wife out there jiggling away (thanks for the suggestion) and the red/green wire comes off the coil and goes into a connector in the engine bay and then through the firewall to another connector just off the ignition switch. My problem is that I can't find any red/yellow wires.......
  10. Thanks for the welcomes everyone. It's nice to be amongst like minded, I was beginning to think I was the only one that liked our style!
  11. Thanks for the input all. Wolverine: does it matter that I don't have a factory TACH? I assume I want to splice into the Red wire with a yellow stripe and not the pink wire.....
  12. The wire diagram is great, thank you. It appears that I still need to get at the ignition switch to access the red wire with yellow stripe. Is this done by dropping the steering column? And how involved is that?
  13. Hello all, I'm a newbie here and need some guidance. I have a 73 vert and I recently came across a deal I couldn't pass up: a Holley Pro-Jection (EFI) System for $250.00 complete with the optional o2 Sensor. The system needs to be wired so that it has continuous power from the moment the key is turned on including through the "start" position. I'm guessing the best way to accomplish this is by wiring it directly into the ignition switch? If so, I could really use some guidance as to how best to accomplish this. If a better alternative to the ignition switch exists, please let me know.
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