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  1. Here is one i found just now, im gonna take some close up pictures of it as well :cool:
  2. Thank You guys for the Nice coments :-). I Will post up more pictures later today and try to answer You as good as i can :-)
  3. Modified my grille and got rid of the lights and horse. Used three grills and happy with the result New stereo head unit
  4. Started tearing some of the front for more modifications today. I also got some paint damage when i had it on the trailer for the indoor carshow in Norway in the front (fender extentions, hood extention and lower panel). These are going to get new paint this winter.
  5. The winter has arrived and the show touring is over for this year. Now its back in the garage to make these 2006 Mustang doorpanels to fit. Im glad i have two sets of doorpanels and a lot of plasticdetails from two different 06's like rearpanels, c-pillars etc. This is going to be more work...
  6. Its a '69 with air ride, 18" and 20"s and a Big Block. This fall it has competed in both Norways Finest Car and Scandinavias Finest Car award. I have worked on the car on and of for 13 years so i know this car inside out :) Every single nut and bolt, paint etc has been of the car.
  7. :D Custom airride, i will post pictures :) Billet Specialties Octane 18x8 and 20x9,5 with 245/35-18 and 275/30-20 Last weekend the Mustang was in Copenhagen, Denmark for a big inndoor cars show :) This is a no-stop driving tour of almost 15 hours and because of the winter has arrivied we broke our piggybank and rented a trailer that hauled seven of our cars down. (Our= the car club im a member of, with 20 some members) http://www.facebook.com/Moldestuket
  8. Wow, thanks all! Nice and fun with feedbacks :) I have built a complete air ride system on it (from the bare bone) and found each part to get it how i wanted it to :)
  9. Hi all! Im new to this forum and tought i could make a introduction here :cool: Im a 30 year old car nut from the cold Norway and i have had my Mustang for 13 years now. This winter it was time for a upgrade and here is the result, hope you like. This winter it got new paint, 2006 Mustang GT interior, new built 351W, C6, 14" Wilwood front and back (had 13" before) Im happy to answer any question :)
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