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  1. stant


    welcome from ky
  2. not just yeah!! but h--- yeah!!
  3. check out the zig m 1911 45 at budsguns $399, i got one ,as good as the reviews say it is
  4. i topped in off in bulk ammo before the election, and had been buying at least a box of something every week. snaged a new 1911 at budsguns $ 399
  5. welcome from ky, have the same car
  6. our local forcast was for friday off by sevral thousand degrees
  7. i posted two pics in my album and my avatar is the front shot.
  8. dont put over 600 edelbrock carb on it. but its decent up to there. i got 21 mpg with that set up. and ran great. i had to check the milage three time before i could believe it. got a 750 on it now with 4bbl intake
  9. i do a compression test , if shes holding good compression , i would leave her alone. they had hardened valve seats i believe for unleaded by 71. put a can of engine restore in it next oil change. and be gratefull. i do run some lucas upper cylinder lube in my older engines as the ethenol blends are [dry] protects the carb some
  10. godspeed to our service men and women. we cant do what we do without them.
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