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  1. Good to see another bumble bee color combo. Great to have you abord. What are your thoughts on the aftermarket sunroof? Let me know if you need parts. I've got a bunch from my makeover and am willing to part with the low dollar ones for nothing for a member of this site..... Remember.. here's where you and I want to be.... With a little bit of time we can make it....
  2. Hi y'all. While waiting for the snow to melt, for some reason up here it has to turn to ice first, I spent some time going through some old stuff and came up with this from the days of my '83. It's all I have left of the ol' girl 'cept some pictures and great memories. She had some great days until I was broadsided by a recycling truck. The bumper of the truck hit her just behind my headrest. I survived without a scratch but the 83 ended up in the junk yard... So here it is a real good 1983 Owner Guide. It's a November 1982 second printing. All I ask is to prove that you own an 83 'stang and it's yours.
  3. These don't seem to be the ones for '73. I seem to recall a black stripe just below the rim. Great rims though.
  4. They've arrived. Finally, after ordering them in December the pans made it to the front door. I like the idea of going to get a pro for the big weld. We have one in our town that everyone goes to. You know the type. He never has to advertise, 'cause it's all word of mouth and that keeps him busy. In the mean time, I've burned out a rotozip and a dremel on removing the red paint from the OEM fender that I picked up several years ago. Man is this project taking forever or what?
  5. You speaketh the truth my friend. I ran into him the other day and he was more than helpful. Toured his museum and looked at parts. Picked up an upper door hinge the other day and wow, it was perfect...
  6. I agree that most of the fuel price in Europe in tax that's why their roads are so good and so is their mass transit. Our politicians are too scared to raise taxes on fuel even if it means more jobs and better roads.
  7. Okay, let's confuse the issue with fact here. In 1973 the price of gas around here was 38 cents/gal. After the "embargo" it jumped to 55 cents.. If you use the consumer price index the price of gas today should be about $2.78/gal. Which is were it was about two months ago. What we should really be arguing is the price of our cars. In 1973 my 'stang retailed for about $3,200. Using the same CPI calculator I should be able to buy a really cool 'stang for $15,800...BRAND NEW. However, the 2011 MSRP for a v-8 'stang is $37,875. Okay, let's put it another way. I use about 1,000 gallons of gas per year. A 50cent jump in gas costs me about $500 extra. That's about the price of a large coke at McDonalds each day. So I've cut back on my fast food and it more than pays for the gas and I feel better also. If I really wanted to save gas, I'd be driving a Fiesta with 40 mpg instead of a v-8 wixom car with 15 mpg. Gas is gas. If you had to pay for the natural gas to your house everyday instead of once a month you'd friek out also. But you don't see that meter on your house every day. But you do see that gas pump everyday. Bottom line, I drive V-8s because of the power that I need to get out of a situation. We also have an expedition so that in the event of an incident, we tend to be the bigger vehicle. Bigger usually wins. Talk to some of our European friends and you'll see that they've been dealing with gas at about $7.25/gal in France to almost $8/gal in the Netherlands.
  8. Welcome aboard. You'll love this place. These guys know everything...really. Do forget to show us more pics...
  9. Here's a quick update on the floorpans. I ordered them back in December and the "mustang supplier" said they are on back order. Once they arrive, I'll write a review of the parts. In the mean time, I finished with the rear seat area. The next area is the front part of the floor pan. While still waiting for the sheet metal, I've "Rust Bulletted" the inside of the frame rail before it gets closed up for good.
  10. Okay great. Car is still up on blocks and I can't get it turned around for at least another floorpan, exhaust system, brake line.... I'm mean it might be a while...
  11. Okay, so I took every math class I could in high school, then four years of college, full of math, physics, statistics, dynamics, yada yada yada. Then you take an 8 hour exam that tests your skills at remembering what you learned in your first two years at college. That is if you didn't drop out and try to get back in several years later. Pass that test the first time and you are labeled an EIT - engineer in training. Work for four years under a PE (professional engineer) and you get to take another 8 hour test. Pass that one the first time and you get to put PE after your name. However, in this day and age, you're now going to need a MS degree. You're working during the day, and now with your family at home, you take off for three nights a week to get the two year Masters degree. Ahh but that's still not enough. You are now trying to move up in the organization and you're getting passed up by younger kids that have a MBA or MPA. So back to school I go with the professor and everyone else in the class at least 20 years younger. Do all this and you are now qualified to never look at a bridge, road, car, whatever the same again. You are constantly looking for why someone allowed something like that to get built when you could have done it better. Eventually you get tired at shaking your head and you become what we call in the field..... a recovering engineer. The twitches tend to stop now and then but never seem to go away... LOL. By the time I got out of college I had ATDS.. Attention to Detail Syndrome.... now I'm so tired of having so much stuff in my head that I've developed ADOS.... Attention Deficit.... Ooooh Shinny disease. Yea.... I have the knack. Check out this link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlJsPa6UwcM
  12. This one looks like they slapped a new carpet and reskinned the seats. I'd move on. Here's a link for a 73 Mach that sold at B-J for a little under $7700. http://www.barrett-jackson.com/application/onlinesubmission/lotdetails.aspx?ln=11&aid=49&pop=1 From what I've seen lately, a good one with a little work needed should run you 5-10k with one in pristine condition closer around 20-25k. However, it only takes one buyer to set the price.. Again, I'd keep shopping.
  13. I would first have your son put his left foot, foot only, on that bathroom scale. Then put his right foot. Record the weights. If the two weigh the same, then I'd buy a v-8 mustang. Any year will do. If the right one weighs more than the left one, I'd go with a four cyclinder. Either way, if I'm the owner and it's on my insurance, I'd probably put a black box on it. You know the ones that can record where the car is and how fast it's going. I'm an ol' Regan guy....trust, but verify.
  14. Thanks guys. Both of those links didn't pan out though. So a quick search turned up americanpony.com with this part for a little over $140. I'm still on the drivers side and will have to wait a few days/weeks/months whatever before I get over there. Thanks again...
  15. I once took a model out for lunch back in my younger days. While we were walking through the restaurant, I noticed every eye was turned on her. From guys to gals. After we sat down, I asked her if she noticed it. She said, yea, it's kindof nice but you get used to it after a while. What really got me was what she said next. It's when they stop looking that I know that I've lost it.... you know... that look. Although, I went on with my life and she went her way (I would have ended up in jail for going after every guy that looked at her), I found that same look when I bought my 'stang. Everyone would look at me err my car. What a feeling. After a while you get used to it and for some of us it even gets a bit bothersome.....naaah. It doesn't matter who you are, young or old, when these cars go down the road, people just stare.... oh what a feeling... Remember, collector car collections don't feature, mavericks, pintos, or LTDs. What people remember is the 'stang.
  16. Okay, I'm back. Had to take a technology break there for a while, shovel some snow, get some more heat for the garage... Update. The part arrived and wow, the little mustang ponys must have been on my side. Although I have been working on the drivers side rocker panel, the suprize custom bent replacement from a fellow site member fits the passengers side. Either he saw that I had redone the drivers side and bent a new one for the passengers side or I'm just lucky. Either way, I think I'm lucky to have you guys. Thanks so much for everything. So here's the progress on the drivers side. Looks like crap now, but work in progress. Welded two pieces of sheet metal together (one was cut off from the repop panel from NPD the other was custom bent in the garage) then welded them to the existing panel. A little Metal2metal by Evercoat, a little Rust Bullet and it'll all blend in. Next it's off to the passengers side... Things look a little more ragged over there. Must be because that side always drove in the gutter side of the road where the salt collects. Off to go kill some rusticles...
  17. Not that this idea would work for a 71, but a 70 'stang that I had had a trunk prop because the wing was too heavy for the springs. I'd wait for a few of the more senior member chime in though before you go any further. These guys really either have done it all or really know it...
  18. [/align]Okay, here's a quick update. Using all of the available information, plus hacking off the end 3 inches of the reproduced rocker panel, I welded another piece of 22 ga sheet metal to it and cut, bent, sanded, grinded, forced, pushed, etc. the two pieces into the air space where the previous original metal used to be. A little bit of hack welding and here's what it looks like.. That is before cleanup. Took the better part of all of Saturday. 3 hours to heat up the garage, and about 5 hours tinkering with the sheet metal. I used the preformed rocker panel as a backing and slid it into the hollow rocker panel while the home formed sheet metal was welded to the outside so that it would match up with the OEM metal on the car.
  19. It's actually $36.95 from NPD. Page 75 of the catelog quotes that "We have found that a Mustang has relatively short springs and requires the use of washers to space the upper hooks away from the hex head." I mean they did warn me about the amount of washers. Next time, I'm going to this forum for questions.
  20. Unfortunately most of the idea from wearing this level of protection comes from experience. I suppose I could have shown the scar from when a sanding disc came off the angle grinder and went through my pants to my upper thigh but that'd be gross. That is why this forum is so good. I can't afford to learn by doing all of the mistakes myself. Remember, if you do something right, you don't learn anything. However, if you do something wrong, you learn how not to do it next time. [/align]
  21. Great work. So that's what a good spring compressor looks like. Sure beats the heck out of the one I used...
  22. Wow, I'm mean really, WOW. That color combination was a realy great choice. Tell us how it feels when you get it out of the shop. I'm gettin' warm fuzzies already...
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