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  1. I’ll be there as well . Will have my green with white top 1973 Grande in the stock 71-73 class. Last year was its first trip to Carlisle after restoration.
  2. Yes, it is a very nice shirt. You did a fine job there Rocketfoot. I’ll wear it this weekend at the Ford show in Carlisle. Thanks, Michael
  3. I got the A/C hose set for my 73 Grande and there are two molded ends on each hose. Both Molded ends come off of the heater core. One that is S shaped goes between the heater core and heater control valve. By having the molded ends it does help put the hoses and control valve up higher and keeps them away from the engine. Before I restored this car it had just non molded straight heater hoses on it for as long as I remember, car has been in family since 1978. I would recommend getting the correct ones with molded ends but you can get away without them. Michael
  4. Received my T-shirt today. Looks great!
  5. HI, that's a good looking Mustang you have there. Looks like mine with avocado interior and the 4C green exterior. Good luck on finding that side trim. I was lucky to find a complete NOS set on eBay awhile ago. I looked for many years for it. It took 8 years to restore mine. Been in the family since 1978 or 79. Michael
  6. Ebay buyer must have paid for the car. Drove by the house yesterday and the Mustang is gone, just a pile of leaves laying around where it used to sit. It was still there Thursday afternoon so they must have got it over the weekend.
  7. I actually drive by this car every afternoon after work. Its on Greentree Road in Bethesda, MD. It has been sitting there in that same position as long as the seller says. The car cover was only put on sometime during this summer. Little too late to keep the tree leaves and debris from rotting the cowl out. Cowl is definietly rotted if you look in the one picture with hood up by passenger side hood hinge there is a rust big hole in the cowl where it meets the firewall. From what I have seen driving by no windows are broken so all that debris on the front floor is definitely from a rotted cowl or possibly rodents making their nests in the car. Front floors are probably rotted as others have commented. Body does look straight and rust free but thats what I can see driving by. Never stopped as I do not need any more projects. One picture looks like there maybe rust on the rear left wheel well at top.
  8. Andy, Yes you will need to get a Power steering pump pulley puller as well as an installer. Pulley will come right off and back on with the correct tools. I have the Snap On CJ117A and the CJ118 tools. You can look on ebay or Snap ons website to see what they look like. The puller has a C shaped cup the goes around the pulley head. There is a threeaded shaft in the middle. You hold the c cup part with a wrench and turn the threaded rod with a wrench and it will slowly pull the pulley off the shaft. Always good to spray it down with oil to keep it moving smoothly. If you don't want to buy them you may be able to get loaner tools from Advance or Autozone. Or you pay a auto machine shop or auto repair shop to do it for you. You do have to get the pulley off to get to the three bolts that hold the pump bracket to the pump housing off. Mike
  9. Here is my 1973 Grande. Took 5-1/2 years to get it to this point. Pretty much a total restoration, took down to the bare shell. Insulated the roof yesterday. Still need to put headliner, carpet, seats, seatbelts, center console, door panels, front and rear windshields in. Align the side glass once roof rail is in. Body still need to finish installing side trim, buffing paint/clear coat. Get new tires and the front end aligned. Ready for a good shake down drive. I have owned car for 17 years, was my mothers daily driver from 1979 until she gave me the car in December 2000.
  10. Just a quick note to say that Midlife is a great vendor to deal with. I needed a pigtail for my A/C heater controls. He had what I needed , quoted a fair price and shipped immediately once I sent payment. A+++.
  11. The Ebay mirror is not correct for the 1971-73 Mustangs. The 71-73 Mustangs had the mirror glued onto the actual windshield. I will have to find my mirror for my 73 Grande' for pictures if no one else puts one up for you. It's in one of the many boxes of parts I have as I took my car apart for restoration 4 years ago. Michael
  12. Your Grande emblem looks to be in the correct spot. Looks kind of strange by itself without the top trim surrounding it. The top trim uses several style of clips and fasteners. Right at the top above the rain gutters there should be small welded on to the body sheet metal rivets which secure plastic pop on clips. There are a few more of these on the trim below the Grande emblem above the crease in the body. There are multiple clips which lock into the trim and have threaded studs on them and use nuts and rubber grommets to lock the trim against the body. There is one on each side of the top trim closest to the windscreen. Several on the lower trim above the body crease along with a bunch where the trim goes above the rear window. As some of the other members stated there is no one making new trim as of yet. You will have to get it used. I have gotten pieces off of ebay for my Grande so it is out there. Michael
  13. Looks like you are missing one of the bow rods. There should be 4 of them total. There should be one directly behind the roof brace where the dome light mounts. Can't tell from your pictures but there are also two small wire clips that go from the rear bow over to the rear roof brace next to the rear window. Michael
  14. Hi, Here's a few pictures of my rebuilt rocker panel ends. The ends around the trim holes had lots of rust pin holes in them. I fabricated new ones and welded them in. Michael
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