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  1. The GPS Brakes Booster is not 'Absolutely Correct'. It looks superficially similar but it is smaller 8" OD instead of the original 9" OD. Doesn't sound much but put them side by side and it's very obvious. Also I believe the GPS units are not rebuildable while your factory original Booster is It made no financial sense for me to return my core for rebuilding from the UK to the US so I purchased a refurbished factory booster from West Coast Classic Cougar and it did the job perfectly.
  2. Just as a price update. I received trim samples from SMS today for Mach1 style trim The Black Comfortweave is now quoted at $175.00 per yard The Black Vinyl at $59.00 per yard The Silver/Grey Vinyl with the 'pebble grain' $75.00 per yard
  3. No my springs are as they were when I aquired the car. I just got the 1" Lowering block kit and the diagram got me wondering!
  4. Thought I had more pictures..., but they are still on my SD card. Yes they came with the pads, these are my original springs before restoring them and returning them to the car with all of the pads intact. You can see the pad on the mid-leaf near the exhaust tip. Sorry, I don't have a better picture at this time. No not those, this is what I was referring to, shown in this diagram there are X4 per axle, upper and lower each side although only one (the upper) shown here labelled Original Rubber insulator
  5. Can someone enlighten me on this? Hope this is not a stupid question Do our cars need the Leaf Spring Insulator pads? I see conflicting information with some saying only Cougars got them but CJ lists them for 65-73 mustangs I looked in my 1973 Shop manual diagram and that does not show them from what I can see http://www.cjponyparts.com/whiteline-leaf-spring-saddle-bushing-kit-1965-1973/p/HW3294/ and WCCC here https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/i6f10-x4.html Thanks
  6. Looks like he added the Sport Deck too as that's not on the Marti I agree, probably not the same car
  7. I understood things the early '73 Q's had the Chrome air Cleaner Lid. Mine certainly has and it also has the 351 4-V decal.
  8. So without 'Ram Air' Hood, No 351 4V or 351 2V, No 'Ram-Air(2V), No C6 or 4-Speed Trans, No Power Windows, No Competition Suspension, No Full length Console, No Traction Loc rear....Yet it's described as fully loaded
  9. Pretty sure when you order the 351 4 V you get the NASA hood on any of the body styles Don (OMS) is correct. Another good point is that all 72 q codes got the plain rear valence and turned-down exhausts. Just like Boss 351's. I think there is one known variance Boss but it is documented and extremely rare! From the 1972 Facts Book. Ray Ray, out of interest what does the 'Facts Book' say for the 1973 Q Code?
  10. The Saxondale car named 'Daisy' by it's owner Shelly was destroyed in 2008 Full story here.. http://www.mocgb.net/forums/showthread.php?21145-Daisy-is-Dead Sadly Shelly passed away recently due to illness. http://www.mocgb.net/forums/showthread.php?73027-Shellz-A-very-sad-day
  11. Also it is my understanding that SMS hold stocks of the factory original fabrics & vinyls whereas TMI only offer 'Repro' lookalike materials.
  12. Peg leg...MOCGB member Ronfenton of www.stsimports.co.uk brings in Containers from Florida to the UK. You can get your parts delivered to his Florida address and collect them from Braintree in Essex or he can forward them on to you. Much more cost effective and great for larger items.
  13. It's easy and you don't have to change the outward appearance of the car at all. There's a member on the MOCGB forum who produces LED boards. These fit neatly inside the rear lamp housings in the Reverse light section and produce White light when Reverse is selected and Amber light when the turn signals are used. A great solution for the UK based cars. Wiring mods are simple, I have a diagram on file. Here is his website page for the 1971-73 Mustang Bright light Customs
  14. I was viewing this ad here in the UK thinking what a nice car this would have been when new. Such a shame it's been messed with and suffered from unsympathetic ownership. I think the asking price is a little ambitious considering the condition. It converts to roughly -$21500 US dollars eBay '72 Vert Q Code for sale
  15. Yes, if anyone has a good original Accelerator pedal trim, I assume it's Stainless Steel? Let me know. Also need 1X original shouldered bolt that holds the flip forward seat back bracket to the seat base. this bracket has two bolts. Thanks
  16. Hi, that's a good suggestion but I've had the seat out for a trim repair and the play was evident both before & after, with everything checked and tight.
  17. I've noticed the Drivers Seat Runners in my Convertible have some 'Play', lateral & vertical Can they be dismantled and 'adjusted' or do I have to replace them? I notice that Repo Runners are for sale, is this the better way to go? Has anyone tried the New ones? Thanks
  18. So if Jan 72, it should have fixed non retractable rear Seat belts so something's not right here? January is late in the year. Remember they change over models in July. Both of my 72 verts have retractable rear belts. Ah yes, good point David, thanks!
  19. So if Jan 72, it should have fixed non retractable rear Seat belts so something's not right here?
  20. Interesting. All 1971 & early 1972 had fixed rear seat belts and late 1972 & all 1973 had retracting belts as shown. Unfortunately I can't make out any dates on that document on the CL ad on my screen
  21. Maybe this has been asked before...apologies if so I personally prefer the look of our cars without the Rear Spoiler, especially convertibles, for me without is so much 'cleaner' and looks less of an aftermarket 'add-on' from back in the day (Before anyone says it - I know they were factory options) Sometimes 'less is more' Out of interest I just wondered what everyone's opinion was?
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