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  1. Chuck at the College we use the Autel MaxiSys ms5906 TS. It is a good all around tool. Jim
  2. David I have COPD also. I am on an inhaler. I just have to do things slower now, but has not stopped me from doing the things I like. Still working on the Mach and a new project a 1963 Galaxie convertible. Jim
  3. Don't know if this is the right forum, but i am having trouble with getting the right starter installed. The car is a 71 mach with a 351C. Changed from a C 6 to a C4 and when I tried to bolt the starter in broke one of the ears. My question is are there different startes for different trans combos and which do I need. Was thinking of calling Don. Thanks Jim (coilwire)
  4. Hemikiller the C6 was 164 tooth. The flexplate on there now is the 157 tooth. Thanks for the info. Jim
  5. Hello everyone good to be back. Have a question about the midplate. I am changing over from a C6 to a C4. Have everything bolted up finally and find out that the starter bolt hole on the plate do not line up with the trans. My question is there a difference in the midplate between a C4 and a C6 Thanks Jim
  6. Thank you to everyone for all the info. I saw the car when I went and looked at one for a member in California. The 69's are my second favorite stang. Now to mull it over and see if I want to drop the trigger. Jim
  7. Have a chance to add a 69 convert. to my collection? Wondering how desirable a 69 R code is. According to the vin it is supposed to have a 428 4v and is a cobra jet. I know that sounds like a dumb question but the car is going to need a lot of work and before I dump a couple of grand into it just for the car want to figure nif it is worth it. Dont have pics of the car at this time. Thanks Jim
  8. Check the Crane Distributor and box. They are supposed to be better than the MSD
  9. Saw this on FB and thought I mwould share it Jim
  10. Doing my wifes 72 Buick convert. and have been using the Shop Line products. Good coverage minimal overspray. Jim
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