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  1. Is the hole for the passage of the gearshift to the floor the same size for automatic or manual gearboxes ?
  2. I'm in too, but XL as European size and not US one, as they are not the same size, but you know that :)
  3. What gaskets did you use between the spindles and the dust shield ? Looks like they are in cork material but as they are distroyed and dirty...
  4. Nice story, sad on one hand, but on the other, it's in memory of your friend and a part of your story. Lots of tips here to start giving this car a new life.
  5. This car sleeps all his life in a garage, looks in very good condition.
  6. Fabrice is a very patient man. I say that because of all his great work, but also because he's giving me some help to learn about plating, cause I'm a quick learner but I need a long explanation ;)
  7. Here is the engine block back from the mechanic. I must have almost all the spare parts to rebuild this engine. I'll now need patience and methodology to be able to reassemble everything in good order and above all to start it, it will be my best gift. I'll be free in two weeks and then I'll be able to start the reassembly.
  8. I'm in. All the good advice I got here means a lot compared to my modest participation. For the best 71/73 site ever.
  9. Hello, thank you for your post. I am on my first rebuilding engine process, so about technical things I am not the best. But I will use my stock heads, valves I have are from Alex's parts.

    Tomorrow I need to bring heads to the machinist cause not enough clearence between stem valves and new guides.

  10. I can't help it, but it reminds me of a distributor I just bought, it's supposed to be new, and I got screwed. A first class fiddling has been done on this igniter, really strange fiddling. And you can see the stock distributor from my 73 Mach 1 and its original pin. Hope nothing else has been damage in your engine. Good luck.
  11. The camshaft will be very close as the stock one, so yes, it's a good point to keep my stock heads.
  12. Always sad to read those bad news. myeloma disease was that one which took my dad, I know what it does. Sorry for your loss, today for mother's day we have a though for you and your kids and grand kids. May she is in Mustang heaven.
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