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    73 Ford Mustang Grandé mecanic 4 speed Toploader.
    73 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351 CJ all matching numbers, under restoration.
    73 Ford Maverick 302CI (new purchase but still in US).
    Arrived 7th of july 2017.


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  1. Tim,

    Are you on Whatsapp ?

  2. Q code 351C with top loader 4-spd, what else :) Welcome
  3. That is a question I asked him about the exaust pipes. He doesn't know yet where they will be, but for sure not where they were.
  4. They are on the way, I should receive its end of the week.
  5. I found 4 beautifull Magnum 500, size is 16". This size was existing in the 70'S ?
  6. A friend is working on his car, I want to show you one of the modif he is doing. Don't know if someone made it here already ?
  7. Perhaps it was not appropriate to talk here about my private problems, sorry if I acted wrongly. Thank you Droptop73 :) I just want to add something. For me, nothing can or will replace this famous site that is 7173mustangs.com, certainly not FB or any other social medium. The relationship we have here has nothing to do with the rest, here it's more between friends, or even family. I will continue to support this site that I have now known for about 8 years, where I have learned a lot, and will continue to learn more.
  8. This year will remain a very bad year. I lost my dad in April (no relation with the Covid) so he won't see my last project which will be the Mach 1 of 73, but he told me that it will be very beautiful, just for him, I will finish my project and in his memory I will put a personalisation about him on the license plate. I have also just lost my job, it was in August. About the progress on the Mach 1, well it's on stand by, because I'm waiting for the Mexican to leave to bring back some money and also some space because my garage is full. I am thinking of restoring the Mach 1 in a few weeks time,
  9. Thanks Secluff, looks like you know a lot about those Ford numbers. Well, I have my answer, thank you :)
  10. Is a C8AA-7515-B could replace a C8AZ-7515-B fork?
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