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    73 Ford Mustang Grandé mecanic 4 speed Toploader.
    73 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351 CJ all matching numbers, under restoration.
    73 Ford Maverick 302CI (new purchase but still in US).
    Arrived 7th of july 2017.


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  1. Thanks Secluff, looks like you know a lot about those Ford numbers. Well, I have my answer, thank you :)
  2. Is a C8AA-7515-B could replace a C8AZ-7515-B fork?
  3. Always good imagination :)
  4. Oh yes I will weld them to avoid to do it twice :) I already grinded the washers to be able to set the circlips, at the end they will be to thin I guess, but maybe not. I was thinking to make a thread: washer, nut and a pin, or simply a washer then a pin.
  5. I was thinking about that but there is not too much meat to grind out, I'm afraid to damage the rollers.
  6. I didn't know that drum spindles could be used with dics Willwood kit, that's good to know, I found a kit for §640, I will check how much with shipping and taxes.
  7. That's what happend, the car was sent from US to France, and probably just before, someone needed them. The drums, pads and hoses are new...
  8. I did some work on the pedal assembly yesterday. I used a grindind machine to thin out the washers, I don't need to weld them, it's enough tight. Now the axle is too short to set a circlip, I guess I should drill a hole into the axle to add a pin ?
  9. Well, my car came with front discs, I know that because I have already booster brake and MC and proportionnal valve. Also when I checked the brake hoses, I saw that they drilled a second hole to fix the hoses, discs hoses need only one hole to attach it to the wall. I was luck to find under the front carpet the factory paper, and it says about brakes: Option: P Lining: A MC: A Don, do you have second hand spindles or they are new? If it's possible to use the drum spindles, I guess I can't use original disc brakes? My configuration will stay like original. Manu
  10. Hello, Have you ever seen a 73 Mach 1 with front drum brakes? No of course, they never came with. But mine is in this case, probably this Mach 1 before been sent across the Atlantic, has been "optionned" with front drums :( Well, I am lookinf for a pair of spindles to give her back the disc brakes. So if you have some for sell, please PM me. Thank you, Manu

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