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  1. Wouahhh Fabrice, amazing all what you did. I know it's not easy to work when you have no room, but you can manage it. Mr Heisenberg, you cook very well, as well ;)
  2. The bellhousing looks like a Lakewood 15200 ? Funny, I grab one when I found the Toploader a few weeks ago :)
  3. Welcome from France. Good to know history of your ride, not always the case. Your Mach1 seems to be in good shape. You will find here great and knowleged people for sure :) Mine is a 429 ;)
  4. Hello, welcome from France. You can check as well a small number on each corner of the heads. If you find 4 then they are 4V heads.
  5. I have to remove the passenger side window as she felt down due to mechanism failure I guess. Will see when have the 2 doors back from the body shop.
  6. Yep, good info here as well https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-bear...utch-pedal I read, from 73pony that it's not absolutly necessary to weld on the AT pedal bracket as the circlips (SD roller bearing kit) are so tight that it's hold the pedal axle. Also, I noticed that the mounting from the AT brake pedal is wider than the one from the MT brake pedal. Is this bearing kit catch up the gap?
  7. Hi David, welcome here, waiting to share with you and guys who knows a lot about this swap. You will find threads about this AT to MT swap. Welcome from France :)
  8. Welcome What rims do you have? They remind me the ones I had on my first Mustang, was a 73 Grandé.
  9. Is roller bearings C5ZZ-2478-rb is what I need to adapt brake and clutch pedals on my 73 AT pedal bracket?
  10. Don't think it can help but mines on the Mexican one are 28.54 and 30.50". My rear end is a Dana 44, so should be totally different. Also I measured from end of axle till flange.
  11. I know now why I was unsure about the 14 or 17" tailhousing. The Mach 1 Mexican Sprint, which has as well a Toploader, with the 17" tailhousing. The reason is because those cars came from factory with Dana 44 rear end. I didn't measure the drive shaft yet, but I am almost sure it will be around 47", the one used on A/T. That said, I found a RUG BJ or BJ1, no tag on it. This is the same transmission I've got on my 73 Grandé. Plus I also came back with a Lakewood 15200 blowout proof, Hurst compétion shifter, fork, equalizer bar, crossmember and the best , a drive shaft, 50+, the one with the C6 is 47+.
  12. Sorry guys to still one more Mach 1 from you :) Thank you Rocketfoot ps: when is the next raffle ? :)
  13. It must be this? https://www.mustangsteve.com/product/bbk/ I take any advise that would be better for me and my car. Thank you everyone.
  14. Some update. I finally go for a Toploader, as my rear end is 3.25, I'm afraid about the 5th gear front a TKO. Anyway, I found, and I am luck for that, a RF D2AR-7006-CB W1, need a complete rebuild. The Hurst shifter is with the trans. Plus a bellhousing (explosive proof) plus the starter, and all this is 125 miles from me! I pick up that next saturday. I will receive a set pedal + Z bar (thanks to MeZaPu). Also, I found a pair of D1ZF-DA (2A11), actually I don't need, but it's not everyday I can find those for 250 US Dollar.
  15. And I would like to dedicate this to my friend, to our friend EddyW who passed away this year.
  16. I can't believe it, I am 52 and never won anything !!! To win here is more than win anywhere else because here is my favorite site, I share my happiness to all of you here, thank you Barry!!! I love you all!!! I have tears in my eyes, tears of happyness :)
  17. Is Marti report could give sometimes mistakes? My Mach1 vin is 3F05Q...... Marti report says that this car came with front brake dics but I have drums, with power booster. As a great member propose me a set of pedal with the Z bar, how could I be 100% sure this will fit on my car? I know some of you guys did this swap ...
  18. Welcome here. You have here a beautifull one :)
  19. Hi, I receive a quotation from Modern Driveline. The cable kit can be used with a new bellhousing that fit T5 or other modern trans, and I want to use a Toploader. The only way could be to use an hydraulic system. At the mean time I receive a message from a member that propose me a set of pedal and Z bar. So I think I go for it.
  20. What I need to do more is too look for thread on subjects I'm looking for. Very interesting here about the trans swap I want to do.
  21. "Your vehicle was actually produced on March 23, 1973" So I was 6 years 7 month and 25 days. About the Mach 1 Sprint from Mexico, no Marti reports, but should be more or less the same. For the story, In 1973, my parents bought a brand new Ford Taunus station wagon.
  22. Welcome back. Is it a coupé hecho en Mexico?
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