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  1. thanks yes, it also adds rigidity to the panel, I will use the dyna-mat adessive
  2. hi this is not the day's work, but that of the weekend ex-owner had cut the roof for install a sunroof so I repaired the infamous shit this is a really boring work, we must go slowly, do not deform the metal, and I had to make a new roof support before, sunroof removed after , new roof welded
  3. hello everyone :) I would like your opinion on a camshaft summit 5200 this is for my 351c, it is already equipped with a Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, pertronix ignitor and 4 barel holley carburetor and hookers headers and complete flowmaster exhaust line 2-1/4 thank you in advance
  4. this is bad, because it is the best series finished, they have a good handling, and are more comfortable compared to my 66 ! you're French? 73vertproject? c'est bete , car ce sont les series les mieux finies, elles ont une bonne tenue de route , et sont plus confortables , comparer a ma 66 vous etes francais? 73vertproject ?
  5. to believe that all the French owner of 71-73 will be here there is not much in our home and they are not too loved in France a croire que tout les possesseur francais de 71-73 vont se retrouver ici y en a pas beaucoup par chez nous et elle ne sont pas trop aimée en france
  6. norway! there is some by then the old continent! really thank you for your hospitality, American are really nice, it makes me even more eager to break me of France! (crap system)
  7. welcome from malaucene you also mustangpassion France is not it ? I'm on mustangpassion.com tu est aussi sur mustangpassion france non? moi je suis sur le mustangpassion.com
  8. hi everyone :D I present myself, my name is bastien I am a young 24 year mechanic Crazy Mustang since my youngest age I therefore 66 coupé and also recently a mach1 73 I hope to find here more information about 71-73 generations, and also find some parts or sheet metal body here is a 66 and a mach 1 sorry for my bad english, I use a bit of an automatic translator good road :cool:
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