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  1. Hi all, I recently picked up a 351w block and crank for $75. figure i'd take a gamble knowing that i would have to bore it out ect. there is pitting on some of the cylinder walls and some gashes that i'm pretty sure won't bore out at .040. I'm weary of going .050 even though i know it can be done. the casting numbers are as follows: block: 351wf2 C9oe-6015-2b (1969 Failane/Torino) Crank: 3m This is one of the strong nickel content blocks that Mustang Steve uses on his 400hp builds per his site. Is it worth installing sleeves or should i continue my
  2. Modern Drive Line sells a 157 tooth 28 oz flywheel. Also go for the 10.5 inch clutch from a 91 5.0 GT about $90 from Napa. Use the starter from whatever year the transmission is and the flex plate too.
  3. I did this swap about two years ago. I used the cable set up from Modern Drive Line. I had a complete NWC T5. Below is a list of parts I needed to get to make the swap work. My 302W bolted right up to the T5 bell housing. Not sure if it bolts right up to a Cleveland. -Clutch cable (MDL), worth it especially if you plan on upgrading to power brakes. -157 tooth 28 oz fly wheel (MDL) -10.5 inch clutch from a 1991 5.0 GT -Starter (1985 mustang) -flex plate (MDL) -Transmission mount (1985) -Cross member (aftermarket) -28 spline slip yolk (1996 jeep cherokee) the slip yolk is
  4. Just an update on this sway bar situation. I found a 1977 Granada in San Bernardino, Ca. The front sway bar was still there so I picked it up. The Granada sway bar next to the 77 Thunderbird bar looks like a small child standing next to a giant. Even though its the same year the two are not inter-changing.
  5. check the rubber hose and crimp where the brake lines split on the rear end. I had this same issue.
  6. I figured I can get one from a vendor but part of the reason I'm looking in junkyards is to spend the least amount of money on upgrades and save all my hard earned pennies for the body and paint. Does anyone know if the 77 T Bird Sway bar will fit on a 77 Granada? Sway bar =$15 Hardware =12.65 Total $27.65
  7. Hi All, I'm working on upgrading my 71 Mach 1 that I bought 2 years ago with other Ford models from the same years (as best I can). This is a budget build (just keep telling that to yourself) and I spend at least one weekend a month scouting junk yards. The engine, drive train, suspension are first and then to the body. This is what I have done so far: T5 from a 83 GT Front disk setup from 77 Maverick 9 inch rear end from a 72 Torino with 3:25 gear (open) I like this forum and all the help and insight I've gained. I've been a member for two years but just f
  8. I'm looking to swap out the sway bar on my 71 Mach 1. I know 75-80 Granadas are ideal. Ford parts are commonly interchangeable with other models over the years. I found a few mid to late 70's T birds at a local yard. The front Sway bars look about 1" in diameter. Is it possible that the 77 T Bird and Granada sway bar are the same? Are there any other Ford Lincoln Mercury donor cars out there that share the Granada sway bar?
  9. I used high temp clear on my wheel cylinders and brake parts stamped "bendix fomoco". It coats clear and looks good. I bought my stuff at autozone. The can says 900 degrees.
  10. I started with non power brakes. The Maverick donor was also non power brake.
  11. HI all, I recently upgraded my front drum to front disk brakes. I followed the steps for the Granada swap but my donor car was a 1977 Maverick. Everything bolted up like the Granada swap as all the parts are interchanging. everything fit up fine. Here is the problem: all online threads say to use the mustang pushrod when the maverick MC is used. Does anyone know why this is? the maverick pushrod is an inch longer than the mustang rod. could this be the cause of the soft pedal? it takes a long time to build up pressure when pumping the brakes. Any help is appreciated.
  12. I have a 8 in 3rd member in 2:80. Counted the ring and pinion teeth and did the math. Found these markings on the "locker". C2AW 4206 12 DIF Anybody here have a decoder for this part. The member is in pieces so there's no way to "rotate the wheel test". I bought the parts to practice rebuilding. All help is appreciated.
  13. I need help finding a OEM look-alike shifter for my 71 that will fit on a T5 trans. Tried Lokar but it does not match up. 71 Mach I 302W. Swapped 3-speed trans for a B/W T5. Need options.
  14. The yolk is a 28 spline and will be much shorter that the original. The yolk you are looking for is commonly used, even today on jeeps. I got my yolk for my 71 Mach I at a pick a part from a 1996 jeep cherokee. Cost was $23. Works great and it beats getting aftermarket for $150-200. There was no need to mess with the drive shaft.
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