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  1. I have finally had it with old cars lol My 1973 Mach 1 is for sale less engine and tranny. NOT STOCK, so if that is what you are looking for this is not the car for you All front end parts are new New shocks New springs, new leaf springs in back 4 wheel disc brakes (SSBC rear conversion) Front seats have been recovered New exhaust, custom X pipe and Mac flowpath mufflers New steering box Rear weld wheels with ET street 295/55/15’s New rear bumper, 71/72 style No rear seat, has roll bar, previous owner was making G machine Fuel cell $6,500 USD
  2. Get an old school steel fan, and take it to a chrome shop.
  3. My go to on the 5.0 fox's and now the 408w in the 73 is xpipe with mac flowpath mufflers. It has a very unique sound. A close second is hpipe with mac flowpaths
  4. Hooker 6901. They cleared the wide FMX, and clear the TKO quite well. Drivers side was kissing the lock ring on the steering box, but some massaging and that is gone now. It had 6913 when i bought the car bolted to the cleveland, they cleared everything as well
  5. I went with cable. I didn't like the extra price or hassle of the hydraulic setup. My car was auto so no Z bar/pedal to start with
  6. TKO 600, north of 500 hp and tq 508 windsor, et street drag radials, pinned in first to second, and second in third no missed shifts. Just over 5700 rmps. I did not build it to rev, built it for grunt (185 heads, annular DP, etc) but it does get there in a hurry and shifts as it should
  7. no shifting issues with my TKO 600. Agree, if you are planning on spirited driving saving and doing it right is the best way, and is exactly what i did.
  8. Those are actually the torque ratings... You already have a pedal, that was the hardest part of my swap
  9. The place (encore MPW) would do $1,100 direct with them (off ebay) for the tranny and bell. If you plan to run any kind of power I highly recommend a TKO type vs T5. My cousin shredded many a t5 on a mild 5.0, he went with a TKO 500 and not an issue ever since. 10 spline clutches are cheap, forks are cheap, I woudl suggest to go with just cable...it's cheaper and easier than hydraulic. My pedal effort on the 73 is perfect for me with the cable setup.
  10. I could'nt handle all of you harrasing me to buy it so i am keeping the beast :)
  11. Try and get this one on a best offer price. Already has the sbf bell. Just need a clutch (is tr3550 10 spline?), fork, not sure if your slip yoke works (my FMX worked on my TKO 600) and some swearing and it's done. Oh...and a shifter http://www.ebay.com/itm/3550TKO-tremec-tko-3550-TR3550-5-speed-manual-transmission-complete-Ford-Mustang-/191793476116?hash=item2ca7c83214:g:PFwAAOSwKtlWqT7T&vxp=mtr
  12. Anyone have a T5 crossmember that they want to trade for a TKO? I am downgrading the drivetrain in the car (I tentatively sold it heavily detuned), so I need a crossmember for a T5. Would like to trade even up if someone has one?
  13. Would sell the tranny setup excl pedal and cable for $3K shipped. That is with the TK0 600, quick time scattershield, crossmember, the most expensive clutch they offered, arp bolts, 28oz flywheel Setup is much more than that brand new, it is just broken in
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