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  1. 72 Mach 1 on Craigslist in Augusta GA. Looks good from here, not sure about that 302 Cleveland though. :rolleyes: http://augusta.craigslist.org/cto/4292200653.html
  2. +1 to that, ruined a perfectly good fastback and I've grown quite fond of them after joining this crew. :D
  3. Here the State has to show good cause as to why an applicant can't receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon, in several States it's the other way around. No course to complete. You can purchase a handgun but you have to wait until the background check comes back clean before you can pick it up. If you have a concealed weapons permit no background check required by the seller since it means you've already had one, good for five years, you walk out the door right after you pay for it. I was at a car show and the announcer said that a pistol had been found please come forward to claim it, it was amusing to see how many men starting patting their sides and women looking into their purses. Would have made a perfect youtube clip. Jim rofl Oh I forgot to mention this little pearl of a loophole.....if you purchase a firearm from an individual there is no documentation or records check required. Felonious gang bangers love the classifieds. :@
  4. I wouldn't mind having it if it weren't a Ghia. A friend in high school had a 77 Cobra white w/ blue stripes, it looked nice just lacked power. Still had more then my 74 Pinto until another friend bought it from me and dropped in a 302.
  5. Here you have to take a Concealed Carry course to get a permit. When purchasing a firearm you have to answer a questionnaire, a background check is conducted and there cannot be any convictions that violate the gun control act of 1968. You do not need a Concealed Carry Permit if the firearm is in your glove box, console, trunk or you are carrying it to or from fishing or hunting.
  6. Mine is not too bad either, but I know it's there and I won't be happy until it's right. I've put too much into it not to make it as perfect as I can. :D
  7. Wrshog, keep us up to date on this one please. I have the same issue except I already have the sub-frame connectors welded on. I replaced absolutely everything on the suspension, uppers, lowers, leafs, coils, shocks, ends you name it and it's new even prothane motor and transmission mounts. If needed I wll take it to the frame shop and have the sub-frame connectors cut off then re-welded after everything's straight. I have no signs of any damage or rust and like you I figured it would straighten out with new leaf springs and other work.
  8. 67 Camero, had one, 327, Muncie M-22, just plain ole bad! Shouldn't have sold it 70 Roadrunner Superbird, just freakishly bad 68 Chevelle, got me lovin' hotrods as it passed me everyday as I walked home from school and it sounded wicked, had a 327 65 GTO, had a Lemans clone 63 - 67 Nova II, light and fast 69-70 Buick GSX, a friend had an awesome one
  9. Pee-ew! Is this guy purposely misrepresenting this car? This is reminiscent of the 71 vert with 300 miles owned by the 80 year old aunt! Maybe it's an aunt thing, maybe the aunts are full of misinformation spreading discontent! Old aunts just made my list of questionable suspects! :dodgy:
  10. It all started with "Time Out" instead of a good old ass cutting with a belt, parents don't want to be parents they want to be "friends". :huh:
  11. Did you figure out what is making your engine stall out and idle poorly? I had to two foot mine too keep it running, one on the gas and one on the brake, until I changed to a milder cam. I tried a higher stall too but nothing worked until the cam change, I hope yours is has a easier fix, BTW I changed my gear from 3.00 to 3.55 as well.
  12. Don, were these supposed to be chrome or painted silver? I just want two matching ones in good shape, I definitely need the belt one if nothing else.
  13. Global West for sub-frame connectors, I have them, quality, ease of installation was great. I had already sent back a ill fitting set from another vendor.
  14. Mine has it, I had to go check the garage to make sure.It was manufactured in November of 1970.:D
  15. I had a very similar experience after having my motor built, 302 bored .30, Edelbrock 650 Thunder series carb, Dart Pro 1 aluminum heads, JBA mid length s/s ceramic coated headers, Edelbrock Endurashine air gap RPM dual plane intake manifold, duals with 40 series flowmasters and H pipe, roller rockers and most importantly Comp Cam model 297TH Thumpr camshaft. Being that my car is an automatic with a/c, pwr brakes and pwr steering it was not pulling enough vacuum to run correctly. It only had 8" of vaccum max, I had to change to a milder cam and went with the XE262H and had no more problems. BTW I tried a newer larger vaccum cannister, electric idle advance for the a/c and every possible solution in vain. The cam would have been fine for a 4 speed, not so much for my C-4 with the other options and a 2400 stall converter. :s
  16. The ex-wife, because it is a never ending vacuous pit constantly requiring money. :whistling:
  17. I guess it is off to Pandora, my builder said that he could turn the bezels on his lathe but the red plastic lenses would be something I would have to find. I was hoping that someone was making repo's or just maybe someone has salvaged them from a parts car.
  18. Hey Jeff, Jeff here. Did you notice a dramatic increase in the headlight brightness? You did state "plug and play" hope that means no splicing and an easy install, if so it looks to be the route I may take.
  19. I have not come to this area yet but when I do I would like to replace these indicator lights and bezels, I believe that they are part of the convenience group.(please correct me if I'm wrong) A precursory query of the internet indicates that they are hard to find. Does anyone know where I might find them? I will also be replacing all of chrome pull knobs ..... seems that the 300 documented original miles has been harsh on them for some reason. I should ask my 85 year old mother why she was so rough on them. I knew I should have bought the $65,000.00 71 vert on Ebay last night with the photo shop grabber blue door handles and all. rofl
  20. Man, they must have been cranking the tunes in the car during those 300 miles because they wore plenty of the chrome off of the radio knobs!
  21. Here is my 71 vert. with a 306c.i. 1985, Dart Pro 1 aluminum heads, roller rockers, JBA Stainless Steel ceramic coated headers, Edelbrock endurashine air gap intake, Edelbrock Thunder series 650 carb, custom monte carlo bar etc. etc. Other side
  22. Forget the VIN issue, looks like they may be smuggling illegal aliens in the drivers compartment one at a time!
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