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  1. I have a harness with the indicator light - less switch. Relay etc are there. Switch connector is missing one side holder so some electrical tape would be needed. Cheap (?$50 offer) if interested. PM me for pictures or other questions.
  2. Just saw this from a post embedded in a much newer post. March 2019 - Tester's is still holding up well. No problems, I stick with my recommendation.
  3. My old high school! Graduated 36 years ago. I had my '71 when I was there. Bought it for $800 in my junior year. If my son ever clears the driveway so that I can get the Mustang out, I'll stalk you again with a similar pic! Seriously, we must be within a mile or so of each other. PM me if you want to get together sometime.
  4. My 71 did this occasionally. If I disconnected the positive from the starter and then reconnected it, power would be back. No idea why but it did work.
  5. 2.75, traction loc and a C-6. Yup you can definitely leave two stripes. My driveway alone proves that with no roll back, Problem is hitting second on a wet road. Be ready to correct!
  6. Welcome from another Northern Virginia member. It looks great.
  7. Sorry, no. There was a member in Christiansburg VA (don't remember the screen name) that had one - might be willing to part with it?
  8. Nope. + 1 more on valve seals. They get hard and fall apart. Had the same problem with a 302 years ago. Do make sure you at the very least clear the screen on the oil pump. Its not metal but it will still clog things up.
  9. Check out the door panels? Never seen anything like that before.
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/182456861266?ul_noapp=true Probably in the wrong forum of the site but ...
  11. Virginia Classic Mustangs is reproducing the spoiler supports and pads (If I'm not mistaken - I saw an add a couple of days ago for one of the Mustang places in Broadway/Whitepost VA area). The spoiler stands and pads were about $30.
  12. I went on the site and ordered a catalog. It did come quickly and looks pretty solid. It came priority mail and the return address was Corvette America.
  13. Welcome from Virginia.
  14. I'm in. I'll use one and put one next to the commemorative coin on the garage wall.
  15. These came up on e-bay today. Pricey but... http://www.ebay.com/itm/172459582167?ul_noapp=true
  16. I've got the harness, relay, diode light etc for under the dash. Someone looking should be able to do a complete conversion through this site alone. As a side note, once repaired, I have sold the switches alone for over $100. There is a video posted on how to do it. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-rear-defroster-knob-replacement
  17. Well, it finally came from China. It does fit and plug in but...no performance change and the system is still in default mode. It was worth a try but I guess I'll have to search more junk yards. Thanks for the lead and for $12 it was worth the try. Still a bit pissed that Ford didn't provide the part when there are so many of those trucks out there...:atomic:
  18. So my son bought an 86 F150. V8, 4 spd, 4x4. We drove it 60 miles home and then it would not start. I wonder why? I can't believe it ran at all. I've heard of HEI but jumping almost an inch? Correct cap and rotor and it fired right up again. No wonder the previous owner said it was only ran sometimes and he didn't know why. At least it was cheap because he thought that there was a short in the ignition system. Upon complete inspection, other than cosmetic body rot, everything is in great shape. Suspension, brakes, steering, wiring, etc. Frame, floors, cab mounts and corners are all solid. It may even pass a Virginia safety inspection once the exhaust is routed out the side or rear.
  19. Thanks Don. Not sure but for $12 US, I'll give it a try. That is for the V6 but it does at least look like it will fit. I'll let you know.
  20. Thanks for looking, I haven't had any luck either. I even checked north of the border when I was in Ottawa earlier this week. I guess I'll keep trying.
  21. It threads directly into the block. Was hoping to find one outside of the salvage yard because the often break when you try to remove them.
  22. I know Mustangs and F150s go together so I'm hoping someone can help. My son broke the antiknock sensor off his F150 changing the motor mounts (long story!). The part is not available anywhere so I'm reaching out to see if anyone has one or can help. Without the sensor, timing goes into emergency mode greatly impacting both power and fuel economy. Thanks in advance.
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