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  1. Hey all im looking for some parts for my 73 mach i need a passengers side door panel black deluxe,in need of some flappers for ram air plenum.air cleaner also for ram air
  2. Hey don would like to get copy of that sheet u posted earlier but cant dowwnload it thanks.Im wanting to change my transmision to aod with 3.73 gears rear not to sure what to do with trans or the options i have any help would be appreciated.
  3. So does anyone have or can help on information for my issue on fold down seats thanks
  4. have the seats i need the panels for the sides and the back possabile some of the brackets im not to sure trying to find someone that has info on how to install and removal of the fold down seat assembly thanks mike check it out for me.
  5. Im trying to see what the car came with when i got car all the interior was ripped out.So i have a fold down seat but im not sure what i need or how it installs.Jeff could u send it to me from ur book i dont have one thanks guys.
  6. Looking for interior parts for fold down seat panels and bracket stuff as well thanks
  7. In need of help i cant find any information on how to install the fold down seat for the rear can someone post some diagragams or give me info as to what to do thanks
  8. What kind of price are u looking for the parts guys i'm not too sure about the fold down seats how they hook up if someone could put me in the right direction or if theres a how to for the seats would be really appreciated thanks. Im also in need of some mach 1 front bucket seats upholstery black on black and a price thanks..
  9. Hi all im looking for 1. ram air flappers left and right and a air cleaner to buy Nos products it is for a 351 cj motor. 2. Black door panel passenger side used or new. 3. Fold down seat mounting hardware to install the seat. 4. exterior door handle spring drivers side. 5. 500 magum rims 15 inch or 16 good used or aprice on new. 6. Also looking for air cond box. 7. Good drip rail mouldings.
  10. I would perfer the orgional ford one but i have been hereing that repos are better engine is a 351cj thanks Don i will let u know the ratio and locker i meen a detroit locker im thinking 3:73 gears in it posi
  11. Hi all looking to buy some interior panels black deluxe interior door panels,a set of ram air flappers and air cleaner,a detroit locker differential,top window for drivers and passenger chrome drip rails.
  12. Do u have pics of the unit and what condition is it in and what kind of price and will it fit 1973 year thanks
  13. Hello all was wondering if anyone can help me out on getting the stencil cutout template for installing the twist lock for the nascar hood thanks
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