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  1. First off, thanks so much guys for the prompt replies!! I really appreciate it!! :D:D:D Thanks Mister 4x4, on the list, I just heard from someone that possibly it doesn’t have an inspection plate, but they apparently are very wrong! I removed a couple transmissions before, but since I am not home I cannot physically look under my car, but have to go with whats on the internet, which at times can be scary!! And thanks Jeff73Mach1 for the advice, but unfortunately I cannot go that route. It is too much work for me to do, and I don’t have the space, nor tools, nor time to do that. I already have a T-5 bellhousing, and the linkage is going to be hydraulic. So it is going to have a slave cylinder which I will mount to the bellhousing before I put it in the car. Also, the cross member I will be either buying or make myself. I also heard that my starter would work for this, as it bolts right into the t5 bellhousing, but I might be wrong. Mister 4x4, I do have a laundry list of parts, of the list, the parts I have are as follows: -T5 that can handle ~450hp -Center force clutch -Hurst shifter -clutch fork and dust cover -Transmission mount -Yoke -bellhousing -slave cylinder I need: -flywheel -wilwood clutch pedal and master cylinder -block plate -throw out and pilot bearing -crossmember (might be able to reuse my stock one) -assorted bolts So with that, I feel like I am on the right track, as the most difficult thing, to mount the slave cylinder will be done on a bench. And yes, Jeff I will most likely block the engine so that it doesn’t shift forward. All I know is that places charge around $3500 for this whole kit and I have spent only $610 so far. I bought everything except the bellhousing from a guy who had his fox wrecked after only putting 5000 miles on it, so I certainly made out!! The rest is a bunch of smaller items. I also am currently a full time student in college, so I really don’t have a lot of funds. That’s why I am going this route and buying as much I can second hand, and doing a different pedal setup. The pedal setup is cheap and effective!!
  2. Hey guys! So I have searched and couldn't find anything related to this. I am going to be swapping to a t5 transmission and want to do it with the least amount of headache as possible!! Lol, so my question is how to quickly and easily remove the fmx transmission. I was doing some research, and some bellhousings don't have an access plate? What is the correct procedure for removing the fmx and torque converter? Thanks so much for your help!!
  3. Welcome from Long Island New York!! beautiful car, cant wait to see the finished product!!
  4. Welcome from Long Island!
  5. Welcome from Long Island, beautiful cars!
  6. so glad for this part!! my cowls were rusted out and now there is this nice fix!! thanks!
  7. Welcome from Long Island! Great to have you here! Tons of information and great people!
  8. Hi, do you have the am radio mount for the dash? The previous owner of my 72, cut the darn thing up to put in a newer system. Also do you have A pillar trim? for driver and passenger?
  9. Very nice car!! Glad to see such a beautiful mustang!! I love that blue Glow Welcome from Long Island, New York!
  10. Thanks Gravy, i think shimming can get it to where i am happy with it. marks, yes you're right, i will just loosen the parts and see what i can do with that, hopefully i can get it to where i can deal with it for now. starting December 26th!! :D Thanks tnfastbk, i wish i could view it!! haha
  11. RJM718

    hello guys

    Welcome from long island new york!!
  12. Welcome!! I hope you learn as much as i already have from this great site and people!! God bless you brother!! Thank you for your service to our country and the Church!!
  13. Nice to find another native!! Im in suffolk county, close to Suffolk County Community College Brentwood Campus. And no problem, i am extremely thankful to everyone to pointing me in the right direction!! This helps alot, and has helped me realize what is going on with my car. Nice to find information and feedback on this problem! Once my winter break comes around, I am going to take the back end apart on my car, and try to get it all shimmed up.
  14. Thank you all!! and it definitely is like winning the lottery!!! The interior is now black, with dark blue carpet. It also has a center console with a clock that's always at 6:23 haha. I havent taken it apart yet to fix it. I dont know if this center console came with the car, but it's staying now. Does anyone know what came in decor group? Thank you Vamach1!!! i definitely will check this out. This is actually how I found out the story behind my car. It actually wouldn't cost a tremendous amount of money to put the car back to stock. I know a painter, and the interior i just have to get new seat covers, and repaint the interior parts. This will be the project now, getting it back to stock!!
  15. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-marti-report-big-suprise-to-me-sprint theres the marti report!
  16. thanks qcode, looks like i will just have to dive into it and see what i can do!! hopefully next summer, she will be looking great!!
  17. SO this was a HUGE suprise to me!! I bought the car thinking it was just any old regular coupe, turns out it was a sprint!! The funny thing is, a couple months ago, i stumbled on a picture of a sprint, and i loved it!! and to find out that mine is one of them, i am so happy!! as i was thinking of using the sprint's paint style to repaint the car, but now i just have to get it back to where it used to be. I am going to redo the paint soon, and put the interior back to its nice white and blue!
  18. sorry all for responding very late, this has been a hectic week at college and havent been able to devote any time to the mustang. But this is what i did find, the drivers quarter panel as many of you said, has been replaced, this has caused the misalignment of what looks like everything. Now since i just want to make it look better and dont have the money to put into re-doing the body work, what should i do? and thanks OMS i will look at this tomorrow.
  19. thanks valhallo! and yes i have gotten a lot of bumblebee comments haha, people always ask if i made it to look like that, but then i tell them that i bought it like that, i still love the way it looks though. except i have found out something very interesting about my car, its actually a sprint!! i just got the marti report, i will post it and then put the link on here
  20. @cudak888, the door gaps look fine, they look absolutely normal, its more just the rear end. @spechti i will check more closely to see what happened, i will start to take apart the rear end once its taken off the road for the winter. Thank you for letting me know what it could be from. @OMS and marks73, thanks guys i will most likely see if i could just adjust/shim it, i would hate if i have to re-replace any panels, as i just dont have the funds for that right now, tough to keep another car on the road and be a full time student. @Qcode351mach, i will check tomorrow to see if they were replaced, i dont remember if there was a seam in the trunk, if there wasn't, was it not replaced, and most likely needs to be shimmed? or could it be from an accident? @Go Time, yes i would definitly love to just get it less noticeable of the misalignment, if i can get the trunk lid and lower valence i would be much happier, i am not by any means looking for perfection, i just want the average joe think it looks good and not notice the misalignment. And yes it is driving me nuts, as i just have no clue where to start, looks like i will just dive into it and see what happens! hopefully i dont mess anything up... Thank you, i appreciate that. And yes it has encouraged me and i have learned more about my car which is what i want to do. I just am trying to find out what happened to the car in its 40 years of life. All i know is that this car is staying with me now!! Thank you everyone for your fast replies!!!! I GREATLY appreciate it!! and will post tomorrow what i find with the car!
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