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  1. I'm Definitely up for building a frame jig and I've seen plenty of great examples on here. I plan to put one together from box section and set the car up using the frame dimension drawings.

    I think there are probably three paths...

    1. Build a front clip on a separate jig and install in one piece - allows firewall replacement but could be a mission to get alignment, although you would have the original car for reference.

    2. Assemble front clip on frame jig - reference points would have to be built into the frame jig, allows firewall replacement but again could be a mission with alignment.

    3. Replace one side at a time on the frame jig - fixed reference points and probably the safer option, doesn't allow for firewall replacement.

    I'd like to replace my firewall which is complicating things, if I were to leave it in place I could build from the firewall with some ease. I can't see any other way of replacing the firewall other than to remove the entire front clip.


    As for the VIN, might struggle with that one...!



  2. I'm taking a good look at the options for my 73 and the Dynacorn 'Full Shock Tower Apron Assembly' looks like a great way to rebuild my front end.

    My car is so rotten that nearly every panel needs replacement (which is fine, I have the patience and skills) and has led me to the full assemblies for the front end which should in theory be the way forward.

    I have a vision of a new front clip, and I've seen this documented on earlier Mustangs, but I can't seem to throw up many examples of their use on 71-73's to gauge quality/fit/finish/problems etc. So can anyone offer some experience of these pieces on our cars before I take the plunge?

  3. More progress last night, pulled the other fender, turns out I had one 71/72 fender from what appears to have been a yellow car, and one original fender, which would explain why one was shorter than the other. Will need to add a passenger fender extension to the shopping list!

    Plenty more rust hidden behind the drivers fender, but starting to get a feel for how much work is required.

    Took some photos of the motor, I've already established that it's the original block, and that it appears to have the 2V heads (which makes sense) and otherwise it appears to be mostly original, unless anything looks out of place to those in the know. I've had a go at turning it over with a breaker bar on the crank but to no avail, hoping it's not seized. 

    More photos of rust...










  4. 22 hours ago, turtle5353 said:

    Yeah you got some work ahead of you.  For the hard to find sheetmetal that's not reproduced, I would contact Don at Ohio Mustang Supply or Mike at Motor City Mustang.  Both are on here as site supporters and both a very good guys to work with. And both have multiple parts cars for just such an occasion!  Good luck on the build and keep us updated. 

    Thanks, I'll be sure to give these guys a shout.

    Thank you for all the kind comments, I've been doing some research on how people have built jigs for their projects. This is definitely the path I want to take, does anyone know where I can get the chassis dimensions for the 73? I've seen other years posted but not for 73, or were all years the same?

    Randomly my 73 bumper appears to be OK, it will need some TLC but it actually looks like it might be salvageable, the brackets on the other hand look too far gone to be of use. Worst case I could fab up some new brackets I guess.

  5. Thanks for the top tips everyone!

    Started stripping the front end yesterday, some of the fasteners sheared, others had to be cut out and some were just clearly wrong! I now have a lovely pile of scrap which I'm sure will grow over the course of this build, the lower valance, hood and passenger fender are all scrap, along with most of the headlight assembly brackets. Gut feeling at the minute is that I will be building a new front clip using the Dynacorn assemblies, but, I first need to find some solid steel to work from, the firewall looks my best bet at the minute!

    I'm going to continue stripping the scrap from the front end and get the engine pulled, then I can have a good look at things and come up with a plan. 

    Does anyone reproduce the 73 front bumper mounting arms and or the B-Pillars? I can't seem to find any listed so suspect I might be looking at parts cars? Does anyone have any leads?













  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! I learnt a lot from my first project which took best part of seven years to complete, I'm hoping to apply what I learnt to make this project even better!

    I fully anticipate that I will need to build a jig to work from, fortunately I have a four post as a datum, so I have a square and level platform to work from (something I didn't have first time round). It'll be interesting to see how square this thing is before I start cutting, I have no reason to believe it has ever had any damage, but the extent of the rot may have meant things have shifted.

    I have the Marti report, and I've sent the log book away to update the address since moving it, as soon as that comes back I want to see if I can get the original invoice from Marti, as retained by Lois Eminger, if the car has been over here since 73 they should still have it!

    As for previous project, brace yourselves...



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  7. Finally I'm in a position to start my build thread!

    I bought this car back in 2010, I already had a project on the go but the price was right and I had storage to keep it until I was ready. Fast forward to 2021 and after completing my other build and settling down I'm now in a position to start the restoration.

    Car is a 73 Mach 1, H code, in Bright Red and left the factory with a white vinyl top. It came to England in 73 and has been here for essentially its entire life. The story goes that it was taken off the road in 93 to fix a transmission fault, but it never returned to the road, moving between owners and neglected until I bought it in 2010.

    I pulled it out of my storage last weekend and moved it to where I'm living now. My original plan was to sympathetically modify, but I have since learnt that it still has the original engine and trans, indicating a matching numbers car, apart from being neglected it does appear to be mostly original, although someone had a go at a few repairs somewhere along the way. Plans now are to restore, but I have a huge journey ahead, because it needs everything - and I'm not exaggerating!

    First job will be to tear it down and see how bad the rot is, then I'll need to make a decision about where to start, probably the floor pan, that should at least give me something solid to work from.

    Looking forward to getting stuck in!


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