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  1. Getting ready to purchase some new heads for the project 72. Is there a difference for left and right side? Edelbrock 60369 is what I am running with. Do I just order 2 of these from Summit? Here is the link: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/EDL-60369/ Will these be a nice improvement in HP over the stock ones? Suggestions to stay around a $500-$600 budget.
  2. I was curious if anyone has tried installing an under dash air conditioning system in a 71-73. It looks like it could work if the vent system was installed under the passenger side just below the glovebox. Obviously this is not original but aesthetics aside... It could be a viable option. If anyone has done this can you post build pics? Any other options? Classic auto air has a factory kit but its a whopping $1500!:s
  3. After many months of hard work and fun times I can finally call this project complete! I wanted to give a complete tour of the interior restoration. I also wanted to give a special thanks to Don over at OMS for helping me out with the missing parts I needed to get this sucker complete! This community is the best. I'd say it's about 95% finished inside. I do have a few tweaks and thing I need to finish in here but you can get the general idea by the video. Enjoy [video=youtube]
  4. Thanks marks73. My whole point of doing this 3/4 resto is to do the work myself and learn learn learn. I want to get dirty with this thing, I want to have mysteries to solve and I don't always want it to be easy. Nothing with while is ever easy. It'll mean a whole hell of a lot more when I can say "yes, I built that motor from the pistons out" I realize I'll be dependent on a machine shop to get the block right and to do some of the work but to me, it's part of the fun and the joy. Don't get me wrong. I love the route of the crate engine and I'm sure as I do this and gain knowledge and experience I'll probably wish I had gone that route... But I say let the games begin lol.
  5. Special thanks to everyone on this forum for the advice and knowledge. I am really happy that this resource is here for guys like me trying to learn. I spoke with my local machine shop here in your and they told me that they could machine the entire block, deck it (if needed) and install cam bearings and freeze plugs for $375 - $415. They would machine the crank for $100. They also said they'll do the heads (3angle) + machine work for $275 (pair) I am thinking of having them do the block and I'll pick up some aftermarket heads for it to add some much much needed HP. Any thoughts on procomp headers vs the twisted wedge or trick flow ones? Also was curious about a discovery I found today... Whenever I drove the car the car had an almost unbearable exhaust egg smell in the car. That being said, today when unbolting the exhaust manifolds I discovered that 60% of the bolts were barely hand tight if tight at all. Could this be the culprit?
  6. I'm a beginner at engine building so I'm going to need some assistance from the community. I decided to tackle the engine rebuild and need some advice from the community. On start, the motor smokes for quite a while. Is this the rings? It also has developed a tap tap tap noise when its running. I have to add 50 weight engine quiet to make the noise dissipate a little. You can still hear it slightly though... IS IT NORMAL TO HAVE A GREAT DEAL OF WATER DRAIN OUT WHEN I POPPED THE INTAKE MANIFOLD? THERE WAS WATER IN THE INTAKE AREA. Is it worth rebuilding this tired motor? Should I replace the heads or rebuild them? Should I do piston work? Why is there rust on the perimeter ports? Any suggestions are highly appreciated. [video=youtube]
  7. Hello friends, was wondering if anyone knew of an alternative source to get an air conditioning kit besides classic auto air. Their complete kit is a whopping $1500. No trying to be a cheapskate but I was wondering if anyone has had success with an alternate option? All feedback is appreciated as this will be my next project on the ol 72.
  8. Upholstery Project HALTED! Drivers Side Seat Frame CRACKED! Need Help. Well, the title says it all on this one. After upholstering the passenger seat, I decided to move onto the drivers side seat. I dismantled the seat, removed the existing upholstery and foam and lo and behold the discovery of the cracked lower seat frame. This was extremely disappointing because this will now halt my upholstery project and photos. I had always wondered in the back of my mind why this seat looked a little more “reclined” back than the passenger side… now I know why. I am attaching a few photos of my newly found discovery and am in need of your help. If anyone has one of these lower seat frames that is in decent condition (no cracks, excessive rust, etc.) please email me: brian@archifx.com I would be more than happy to pay for shipping etc. Take a look at the sadness below. VISIT MY RESTORATION BLOG WITH OVER 1500 PHOTOS (SO FAR) [video=youtube]
  9. A BIG thank you goes out to Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply for helping me order the proper MADE IN THE USA seat form for the front seats. I learned that there are many inferior seat foams out there but only Don can get the stuff by Distinctive Industries thats made in the USA. While the new front seat foam is on order with Ohio Mustang Supply, I decided to get a jump on preparing the front seats for their fresh upholstery and seat foam. This involves a full dis-assembly, extensive cleaning, wire brush, sand, and paint. The photos shown below are pretty self explanatory as I go through the process. Luckily my seat tracks / sliders were in good shape and functional. The surface rust was wire-brushed, sanded then painted a flat black for aesthetics. Marine grade vinyl was added as a pre-foam insulator and will make for a clean fresh installation and reduce seat foam wear and dry-out. GET THE SEAT FOAM HERE CHECK OUT ALL 65 PHOTOS OF THE DISASSEMBLY HERE [video=youtube]
  10. Thanks a bunch guys!!! I just posted the other video and the rest of the pics from the lower half!
  11. Cool! I am getting ready to post up the photos of the lower rear seat... This was a bit more challenging because they do not make the molded foam for the rear seat. I was at the mercy of making my own and have a few tips on thickness etc. I'll get those photos and update my blog ASAP on this. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Thanks guys. I appreciate the positive feedback! It looks and feels very nice. Will post photos of the lower half soon! Turning out nice!
  13. The package from Distinctive Industries has finally arrived containing the much awaited full upholstery set from the front and back seats. I was very surprised to find out that this upholstery is manufactured in the good ol’ U.S.A! That fact alone gave me a great feeling when installing this upholstery. This is my very first upholstery project and I think it came out exceptionally well with all things considered. I made all of the foam as well... Let me know what ya'll think Click here to see all 55 Photos of the process [video=youtube] [video=youtube] This section was a bit more challenging mainly because I had to produce and sculpt the foam for this seat. The aftermarket does not remanufacture the seat foam for the 71-73 Mustang so you will be at the mercy of saving your old nasty foam (not recommended) or making your own like I did. The seat upholstery is probably the best I have ever seen, it is provided by Distinctive Industries and is made in the good ol’ U.S.A. I laid down a fresh coat of burlap over the existing seat frame and then laid down a layer of 1″ foam across the entire seat. Next I cut some 3″ thick density foam for the seat areas (these were square cuts) I then added another layer of 1″ foam across the center hump of the seat. On the ramp of the rear seat I left the 1″thick foam and cut another piece of 1″ foam for the center upper hump. After laying the upholstery over the seat I installed the wire into the areas provided on the underside of the upholstery. I made some relief cuts to pull the seat lowers thru and hog-ringed them to the frame. Starting from the upper center and working my way around the seat, I hog-ringed the rest of the upholstery down. Batting had to be added to the upper and lower parts of the seat to remove rippling of the upholstery. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL 50 PHOTOS OF THE PROCESS
  14. The sail panels for the Mustang have arrived from CJ Pony Parts and are exceptional quality. Although I was able to purchase the upper sail panels, the lower sail panels or lower quarter covers are unavailable for purchase, so I had to fabricate them from scratch. All things considered, I’d say they came out pretty good. These custom panels are upholstered in the same marine-grade vinyl as the package tray and upper package tray. For added ambiance, I added a sleek led light kit behind the lower sail panel to add accent lighting if I want to show the car. Take a look at the photos. [video=youtube]
  15. Good point... I am using rustolium flat b paint after wire brushing most of the nasty rust off of the frames. I will take your advice on the front seats moving forward. Thx for the tip. I am always open for suggestions and never claim that "I know everything" thx for the advice Q
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